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Justin Shearer, Big Chief Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Justin Shearer, also known as The Big Chief, is a famous American street racer and a star in the Discovery channel reality program Street Outlaws. The show made him a famous personality and brought him a big income.

Early years

Justin Shearer was born on December 9, 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky in America.

After his father died, he was raised by a single mum, who worked two jobs to bring up her two sons, and still managed to finish a school for nurse at the same time. He often says that he is sorry he hasn’t been a better son while his mother struggled with him and his brother.

His favorite childhood memories were made with the most important person in his early life, his mother, while she learned him how to ride a horse.

Maybe he didn’t have an ideal childhood, but he learned how to respect people who care about him and is currently paying his mother back by treating her with nice things and everything she ever needs.

At the age of  nine he went to his first  street race, and it made a huge impact on him: his dream was to become a street racer himself.

When he was 12, he and his family  relocated  to Oklahoma. Oklahoma street racing scene was very popular and big and there he joined the crew to become one of the most popular racers ever.

Career Development

His first racing car was his  dream car:  a 1972 Pontiac LeMans. He named it  “The Crow,” and it was customized to all his wishes. Every street raer has a car that he’ll never throw away, no matter how old is it, and “The Crow”is Shearer’s soft spot.

He had already became a very popular member of  street racing community in Oklahoma City  when he was approached to join the show. Since he is very ambitious, he caught the opportunity to became famous and earn more money.

His everyday job is  at “Midwest Street Cars” which also became a  part of the series.

Eventually, since he got really big on the channel itself, they decided to give him a chance to show himself and they let him become the host of a Discovery channel . So far he has been doing a great job!

He also has a merchandise shop which he opened after he got popular in Street Outlaws, and it makes a large part of his income since street racing merch is really popular amongst teenagers and other racers.

Personal life

He is in a happy marriage to Alicia Shearer, who is his longtime girlfriend . They met when he was 18 at the full-service gas station where they both worked at. She is also a great car fan and enthusiast.

They got married  in 2006 and they have two sons, Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

Justin says he would be happy if they liked cars but if they didn’t, he said he wouldn’t mind. He also claims he isn’t going to pursue their careers in the direction he personally went.


Full name: Justin Shearer

Nick name: Big Chief

Date of birth:  December 9, 1980

Birth-sign: Sagittarius

Birth place: Louisville, KY

Age: 36

Occupation: reality star

Education: NA

Awards: NA

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: american

Ethnicity: NA


Father name: NA

Mother name: NA

Brother name: NA

Sister name: NA

Marital status: married

Girlfriend: Allicia Shearer

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: Corbin Shearer and Covil Shearer

Hobbies: cars

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Body: NA

Hair Color: brown

Eye color: brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: NA

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $800,000

Social networks




Snapchat: @bigchiefokc

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about Justin Shearer

He nicknamed his dream car, a modified 1972 Pontiac LeMans, The Crow.

Big Chief is a huge fan of energy drinks, so he drinks  Monster all through the day. He apparently needs it because he not only spends a lot of time racing, but also spends a lot od time in the gym, powerlifting and training, and that does consume a lot of energy.

Quick Summary

Justin Shearer is one of the stars of National Discovery’s reality series Street Outlaws. He was interested in car racing since he was a child and hemade his career in it.