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Jovita Moore Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Husband, Age, Height

A well-known face in the world of television is Jovita Moore. Known for her flawless work ethics, her uncompromising professionalism, and a personality that stands out, Jovita is one of the most famous daily news presenters. Gracing the world of daily news with her presence Jovita is so much more than a celebrity.

She is a philanthropist, feminist and most importantly a mother.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out many interesting facts about Jovita, her personal and professional life. You will learn how Jovita spent her early years, how she built her career and many more interesting details about her. 

Early Years

Jovita Moore was born in New York, on October the 5th 1967. She was raised in New York, by only her mother. It is unknown if Jovita ever knew her father, since she is very protective of her private life.

She was very hard working since her childhood, always acing her elementary and high school tests and earning very good grades. Jovita always had a unique style of writing that made her special and not just a bookworm.

She enrolled in Bennigton College, where a professor recognized her writing skills and steered her to her true calling, broadcasting and journalism. Jovita earned a Master’s degree in Colombia Graduate School of Journalism.


Jovita is most famous for her work ethics. Even before her education in broadcasting officially started, Jovita took the decision to become a journalist and a broadcaster very seriously. An ambitious, fresh out of college Jovita took an internship in Harlem’s Amsterdam News. Here she perfected her craft and had the first taste of journalist life.

After finishing school Jovita landed her first job at KSFM. This job opportunity in Arkansas was a first serious journalism gig in Jovita’s life. A bit unorthodox this New York Times project allowed Jovita to perfect her craft, become more creative and molded her for future jobs. In this job she had to shoot the video of doing the interviews, set up equipment, drive herself around to locations all by herself. Jovita proved herself more than capable to take on new challenges, bravely performing and building up her broadcasting style for the future.

After three years of hard work, Jovita got her well-deserved promotion and became WMC-TV’s anchor, moving to Memphis, Tennessee.

Her biggest career achievement that earned Jovita notoriety, professional integrity and respect of the news community is becoming one of the faces of WBS-TV.

Her devotion to broadcasting and an impeccable work ethics earned Jovita an Emmy award.

Personal Life

Jovita is known to keep her personal life very private. Despite being one of the most known faces of daily news, Jovita shares very little about herself with the public. She proudly talks about her three children, and speaks about motherhood being her greatest achievement.

Even though you can see pictures of her children often on her social media profiles, Jovita never shares their names. Her marital status is unknown, with sources stating she is married, while others even saying she is a single mom.


Full name: Jovita Moore

Nick name: Unknown

Date of birth:  October 5th, 1967

Birth-sign: Libra

Birth place: New York, New York, United States

Residence: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Age: 50

Occupation: News presenter, TV Anchor

Education: Colombia University Graduate School of Journalism

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African-American

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Marital status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: 3 children

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $ 1 million dollars

Jovita Moore has a net worth of $1million dollars. She earned her net worth working as a news presenter, and TV anchor.

Social networks

Jovita Moore is very active on social media. She shares interesting events, family memories, and uses social media to interact with her fans and the public.

She is most active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Here are some of Jovita’s social media profiles:




Interesting Facts about Jovita Moore

Jovita Moore uses her celebrity power to help others in need. Being raised by a single mother, Jovita often takes participation in causes for empowerment of women, especially single mothers. She is an advocate for education and hard work.

She also devotedly participates in charity actions that help mothers and their newborn babies.

Jovita stands out as an important part of the Atlanta community, loved by her peers.

Jovita is also a self-proclaimed dog lover. She often posts photos of her pets on her social media profiles.

Quick Summary

Jovita Moore is one of the most famous faces of television broadcasting in America. Raised in New York by her mother, Jovita was taught the importance of hard work and devotion from an early age.

Earning her degree in journalism, Jovita took the world of television broadcasting by storm, standing out with her personality. She is one of important figures in the Atlanta community, loved and respected by her peers.