Katia Washington Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Today’s article will be about a daughter of Denzel Washington, whose name is Katia Washington. You may not have heard of her, but you certainly know who Denzel Washington is and what movies have been most popular in his rich acting career.

However, if you decide to read this article, you will see a lot of things not only about Katia Washington, but also about her father, who has always been her support and motivator. We will tell you first a couple of facts from Katia Washington’s early years and after that you are going to see something about her career.

Early Years

Katia Washington was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Her date of birth is November 27, 1987, which means that she is 32 years old now. As we have already said, her father is a popular American actor Denzel Washington, while her mother is Pauletta Washington.

Katia Washington has three siblings and their names are Olivia Washington, Malcolm Washington and John David Washington. She spent her childhood playing with her siblings and spending time with them.

When Katia Washington was a little girl it was obvious that she was very talented and that she could be an actress, but she has never been dreaming of being popular like her father.

Since she was a child, Katia Washington loved literature very much and she wanted to be an author. Katia has always loved dancing and won at a competition in dancing. When she was a child her parents called her a dancing little bird.

When it comes to the education of Katia Washington, we have to mention a famous Yale University, where she graduated in the year 2006. However, her studies were focused basically on literature and arts. Sometimes she was also thinking of being a nurse, but at the end she found herself in the world of entertainment.

In the next chapter you are going to find out many things related to the career of Katia Washington and her professional success.


At the beginning of her career, Katia Washington was working as a phone manager and administrator. She was also working in an office for a certain period of time. Later she became famous in social media as well. Even though she is a little bit shy, she took part at many competitions that were related to literature and poems.

Today many people are wondering what exactly the profession of Katia Washington is. Even though many people think that she is an actress, it is not really true. Her career is related to filmmaking, but she is not a real actress or at least it is not her main profession.

Katia Washington has been working as an editorial assistant and production assistant in many popular movies. It is important to know that Katia Washington prefers working behind the scene and behind cameras.

One of the most important things related to the career of Katia Washington is that she was the associate producer of the film Django Unchained. This film was very popular and most important actors in this film are Leonardo di Caprio and Jamie Foxx. Django Unchained was released in the year 2012.

Other important works of Katie Washington are for the movie Equalizer in the year 2014 and also for the movie Fences that was released in 2016. She was one of the associate producers for the film Fences, in which her father Denzel Washington played the main role.

You are going to see now some things about the personal life of Katia Washington, but many things about her privacy are still unknown.

Personal Life

When it comes to the personal life of Katia Washington, the most important fact, of course, is that she is a daughter of Denzel Washington.

Even though she is successful, we have to say that she earned her fame due to her father, because he is one of the most popular actors of all times. Because of that we are going to tell you a couple of words about Denzel Washington first.

Denzel Washington is one of the most popular actors worldwide. He is an American actor and he has received a great number of awards during his rich acting career. He was born in 1954 in New York and he studied at Fordham University.

Since 1983 he has been in a marriage with Paulette Washington. The most popular movies of Denzel Washington are Cry Freedom (1987), Glory (1989), Malcolm X (1992), Philadelphia (1993), Remember the Titans (2000), American Gangster (2007), Flight (2012), The Equalizer (2014), Fences (2016), etc.

Now when you have seen the most important information about the father of Katia Washington, we have to tell you that she is very close to her father and they get on very well. Now it is time to say something more about Katia Washington’s mother, too.

Pauletta Washington is also an actress and she was born in 1950 in the U.S. Her birth name was Pauletta Pearson, but in June 1983 she married to a popular actor Denzel Washington. They have 4 children together and they are still in a happy marriage. The most popular movies of Paulette Washington are Philadelphia, which was released in 1993, and Antwone Fisher, released in 2002.

We have also mentioned other members of the family of Katia Washington. Her brothers are John David Washington and Malcolm Washington, while her elder sister is Olivia Washington. Malcolm and Olivia are also interested in acting, while John David was a professional football player.

It is also known that a grandmother of Katia Washington and the mother of Denzel Washington is Lennis Washington and she was a Gospel singer and a beautician. Another interesting thing related to the family of Katia Washington is that she is a niece of a famous actress Rita Pearson.

Actually, Rita Pearson is a sister of Katia’s mother Pauletta Washington. Rita Pearson’s most important works were on the movies The Book of Eli in 2010 and Deja Vu in 2006.

Now you must be expecting that we tell you something about Katia Washington’s love life, but we may disappoint you now, because there is not much information about her privacy. She avoids talking about her love life and we don’t know if she is dating someone or not.

However, we know for sure that she is not married and she does not have children yet. It is interesting that very often there are discussions about the sexual orientation of Katia Washington. There may be rumours that she is bisexual or gay due to her physical appearance and her typical outfit.

However, there is not precise information about her sexuality. There is also no information about some affairs and boyfriends related to Katia Washington. Of course, it is possible that she has not met her soul mate yet and that’s why she doesn’t like to talk about her privacy.

We hope that very soon Katia Washington will surprise us with her new partner, but until then we have to understand her and her desire to put a career on the first place in her life.

As you can see, a lot of personal information about Katia Washington is not available yet and we have to admit that Katia doesn’t like to be a public person. Even though she is popular and she has a very popular father, she prefers keeping her life away from cameras.


Full name: Katia Washington

Nickname: Katia

Date of Birth: November 27, 1987

Age: 32

Birth-sign: Sagittarius

Birth place: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Residence: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Education: Yale Univerisity

Occupation: Editorial assistant, production assistant, actress

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Black (African-American)

Marital status: Not married

Father’s name: Denzel Washington

Mother’s name: Pauletta Washington

Siblings: Brothers Malcolm Washington and John David Washington, sister Olivia Washington

Children: She doesn’t have children

Hobbies: Writing poems, reading books, dancing

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: Not available

Weight: Not available

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2 million

When it comes to the net worth of a Denzel Washington’s daughter, you have to know that her net worth is very high and it is estimated to be around 2 million dollars.

The biggest part of that money Katia Washington has earned from his work behind cameras.

However, we have also to mention that her father is one of the wealthiest actors in the world and his net worth is currently more than 230 million dollars.

There is no doubt that the whole family of Katia Washington is very rich and their net worth is growing even more.

Social Networks

If you had a hope that you can find Katia Washington on social networks and find out many new things about her, we have bad news. Katia Washington is not active on social networks and she prefers keeping her private life far away from cameras. She doesn’t talk too much about her private life and you cannot find her on social media.

If there are some accounts on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks with the name Katia Washington, you should know that it is not her. Those accounts may be created by her fans or more probably by the fans of her father.

As we have said, Katia Washington doesn’t talk too much about her privacy, so all that we have are only our assumptions or maybe rumours that we have heard somewhere.

Now we are going to remind you once more what the most important and available facts related to Katia Washington are.

Quick Summary

You had the opportunity to see in this article who Katia Washington is and many other things about her. Even though there is not much information about Katia Washington, we hope that you liked this article.

As we have said, the father of Katia Washington is one of the most famous actors worldwide and his name is Denzel Washington. If you have Denzel Washington as the father, it is not difficult to become famous, that’s what many people think. This is true, but we have to take into account that Katia Washington is not only a daughter of Denzel Washington, but she is also successful in her own career.

She is an editorial and production assistant, which means that she is working behind the scenes. There are many movies in which her father was acting and she was working as the assistant producer.

Anyway, her career is related to filmmaking and most of her family members are also related to acting.

Katia Washington was born in Los Angeles on November 27, 1987. She is a daughter of Denzel and Pauletta Washington and she has three siblings, two brothers and a sister. Katia Washington graduated from Yale University and very soon she entered the entertainment world. In her early years she wanted to be a nurse or a writer. Her favourite hobbies are writing poems, dancing and reading books.

Katia Washington doesn’t reveal information from her private life, so it is not known if she is dating someone or she is single. There are rumours that Katia Washington may be a lesbian or bisexual, but this information is not confirmed yet.

We have to say that Katia Washington is earning a lot of money by working behind cameras. Her estimated net worth is currently around 2 million dollars. Undoubtedly her family is one of the richest in the world of films.

If you would like to know more information about Katia Washington and her life, you need to be patient and to wait her to say something about that in public. Unfortunately Katia Washington doesn’t have social network accounts and she is not interested in sharing her privacy with others. That’s why many things about her are still unavailable.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article about Denzel Washington’s daughter Katie Washington. You have seen the most important things about her and her career.

Her net worth is growing every day more and we hope that soon we will have the opportunity to see her acting in some movies together with her father Denzel Washington.