Juvenile Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

You may know Juvenile as an American rapper and a songwriter, but he has been on TV movies and shows as well!

His work with Cash Money Records brought him a very respectable amount of money and made him popular in the world of music and hip hop.

He was a pretty popular creator in the 90s and the 2000s when he became a member of the Hot Boys, a group formed in New Orleans.

His career started in the 1990s when he really devoted to making music and he was soon recognized by the locals.

His debut album Being Myself did really good and he later published many more. You may be familiar with his other popular albums, such as Solja Rags, 400 Degreez or The Beginning of the End.

He is known as one of the veterans which brought “bounce” craze in the early ’90s, a new hip-hop style which was really a combination of gangsta rap and party music.

Early years

There is not much we know about his early life since he always keeps his roots a secret.

He stated that he was born on March 25th, 1977 in New Orleans and that his family was pretty loving and therefore never forced him to struggle with the school if he didn’t feel like he was going to succeed.

He was more of a creator from his early age and he always knew how to find the people that are going to help him with that. To begin with, he always hung out with the kids that helped him develop his creative side.

They were playing and making lyrics when they were really young, dreaming about becoming big stars. Little did Terius know that he would be a big music creator one day.

He grew up in the Magnolia Projects, which was a housing project in New Orleans, the capital of the Louisiana state.

Career development

There isn’t an exact date when he entered the music industry, but during 1991 he started to actively record his raps. He was trying to create as much as possible and get noticed by someone.

The first person to notice him was DJ Jimi who was impressed by his skills. He was featured one of Juvenile’s songs and vice versa.  DJ Jimi featured Juvenile in his 1991’s “It’s Jimi” single.

When he created “Bounce For the Juvenile”, and it was in 1993, a song that boosted the popularity of bounce music, local people went crazy about it and he was on the radio all of the time.

His first album was called “Being Myself” and it was published in 1995. He was very happy to get a contract with Warlock Records. He wasn’t too happy with the way this album did because it was popular on a local level only and the bounce craze stayed popular only in New Orleans.

However, this album did bring him some attention from bigger records and he decided to go with Cash Money Records.

Cash Money label owners at that time were Ronald Williams known as “Suga Slim” and Brian “Baby” Williams who released  Juvenile’s 1997 album which was, in fact, his first gangsta album.

1997 was a pretty good year for him because Solja Rags, his newest album, came out. It was pretty popular and, more important, it ended up on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

Juvenile joined Hot Boys, consisted of other Cash Money artists:  Lil Wayne, B.G., and Turk.

They have released their first album called “Get It How U Live!” in 1997.

Both of these albums were produced by Mannie Fresh.

Another Juvenile’s album he produced was “400 Degrez” in 1998 and this album sold platinum.

The platinum awards came to Juve again with one of his solo albums named  “Tha G-Code”, released in 1999.

Hot Boys’ album “Guerrilla Warfare” also made it to the platinum. It was a platinum album and helped Juvenile get some new audience as well.

In 2001 he has reached gold with his Project English but after that, he decided to leave Cash Money and formed his own label and management team named UTP since he was claiming that Cash Money mismanaged him.

UTP wanted to release his new album called 600 Degreez but failed to do so so Juvenile made a deal with his former label Cash Money and they have made a joint venture.

In 2004 he has released a single named “Nolia Clap” on the Rap-A-Lot label.

On that album, he worked with a producer called Mannie Fresh and they got along really well. You can notice that by looking at the rest of the albums. All of them were produced by Mannie all over again, except Juve the Great. So this album was imprinted both by Cash Money and UTP.

In 1998, the next phase of his career began. His starting album was 400 Degreez and this helped him move on to the next level. Soon he was making rhymes in popular rap circles because he was finally known!

He wasn’t only a local rapper now, he was a mainstream creator! The most popular songs on the album were Ha and Back That Azz Up!

He did have some issues with the second one because DJ Jubilee said the song sounds exactly like one of his mixes and he decided to sue Juvenile. The case was dismissed, though.

In 1998, he made a second version of the Solja Rags album and he remixed Being myself as well. It was a really emotional thing to do, he said because he went back to his roots.

Juvenile continued to work with Cash Money and they released two more albums: The G-Code and Project English. The first one went double platinum and the second one was just platinum.

All of them ended up very high on the Billboard charts, but they never got as high as 400 Degreez.

In 2003, we enter the third phase of his career. At this time he was creating his album Juve the Great. The album did very well, especially some of the songs like “Slow Motion” with Soulja Slim.

“Slow Motion” became his first single that entered the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

It was emotional to listen to that song, Juvenile said because Soulja Slim died very soon. He was killed in a neighborhood shooting.

Hot boys, the group, soon released their last album Let ‘Em burn.

Juvenile was focusing on his work, though, and he managed to get a deal with Atlantic Records. He also got in contact with a group called UTP and worked with them for some time.

At this point, Juvenile made his big wish of singing for a soundtrack true: his song “Booty Language” was featured in the movie Hustle And Flow. He worked with some of the more popular artists on the soundtrack as well.

In 2006 his album Reality Check was released and it was produced by Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, and Lil Jon.

In his 2009 Cocky & Confident, which was released by Atlantic Records he was the co-producer.

In 2005, he had some issues because Hurricane Katrina damaged his home in Louisiana. Instead of just being sad about it, he raised some money to help others who also got their homes destroyed. This was a very noble thing of him to do.

His 2006 album was called Reality Check and it was probably his biggest success at this point. It was the number one on The Billboard 200 chart. He created some of his most popular singles during this time: Animal, Rodeo, Get Ya Hustle On, Way I be Leaning…

In 2009 he created his album called Cocky & Confident. He had been teasing his fans for a long time before this one came out and he said that it would be much different from what he usually creates. He worked with Soulja Boy and that made this young artist pretty popular in the rap world as well.

The album was released in December and it wasn’t as popular as any other album he made. His next album, Beast Mode, did a bit better but wasn’t near other albums from the first phase of his career. The most popular song here was Drop That Thang.

His tenth album was Rejuvenation, released by Fontana in 2012. Mannie Fresh produced almost the whole album.

Since 2014, he released one more album: The Fundamentals. He decided to go back to Cash Money because he worked best with them and in 2019 he released an album Just Another Gangsta. He made it with Birdman.

Personal life

Juvenile went through some seriously bad times in his life. He had a daughter called Jelani. Joy Deleston gave birth to her while she and Juvenile were dating.

In 2008, Jelani was shot along with her half-sister and her mother. The person who shot them was Deleston’s oldest child, Anthony Tyrone Terrell Junior who was 17 at the time.

Juvenile could not believe this. He was so shocked and devastated that he had to get away from media for a while to gather himself.

The murderer was charged and is still in the DeKalb County jail. Juvenile got a lot of hate for not going to their funeral, but he said that he could not do it emotionally since he was in such a shocking state.

In 2002, he was arrested for being aggressive towards a barber that was bootlegging his music. He had some issues with drug charges as well and had to do 75 hours of community service.

He later got in trouble for not paying child support for his daughter and they had to do a DNA test to prove that he was her dad after all.

In 2010, he was arrested in Arabi in Louisiana. He was charged for marijuana possession after a neighbor called the cops on him. He paid a $250 fine and court costs and had to spend a bit of time in jail, but this didn’t bother him at all.

Quick summary

Full name: Terius Gray

Date of birth: March 25, 1977

Birthplace:  New Orleans, Louisiana, The United States of America

Age: 42

Profession: rapper, songwriter, actor

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $2.5million