Kate Del Castillo Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Kate Del Castillo is a famous Mexican actress, and in today’s text we are going to talk about her career, life path and everything else you might want to find out about her.

Early Life

Kate Del Castillo Negrete Trillo was born on October 23, 1972 in Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico. she made her  way in the United States for her successful performance on the same moon (2007).

Daughter of actor Eric Del Castillo and Kate Trillo Graham. The presenter Verónica Del Castillo is her sister and also had a half-brother, Ponciano, on the father’s side. As a child her dream was to become a professional tennis player.

He shot several soap operas before making her  big screen debut with The Last Escape (1980).

She became popular with the role of Leticia in the soap opera Muchachitas (1991-1992). She was the protagonist in Magic Youth (1992-1993).

Career Path

In October 2017, she became the target of the national and international press after releasing the documentary When I Met El Chapo: The Story of Kate del Castillo, in which the actress was insinuating about her encounter with the most famous narco in Mexico.

This docuseries caused a stir for all the secrets Kate revealed, such as her love affair with Sean Penn and her  betrayal of the pact of silence they had made with El Chapo.

In addition, theories about the infatuation of El Chapo with Kate Del Castillo began to emerge after the premiere, pointing out this fact as the main cause of the capture of the capo.

He was spokesperson and image of L’Oréal Paris. The History Channel appointed her as a spokesperson for the Network for Hispanic Heritage Month in 2007.

She was appointed ambassador of the Mexican Human Rights Commission to combat human trafficking in 2009, and launched the Blue Heart campaign in Mexico City with UN Goodwill Ambassador Mira Sorvino in 2010.

Among her  latest projects we have the feature film All About Nina (2018) and the television series La Reina del Sur 2 and Ungobernable.

It appeared in the video of Ricky Martin Fire by night, snow by day in 1996. she made an international tour (2002 and 2003) with the Argentine actor Saúl Lisazo with the work Love Letters.

People magazine in Spanish selected her as one of the “Stars of the year” in November 2007, and in 2011, she played Teresa Mendoza in the soap opera La Reina del Sur.

In 2015, she starred Dueños Del Paraíso incarnating Anastasia Cardona. she participated in the Killer Women series, produced by Sofia Vergara. In 2017, Netflix premiered the Ungovernable series, in which it appeared as the First Lady of Mexico.

In 2009, she was appointed Ambassador of the Mexican Human Rights Commission. In 2012, she starred in Colosio: The murder, based on the killing of presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio.

In 2015, she shot Dueños del Paraíso. she also worked on advertising campaigns for L’Oréal and Ford.

Married to soccer player and television host Luis García on February 3, 2001. They divorced on September 1, 2004. she remarried on August 29, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with actor and singer Aaron Diaz, endorsing in the Episcopal Church in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico) on September 5 of the same year. They divorced in 2011.

Kate Del Castillo was involved in a meeting with ‘Chapo’ Guzmán and the American actor Sean Penn that was published in Rolling Stone magazine. The meeting took place when the drug trafficker was in search and capture, so she was summoned to justice to testify.

Based in the city of Los Angeles, California, she has been a US citizen since 2015. Who is one of the most recognized actors in Mexico thanks to her  work in the Mexican gold cinema era and to which she has participated in a host of soap operas. The actress has two brothers: Veronica Del Castillo and Ponciano Del Castillo.

She began her acting career as a child with the soap opera Muchachitas. Later she became one of the most recognized soap opera protagonists with works such as Ramona and La Mentira, the latter was a romantic drama in which she shared credits with Guy Ecker.

His film career includes projects such as The Price of Innocence (2007) and The Same Moon (2007). She lent her  voice to Sally Carrera in the Spanish version of the movie Cars (2006). Five years later she would return to voice dubbing with the tape Rio (2011).

Kate starred in The Queen of the South (2011), a role that meant the peak of her career. Subsequently, she appeared as a guest star in six episodes of the fifth season of Weeds. she starred and co-produced the first web novela of, Vidas Cruzados.

On the part of her father, Kate always carried in her blood the taste for acting, obtaining her first role in the 80s in the movie The Last Escape, but it was not until 1991 that she rose to fame after playing Leticia in the melodrama Muchachitas, which was a success in its time both in the country and in Latin America and the United States. Then she endorsed her  popularity by acting in soap operas such as Ramona and La Mentira.

As for her  love life, Kate del Castillo married in February 2001 with former soccer player Luis García, but their union did not last long since they separated in September 2004, in the middle of a great controversy because the actress revealed that she was a victim of abuse, although Luis always denied it.

In 2007, after enjoying her  second single years, she became engaged to actor Aarón Díaz, whom she married in August 2009.

However, her  love story also came to an end and they divorced in 2012. The good it was that, on this occasion, both ended in good terms and wished for the best in their path.

Personal life

Kate del Castillo has always tried to keep her personal life away from the spotlight; However, in 2016 she was involved in a controversy over the link she had with Mexican drug trafficker Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, with whom she met with the intention of seeing with him everything related to her history and the transfer of rights for her to tell her life in the cinema.

However, upon hearing the authorities of this meeting, in which the actress was accompanied by Hollywood actor Sean Penn, she has been under investigation to rule out that she received illicit money from the boss, which she has flatly denied.

And it is that she recently debuted as an entrepreneur by bringing a tequila that bears her  name, Honor del Castillo.

Despite the great popularity she already had in Mexico, Kate decided to try her luck in the US market and moved to Los Angeles, where she has made several productions, but the one that has given her the most fame is her protagonist in the soap opera La Reina del Sur (2011), in which she played the drug trafficker Teresa Mendoza.

This melodrama is a television adaptation of the literary work La Reina del Sur by Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte. In fact, following the success of this soap opera, they have invited her to participate in famous television series such as Weeds and CSI.

In the cinema she also made her  way in the United States thanks to the film La Misma Luna (2007), in which she acted alongside Eugenio Derbez and was a total success at the box office.

He also acted alongside Tilda Swinton in the film Sudden Crime (2008) and was recently part of the movie Los 33, where she shared credits with Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro and Juliette Binoche.

This star is the result of the union between Kate Trillo and Eric del Castillo, a legend of the Mexican gold cinema era and also famous soap opera actor. Kate has a sister, Valeria, and a half-brother-on the paternal side-, Ponciano.

Del Castillo debuted as an actress in the 80’s with a role in the movie The Last Escape. It was until 1991 that the actress became known thanks to the character of Leticia, who played in the famous soap opera Muchachitas, a very popular production throughout Latin America and which became the soap opera with the largest audience in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru and also had high levels of Hispanic audiences in the United States.

On February 3, 2001 she married the footballer, Luis García, the marriage was controversial, it did not last long and they separated in September 2004. From 2002 to 2003, Kate pauses the audiovisual productions and concentrates.

In the play Cartas de Amor, in which she shares the stage with the famous and talented Saúl Lisazo.

In 2005, while filming Bordertown with Jennifer Lopez, the Los Angeles police (LAPD) reported that the actress’ house had been broken into by thieves. In November 2007, she was named one of the Stars of the Year, by People in Spanish magazine.

A year later, love knocks on her  door again and got engaged to handsome actor Aaron Diaz, they got married in August 2009 in Las Vegas. The love story did not last long and they separated amicably in the summer of 2011.

Since the early 80’s, Kate Del Castillo has worked on renowned soap operas and film productions (see filmography). Kate is known worldwide for her successful role in the soap opera La Reina del Sur. This soap opera is a television adaptation of the literary work of the same name, the work of Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

It is the story of a young and innocent Mexican, Teresa Mendoza, who gradually enters the world of international drug trafficking.

Following the success of the Queen of the South, in the United States she has been invited to participate in renowned productions, such as the famous TV series Weeds.

Kate has worked with great actors in important productions, such as a shared scene with: Eva Longoria and Christian Slater in the film Without Men, Kevin Kline in the film Trade and also with Tilda Swinton in the film Julia.

Today, Kate is one of the Mexican actresses with the greatest projection within the country and abroad, especially in Latin America, Spain and the United States.

She has won the affection of the public and the recognition of important film critics, thus calling the attention of great Hollywood producers.

Quick summary

Full name: Kate del Castillo Negrete Trillo

Date of birth: October 23, 1972

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 47

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.60 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 13$ million