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Julie Chrisley Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Julie Chrisley is a mother, a wife and a TV star that got famous after being a part of her husband’s reality TV show called “Chrisley Knows Best”.

Early life:

Julie was born in January of 1973 in a town called Winchester.  Her early ages were peaceful and she lived a nice and quiet life with her supportive parents whom she loves very much.

She had to live in a trailer but this never bothered her since she was very happy that she was healthy and had a good family.

Her father is a baptist minister and her mother is a gorgeous woman that used to be Miss South California! They are all pure American and therefore Julie is.

She had a brother called Harvey Hughes and they were very close to each other. She was devastated after his death.

They later moved to Georgia since their parents thought it would make a better living for them, but it ended up being tragic. Harvey commited suicide at the age of only 25 and this left a huge impact on Julie since the siblings were very strongly connected.

Julie earns a lot of money from the TV show although this was never her primary source of income. Her husband is a real-estate agent and he also earns quite a lot of money.

Career development:

Julie hasn’t been a fan of the reality TV and she ended up marrying Todd Chrisley who pulled her into the world of famous personalities.

She didn’t really feel like acting and she was supposed to be in the show for two seasons only because she wasn’t feeling quite familiar with the TV.

However, her viewers loved her so much that she ended up joining for the third season and she claims that this was an incredible experience both for her and her family who also acts on the show.

The show is about their daily lives and it revolves around their routines. Each member of the family has his/her own flaws and qualities and this is what makes the show good. However, people who watch the show admitted that they watch it only because there is so much drama and controversy.

After being called a parasite that lives off of her husband’s wealth, Julie decided to become a famous businesswoman herself.

She created a web series called “What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley”. She is famous for great cooking and therefore she decided to share her talent with the people that are having a hard time being a chef. Her most famous meal are the Nanny Faye’s perfect biscuits which are her husband’s favorite meal.

Personal life:

She married Todd Chrisley in 1996 during May. People predicted that their marriage would last poorly short since Todd was already in a marriage before and it didn’t work out so he was rumoured to be really bad at relationships.

When she married him, he already had two children from his previous marriage with a woman called Teresa Terry.

Now she has three kids with Todd and they are called Chase, Savannah and Grayson. Lindsey and Kyle are his children from the previous marriage but Julie has accpeted them as if they were hers.

People talk about Julie as a warm person who gives nothing but love and therefore people love her much more than they love her manipulating husband. There were many incidents related to him cheating, but none of them were about Julie being unfaithful.

A few years ago, her husband declared bankruptcy and there were many rumours about it being fake so he can keep his mansions and properties although he hasn’t payed taxed. Julie hasn’t said anything about this and she always tries to keep away from the media and the paparazzi.

Julie has a private side of her too. She is a survivor of breast cancer and she said that the whole procedure that she had to go through because of it made her the strong woman she is today. She got diagnosed in 2012 and she had a double mastectomy only a few weeks after she found out. She says she never thought about whether she should or should not make it. Her life was in danger.

Many controversies are related to this family and a theory that has been going around lately is that they are not even a family. People think that all of them have real names which are not those from the screen (and this was started after a rumour that Julie was actually called Bella came out to the public) and that they are family on the camera only.

Julie usually doesn’t bother with rumours and she claims that none of those actually seem to get to her, but she has been really disturbed by the one calling her husband homosexual. This whisper has been going around because of Todd’s feminine way of talking and doing various things. She claims that this is outrageous and that she cannot believe somebody would think that about a man with so much children.

She soon became a simbol of a TV mom since she is a strong woman who always has a smile and motivates her family.

There is a dark side to Julie too. People believe that she lied all about her early life including her mother being a model. They also think that she didn’t even have breast cancer and that she is a liar, but many people say that she is a survivor since she is a part of the Susan G. Komen Race for a Cure. It is an organization which tries to find options for treating breast cancer most effectively.

Julie’s teenage life is also under a question mark because people claim that she met Todd when he was still married and that she was actually a mistress in the whole situation. This has never been confirmed and is a guess by people who were trying to chronologically put out the events.

Quick summary

Full name: Julie Chrisley

Date of birth: January 9, 1973

Birthplace: Winchester, USA

Age: 44

Profession: TV star

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Net Worth: $3 million