John P Kee Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

John P. Kee is a successful longtime American Gospel singer hailing from the United States who also serves as a pastor of his own New Life Fellowship Center Church.

He is also a very skilled musician who plays the guitar, drums, and keyboards.

John is a founder and a member of a gospel choir and has gained fame through this line of work.

Early years

He was born as John Prince Kee on June 4, 1962, in the town of Durham, a very populous North Carolina city which goes beside the Eno River.

He was very talented for music since his early years and was always encouraged by his family to continue developing his skills in that area.

John grew up surrounded by 15 siblings in a religious family environment. He grew up in less fortunate times but he was motivated by his loving parents to streak for more.

John was very close to his brothers and sisters and they motivated each other on their career paths as best as they could.

He joined the school choir and started taking lessons for several instruments. Some of them he learned himself how to play.

He was a student at North Carolina School of Arts but he got transferred to a new school named Yuba College-Conservatory school in his early years.

He did it alongside two of his brothers, Al and Wayne because he couldn’t move to California by himself.

His new school was located in the town of Marysville in California County.

While being there he got even more interested in music so he played with different groups like a funk-soul group called „Cameo“ and with prominent artists such as a popular trumpeter called Donald Byrd.

John discovered that music gives him peace and harmony and decided to see is there a place for him there.

John was fine for a while but he has problems adjusting to the new city so he eventually decided to get back home in North Carolina.

He relocated to the town Charlotte where he was hoping to find a way to start his career.

Unfortunately, he started living in the back part of the city because of his financial situation and he wasn’t satisfied with it at all.

John suffered a great tragedy and loss while he was a young man and it set the course of his life.

John was unfortunate enough to witness his good friend being murdered in front of him (during dealing) but this event opened up his heart to God and he decided to follow his religious path and try to influence young people for choosing good over bad and not trying to get rich very quickly, in a criminal way.

He went to a revival meeting and experienced peace and serenity there so he made a huge decision to dedicate his life to the Lord.

He sang in the church choir for a very long time when he realized that there is a better calling for him than to be only a singer.

Career development

He joined a ministry very soon after that and became a minister.

In 1995 he was already a minister in Ohio for a few years when he received a vision which had a goal to build a new church. That is how his Fellowship Center in Charlotte came to life.

His choice of Charlotte is reasonable because he wanted to help his community. He chose this location on purpose because he wanted to start in the area where he led a crime-related life and lost his friend because of o fit.

By the end of the 80’s he was already trying to form a choir for his church and he named it „NLCC“. This stands for New Life Community Choir.

The choir managed to bring in a lot of great vocalists and musician so it soon became popular all over the area.

Because of its popularity, the choir began having toured all over the area and his kids became members of the choir.

At the beginning of the 90’s he decided to create the Victor yin Praise Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir which became more known as simply „V.I.P.“

This allowed his fellowship with a loto f other ministres and musicians, mostly other choirs from all the US. John’s genre is a mix of traditional and modern gospel music.

He received a great honor in 2007 when he was inducted to the Christian Music Hall of Fame alongside Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, and Jimmy Davies.

John is often called „The Prince of Gospel Music“ because of his charisma, great voice, and his middle name Prince.

He got married to Felice Sampson in 1995 and they are proud parents of nine kids. Some of his kids also turned out to be musicians. One of his sons is a member of Sean Combs’ band where he plays the drums.

In 1987 he has released his first album called „Yes Lord“ which was released in 1987.

Three years later he released an album titled „Just Me This Time“ which was released by Tyscot Record Label. This album came to No. 12 on US Gospel Charts.

In 1994 his new label Verity Records released his 3rd album named „Colorblind“ which went to No.4. of the same chart.

In 2004 he released an album called „The Color of Music“ which did not only enter the gospel chart but also R&B US Chart and was a success.

In 2011 he released „The Legacy Project“ and in 2015 an album called „Level Next“.

His last album was released by his new record label named „e One Entertainment“ and it came out in 2019 with the title „I Made It Out“.

JAs for his activity on social media, he is not very interested in it but likes to share information about his church and music.

He has a very high net worth of over $10 million and he invests them further into his church, music, and family. He is trying to help his community in any way he can.

Personal life

As for his private life, he doesn’t like to share any information about it but has been involved in some problems with family.

It is known that he got married in 1995 to a beautiful woman called Felice Sampson. They have nine kids together. John always enjoyed living in a big family so he was pleased that his children would receive the opportunity to grow up together with many brothers and sister.

The best example for it was a problem he had with his son Christopher. This is how the story goes. John P. Kee owns a studio called „Phat Haus“ and is in his possession for over 30 years.

In 2018, somebody stole a loto of equipment from the studio and the pastor accused his son Chris of the theft.

He even mentioned his other son Justin may have been involved in it in some way. The equipment was in the studio the whole time but was hidden in plain sight.

This means that he has falsely accused his won of theft. He felt very bad because od it so he publically apologized to his son and tried to fix their relationship.

He even apologized to his other son Justin for mentioning hi min the story. Their fallout forced Chris to move from the family and his father’s choir so he started working as a drummer with Andra Day and Anthony Hamilton.

In 2014 he was involved in a controversy after he invited Tonex, a gay gospel artist, to join him in singing at Praise Break in LA.

He was attacked from various sides because of his collaboration with Tonex (real name Anthony Clark Williams).

Quick summary

Full name: John Prince Kee

Date of birth: June 4, 1962

Birthplace: Durham, North Carolina, United States

Age: 57

Profession: gospel singer, pastor, songwriter, musician

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $13 million