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Kassem G – Net Worth 2020, Real Name, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube

Kassem G is the YouTube name of Kassem Gharaibeh, an American web based comedian of Middle Eastern origin, who got famous for his video series “California On” and “Going Deep” that feature comic interviews made with ordinary people.

Kassem made a big comeback in March 2017 with a new video series “Kassem Live Show” after being almost inactive on YouTube for three years.

Kassem Gharaibeh has two channels on YouTube that give him in total almost three million subscribers, half a billion views, and a net worth of impressive $4 million.

But that is not where the majority of his wealth comes from. And there is an amusing story behind it. If you want to know why did Kassem G disappear from YouTube and what made him come back, continue on reading.

Early Years

Kassem Gharaibeh was born in Jordan on 10th of October 1983. He lived in Saudi Arabia as a baby, but as he turned four, the family moved to Florida. Kassem grew up in Ventura County, California.

There is no info on Gharaibeh’s education. We know he worked in retail for 10 years, serving at Best Buy, before deciding to start a youtube career.

On the weekends Kassem performed stand-up comedy at restaurants and cafes. Gharaibeh said he started doing comedy as a way of defense because he felt different.

Career Development

Kassem G Joined YouTube on the 24th of October 2006 after a video friend made went viral and got him thinking he should try filming his jokes.

Kassem G started by doing a series called “CaliforniaOn” where he stopped people in the street and asked them about a random topic, often something news related. The trick was the people Kassem G picked up were all but ordinary, and Kassem was in his made up character. The comedy was in the combination of the two. Kassem reinvented himself as an awkward nerd and talked to mostly what looked like drunk or plain weird guys and very hot girls.

Gharaibeh also made a series called “Street music” where he and a friend played music on the street looking for people’s reactions to it.

In 2009 Kassem Gharaibeh created a new channel “KassemGTwo” meant to host videos for a new series he started called “AsKassem”, but he stopped uploading videos on it in the middle of 2012. Nevertheless, this secondary channel has almost half a million subscribers and 35 million views, and today the main channel has more than 2.5 million subscribers and 441 million views.

Kassem G was a guest in the popular web series “Equals Three”, by Ray William Johnson. He also starred in the YouTube film “Agents of Secret Stuff”. Gharaibeh appeared several times on the cannabis culture-oriented podcast “Getting Doug With High” and in TV series “Smosh”, “Four Kings” and “Next Time on Lonny”.

Kassem Gharaibeh won the Streamy Award for Best Host in 2013 for his “California On” series, beating Larry King, who was one of the other four nominees in the category.

A year later, in the midst of 2014, Kassen G made a sudden small fortune and at same time almost stopped uploading new videos. Kassem was a co-founder of the Maker Studios, an American multi-channel network that got sold to The Walt Disney Company for $500 million. Some of other co-founders were Lisa Donovan, Ben Donovan and Danny Zappin.

Since Makers Studios got sold, Kassem uploaded just 10 new videos in the course of the next three years, sometimes making even a few months long breaks between them, and in the meantime lost some of his subscribers.

In the March 2017 Kassem Gharaibeh posted his first new video after seven months of silence. The video was almost an hour long improvised talk show Kassem made with his brother Omar and friend Peter Gilroy, and it started a new series of videos called “Kassem LiveShow”. Since then, his channel has a new video uploaded once a week.

The first video in the series “Kassem Live Show” has close to 130 thousand views as of the beginning of May 2017 that shows the big YouTube comedian has a lot more to give.

Fans speculated why Kassem disappeared in the first place, saying he returned to video making because he’d spent “the Disney money” he got when Maker Studios was sold. Gharaibeh responded he was still “very, very rich” and that he thought now is the best time to go back to video making because he doesn’t need to do it.

Even before taking a break Kassem honestly spoke of something he referred to as “getting stuck creatively”, saying he was trying to find balance between doing the stuff fans are used to and trying out something new. Gharaibeh also confessed he gets the most upset when he doesn’t have new content to upload.

Personal Life

Kassem G’s parents are both Middle Eastern, his father is from Jordan and mother from Egypt.

Kassem G as a comedian jokes a lot about others and his own life, so there is not much data about his private life. There has been no word of a girlfriend or any other partner in his life, nor has he talked joke-freely about his sexuality.


Full name: Kassem G. Gharaibeh

Nick name: Kassem G

Date of birth:  10th of October 1983

Birth-sign: Libra

Birth place: Jordan

Residence: Venice, California, USA

Age: 34

Occupation: YouTube personality, comedian

Education: /

Awards: Streamy Award, Best Host in 2013

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Religion: Unknown

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Brother name: /

Sister name: /

Marital status: Unknown

Girlfriend: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Unknown

Children: /

Hobbies: /

Pet own: /

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch)

Weight:  Unknown

Body: Slim

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Shoe Size: /

Measurements: /

Distinctive Features: Prominent nose, wears glasses

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth of Kassem G is estimated to be around $4 million in 2017. His overall income has been gathered from acting, video hosting, endorsements and business deals.

Social networks

Kassem Gharaibeh posts regularly on Twitter were 335 thousand people follow him and also on Facebook where he has 228 thousand followers and 296 thousand likes.

Instagram: (@gmessak)

Facebook: (@gmessak)

Twitter: (@kassemg)

Snapchat: /


Interesting Facts about Kassem G

Kassem acted a small roles in the movie “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and also “Boner Police: The Movie”.

In the YouTube series “Epic Rap Battles of History” Kassem played himself in first two seasons and in the third season premiere appeared as Lando Calrissian.

Gharaibeh thinks he is so good at doing comedy on YouTube because he got to know his comedic niche. Kassem’s biggest inspirations in comedy are Bill Cosby and Louis C.K.

Kassem G answered fan questions on Reddit on the making of his show and revealed that the “Going Deeps” episode filming was not easy to book and that some of the guests thought they were doing Kassem a favor by appearing on the show.

Making “California On” was hard work because it was often time consuming to find people that can fit the show profile and be interesting to talk to. Kassem said there are a lot of intelligent people in Venice, but they are not as funny.

Quick Summary

Kassem G is an American comedian of Middle Eastern origin, famous for his YouTube series “California On” and “Going Deep” who has almost three million subscribers, half a billion views, and a net worth of $4 million.

Kassem, as co-founder, earned a share when American multi-channel network Maker Studios got sold to The Walt Disney Company for $500 million. The channel Kassem G then got neglected for three years, since new uploads ware rare and followed by months of inactivity.

Kassem came back in March 2017 with a new video series “Kassem Live Show” and uploads a new episode every week getting thousands of views.