Jose Chameleone Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Artists from the African continent are slowly winning over the European and the World scenes. They are simply bringing in something fresh and new, rhythms that are not so common in the Western world.

Their fast beats and playful melodies are making people dance all over the world, which is why it is no wonder that the African artists are slowly beginning to appear more and more on USA or European TV channels and top lists.

In today’s article we are going to talk about such a celebrity that managed to make a great success not only in his home country Uganda, but also around the globe. Jose Chameleon is a famous Ugandan Afro Beat artist who made Ugandan music, worldwide famous.

We are going to talk about his early childhood, his personal life and his career, so stich with us if you are eager to find out more about this talented artist.

Early life

Joseph Mayanja was born on April 30th 1979. This famous Ugandan artist from an early age oved music and everything that had to do with it.

This reggae and hip hop artist is well known among audiences around the world as Jose Chameleone or simply as Chameleone.

He began his career within the late 90’s attached to Ogopa Deejays record label from African country. One among 1st releases was “Bageya” that includes Redsan, a Kenyan creator.

He conjointly collaborated with fellow Ugandan Bebe Cool, however later the 2 are far-famed to possess a tense contention.

Chameleone’s expressive style may be a mixture of Ugandan popular music genre, zouk, central African rumba and ragga. Chameleone 1st album came move into 1999 in African country.

From that time on he came out with few additional albums and a few of them are “Bageya” in 2000, “Njo Karibu” “Mama Mia” in 2001, in 2002, “The Golden Voice” in 2004 and “Kipepo” in 2005, in 2003, “Mambo Bado”.

He is a member of the Musician’s Community, a coalition of musicians United Nations agency use their fame and fortune to assist eradicate financial condition and make HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns.

He got many Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) for 2 classes. He has been appointed for each Kora Awards and MOBO Awards. Chameleone has toured variety of overseas countries, the US, UK and Scandinavian country among others.

Career path

The singer of “Wale Wale” encompasses a cacophonous and clear voice. He’s in all probability the sole male creator from the African continent has musical hits coextensive with the longevity of his career. Mutually of the foremost revered artists of his generation in Africa.

Joseph Mayanja, popularly referred to as Jose Chameleone, or simply Chameleone, known as a celebrated Ugandan musician and creator. He sings Afro beat and popular music in LuGanda, English and Bantoid language.

Having established his name, Chameleone has performed in an exceedingly variety of nations, together with the us, the uk, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, China, South Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, African country and Nyasaland. He has received varied nominations and awards.

His nominations embrace Best Male creator and Best Live creator at the planet Music Awards in 2014. He conjointly won, with the song “Badilisha”, the Song of the Year and Best Music Zouk awards at the HiPipo Music Awards. , in 2014. Chameleone was galvanized by Buju Bunton, singer and General Mega Dee. He’s the president of record label Sierra Leone monetary Unit Island.

Chameleone composes, produces and disseminates his own songs. In terms of music, Chameleone started as a DJ in 1996. Later, he signed with a Kenyan company wherever he created his 1st single, “Bageya”, together with Redsan. .

He discharged alternative songs underneath the label of identical label before returning to his native African nation to unharness other singles. He’s a member of the Musicians Community, a musician’s coalition that helps eradicate financial condition and discovered HIV / AIDS awareness campaigns in African nation.

When it comes to Jose’s net worth, this talented artist has an estimated net worth of around 6$ million. Most of the money he has comes from his music performances and his albums, but also some of it comes from his other endorsements and engagements.

He is still active, even though his career is definitely not at its peak. His songs are still being listened to around the globe and he occasionally performs for a live audience. His music will be known for an unusual sound and characteristic beats, therefore the name he carries is a perfect description of how his music sounds.

Jose is considered to be the founder of the modern musical movement in Uganda, and many new artists definitely take him as an example or as an inspiration for their own songs.

As a member of the Musician’s Community, he is a very active member and often promotes fights against poverty and AIDS which are the two main problems on the African continent.

He volunteered around the globe and continues to fight against these two pests that are destroying the population of Africa. He wants to inspire and motivate as many young children as he possibly can, so they can create a nicer and better lives for them in the future, despite all the problems.

Though his charity work, he wants to give back to the community that has supported him and created him as an artist.

All the songs that he created draw inspiration from tradition, therefore it is logical that he should give back to the people of Africa in any way he can. He is also a part of many other charitable organizations that focus primarily on children.

Personal life

Jose’s persona life is something that he likes to keep private. Never the less, some information manage to get through to the public. Over the years, he has been linked to many beautiful and successful women, but most of the news have been just rumors.

Jose is currently married to beautiful Daniella Atim Mayanja and the couple is lucky to have a large family. They have 5 children and some of them are already stars in their own right. Abba Marcus is a swimming medalist and also a singer with a newly released song called Game Over.

Besides his children being interested in the show business, Jose has other people in his family who are famous. Weasel or Douglas Mayanja is a solo artist, his brother Pius is also a music artist while his other siblings are Henry Kasozi, Emmanuel Mayanja and all of them managed to create amazing careers in their own respected fields.

The biggest contribution Jose Chameleone has given to the African people and music scene, is the attention he brought on to the African music. The faster rhythms and songs are winning over the world for a reason, and that is quality songs and happiness that simply oozes out of them.

His talent cannot be denied and contribution to the Ugandan African scene is something that will forever be remembered. One of Jose’s biggest prides is his family, so he likes to keep his private life closed for the public as much as he can.

This sometimes proves to be hard, because people are eager to know more about their favorite DJ and peak inside his life. Jose has many faithful followers on his social media accounts and often shares various posts with his fans.

Considering that he is a Ugandan artist, his songs have been sampled by artists all around the world and his rhythms are something that is easily recognizable. He is still active, even though his career is definitely not at its peak.

His songs are still being listened to around the globe and he occasionally performs for a live audience. His music will be known for an unusual sound and characteristic beats, therefore the name he carries is a perfect description of how his music sounds.

Whether he will come up with something new and surprise his fans, we have to wait and see. For now he is still being listened to by his faithful fans and his songs have gone around almost all countries of the world.

Even if he decides to completely retire from music, one thing is certain, he has made contribution to the African music in proportions that are unimaginable by many.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Mayanja

Date of birth: April 30th 1979

Birthplace: Uganda

Age: 40

Profession: DJ, Singer

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 88 kg

Net Worth: 6$ million