Julian Edelman Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Julian Edelman is a known wide receiver in the NFL American football league who is currently playing for the New England Patriots.

Julian is the very first Jewish NFL player to join the Superbowl MVP team and is still in his prime.

He is very popular and is strongly involved in the social media with over 2.3 million followers on his Instagram account.

Early years

He was born as Julian Francis Edelman on May 22, 1986 in Redwood City, in the state of Carolina in United States.

His loving parents Angela and Frank were always very focused on their children so Julian and his brother Jason and sister Nicole were always very happy in their childhood. His father Frank is the owner of A-1 Auto Tech.

His father Frank was loving but very tough and had a strong work ethic which he wanted to implant into his son.

He had to train for hours and sometimes was very unconvential in training.

Julian’s ancestors came from Greek, English, Scottish, German and Jewish. Although his father Frank was Jewish he was raised in a Christian household since his mother was born in a Catholic German family who lived in Ontario.

During his time in high school, which was the Woodside High School settled in Woodside in California, he was playing on the position of a quarterback for the School’s football team and he was responsible for the Woodside Wildcats success when they made 13 record winnings in 2004 and not one lost match.

After his graduation he started going to the College of San Mateo settled in the same-named town.

But after only one year he has transferred in another university named Kent State University. He was a good student there and gained a degree in business management.

While he was at Kent University he played as a quarterback, a leading passer and a rusher. In 2003 he broke the school record for his total offense numbers and it was clear that a great career is in front of him.

Career development

Before the beginning of the 2009 NFL Draft he was having private trainings with The New England Patriots and they picked him at the draft.

In the summer of 2009 Julian signed his new contract with the New England Patriots and started his serious career.

He was doing great there until he broke his arm in a match against the Titans. It put him out of court for a few months.

In 2011 season he has won his first AFC Championship. Unfortunately, the team lost their Super Bowl XLVI against the NY Giants in the same period.

In 2012, he has become the first ever NFL player to make a receiving touchdown in a game following the one he made a return touchdown. He was in a great shape.

After season 2012 was finished, Julian became a free agent until the spring of 2013 when he signed a new contract with New Englan Patriots but this time only on a period of one year.

In this season Edelman showed great skills and was one of the Patriot’s most important players, especially in their historic game against Denver Broncos.

It was the same season where Julian made a great achivement to become the 3rd Patriots player ever to catch more than 100 passes in one season. He was very proud of this great achievement.

After 2013 season he again became a free agent but again in April 2014 he signed a new contract with the New England Patriots because they have recognized his passion and the fact that he will be their most valuable player for a long period of time.

Due to his great play in the matches before, he signed this time a deal on the period of 4 years, worth $17 million which was a big amount for him and he became financially secured.

In 2014 season, he made the most punt return touchdowns in the history of the club which was again one of his records.

The Patriots became the winners of the AFC East and he continued his game. In the game against the Seattle Seahawks, at Super Bowl XLIX, he was the leader of the game and was the most important player for the team’s victory.

In the 2015 season Julian had to pass a lot of matches due to the injury he suffered in the game against the New York Giants. He had to undergo a surgery on his foot because he broke his ankle.

In 2016, he was named into the NFL Top 100 Players of 2016, on 87th place and confirmed his position of a great player.

In 2016 he hit a player Deono Bucannon in the game and was fined $27000 for it. He did it “helmet-to-helmet” and it was totally unprovoked.

After Patriots win against the Miami Dolphins he was rewarded with the title of the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Another Patriot player to win this ward was Rany Moss, almost ten years before that.

He was again included in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2017, but this time even higher, on 71st place.

During the match against Atlanta Falcons, at Superbowl LI, he made a great catch that even made on the cover of the Sports Illustrated magazine, and a Youtube video of the catch became viral.

The Patriots won that game and it was considered that Edelman was the most important man in the game yet again.

In the summer of 2017, Edelman signed a new contract with New England Patriots, getting $11 million for two years. At the end of the summer Julian tore his anckle and finished the 2017 season prematurely.

At the beginning of 2018 Edelman was supposed to be back in the game but he was suspended because he used performance enhancing drugs. It was discovered in a surprised test made by the League.

In Super Bowl LIII, Julian was great against Los Angeles Rams and his team won the game and after thtah he was named the most valuable player of the game.

Edelman has played football carrying a lot of different nicknames, some given by fans, some given by his teammates.

He was named „Minitron“ (and allusion to Megatron, a known robot from a movie titled “The Transformers”), „Energizer Bunny“ and „The Squirrel“. He himself stated that he likes to be called Squirrel.

Although his mother is Jewish and father is, Julian stated that he is Jewish and that as time passes he is becoming more attentive to religion.

In 2014, at the game against Denver Broncos, he wore a flag pin with Both Israel and American flags to show his connection to his Jewish roots.

He wore an Israeli flag hat in a game which followed the shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. He supported the families at the victims on his Instagram account.

In 2016 he has published a children’s book named „Flying High“ and a sequel in 2017, „Flying High 2“.

He also published his own memoirs in 2017, titled „Rentless“. The memoirs became the New York Times bestseller and they were written by Tom E. Curran.

Julian is also a businessman and has his own brand of clothes named „JE11“.

Edelman had a lot of TV appearances until today, like in „Ballers“ on HBO and on „America’s Next Top Model“.

He was a presenter on the Grammy Awards twice: once in 2015, the second time in 2019.

He has a lot of endorsement earnings from companies like Puma. This means a lot to him and the fact that these companies enjoy working with him is a big financial plus.

Personal life

When he was younger he dated Jaqui Rice, the daughter of Jerry Rice, who was a former wide receiver of San Francisco 49ers.

The two hang out for some while and he was always scared of her father.

Julian isn’t married and never was. In the past he has dated Ella Rose, a Swedish model, and they have a daughter Lily together, whom he acknowledged later, after he was sued by Ella Rose.

They had a casual relationship but after she found out she was pregnant she faced him and he denied it. Afterwards he changed his mind and today he takes care of Lily together with her mum.

In 2014 and 2015 he was in a romantic relationship with AnnaLynne  McCord.

Julian dated AnnaLynne from December i2014 to January 2015 which is just a few months.

It seems that their romance didn’t pass over flirting over social media. There was a lot of media controversies when this happened and he probably gained a lot of fans because of this.

From 2016 until 2017 he dated Adriana Lima, a known Brazilian model. She was serious about the relationship and it seemed it was going well until she started wondering will they marry and have a family.

He wasn’t ready for a new child yet so they broke their long distance relationship and turned to being single. This caused a lot of controversy and people had a lot to say about him.

It is known that he is still not dating anyone, trying to focus on his career and his two year old daughter Lily.

His mother Angie helps him out when Elka Rose brings his daughter to him. This means a lot to him and they are all pretty close because of this.

In 2015, he invested in a luxurious apartment in Back Bay in Boston. He is a proud woner of an Audi, Porsche and BMW.

Quick summary

Full name: Julian Francis Edelman

Date of birth: May 22, 1986

Birthplace:  Redwood City, Carolina, United States

Age: 33

Profession: NFL player

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: $10 million