John Macarthur Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

John MacArthur is a respectable and skilled American evangelical preacher and a pastor and a very productive author who has written more than 150 books of religious content.

He is a Calvinist and his preaching is considered as one of the most influential in the Christian community in the US. Many people know him and want to see more of his speaking since he is talked about a lot in the community.

He is a very influential preacher who was highly represented in the media and was often a guest on various TV shows. Because of that, his popularity amongst young people is growing as well and they are turning to faith more than they used to.

He is also a bestselling author and has gained a big net worth through publishing his work in religious thematics. He says that it was a phenomenal project of his, but now he can do it for a living and he is very proud of it.

Early years

He was born as John Fullerton MacArthur Jr. On June 19, 1939, in the city of Los Angeles, settled in California in the United States. Growing up in Los Angeles he was faced with many different problems of the now and says that he was immediately drawn to religion as a way to help him with these things.

His parents were named Jack MacArthur and Irene Dockendorf and he was born into the family of the famous General Douglas MacArthur. He said that he was very thankful for his family that was very supportive of everything he did and never questioned his decisions.

His family originated from Scotland and John is the 5th generation of preachers. His descents were missionaries in Scotland and Australia.

John’s father Jack was also a pastor and some of the time he was a pastor in a Hollywood church.

John was a great athlete in school and he excelled in football. Some considered him as a big potential in playing it professionally but he continued his father’s steps.

John lived with his parents and three younger sisters and his grandmother. John was very close to his father.

After finishing high school in his town he enrolled a private evangelical university called Bob Jones University. After that, he decided to transfer to Los Angeles Pacific College which is today working under a new name: „Azusa Pacific University“.

In 1963 he gained his degree which is called Masters of Divinity. He has received it from Talbot’s Theological Seminary. John was one of the students who graduated with honors. He was very proud of his studies and spent a lot of his time working on his education. He says that it hurts a lot to see how people consider him stupid just because of his job.

Career development

His service as a pastor started din 1964, as the associate pastor in one church in Burbank. He stayed on that position until 1996 when he became a faculty representative for the same seminary he attended and graduated from Talbot Theological Seminary.

He worked on this position until 1969 when he became a Pastor in the Grace Community Church located in Sun Valley, in California.

His rise to fame started with his simple ideas to make audiotapes of his sermons so his listeners could listen to it in their homes. He had an idea to bring faith closer to the community and he knew that not everyone could attend his sermons and that people liked to listen to them in the serenity of their homes so he decided to do it this way.

These tapes started being broadcast in the city of Baltimore in 1977. It was named „Grace To You“.

In 1985, John rose to the position of the president of a Christian college „The Master’s University“. Before he took over it this college was known for its awful leadership, nepotism and many irregularities considering its financial state.

In 1986 he founded TMS, The Master’s Seminary which was located at Grace Community Church in California. It was the same year that he received honorary doctorates from Talbot Seminary and Grace Graduate School he attended in the past.

In 2011 he has spent half of the year preaching through the complete New Testament which was one of his life goals.

In 2015 he had completed his New Testament Commentary series which took him several months but he didn’t want to break his promise to the Church and he followed up on his word.

During his work as a pastor, he had released a lot of books.

In 2011 he has published a book titled „The Battle For The Beginning“ in which he explains his look on the beginning of life as a member of the Young Earth Creationism movement.

This movement believes that Earth was created 6 to 10 thousand years ago in the present form. He is a big opponent of the theory of evolution.

In 1989, his broadcasting program „Grace to You“ was terminated by BBN, which is short for Bible Broadcasting Network. His program was closed because BBN’s president considered his preaching as very confusing.

In 1983 he embraced the doctrine of incarnational sonship which he later rejected. He embraced the eternal Father and son relationship as the right one.

He is a big cessationist and believes that all wonders, speaking in tongues and similar ceased in the time of apostles. Many people criticize him for that, while others feel like these words are very truthful. John does not focus too much on stuff like that and he continues to spend time developing his work ethic.

He published several books on this themes, the last one in 2013 titled „Strange Fire: The Danger of Offending the Holy Spirit with Counterfeit Worship“: It was the same year when he became the host of a conference named „Stange Fire“. This event caused many responses.

A few books were published to fight the thesis: Michael Brown’s „Authentic Fire: A Response to John MacArthur’s Strange Fire“ and „R.T. Kendall’s „Holy Fire“.

He also strongly opposes feminism and believes that women shouldn’t preach or have a church authority. This also rose controversy amongst female preachers and pastors who responded by saying that he speaks discriminatory, claiming that they are better pastors because they are, ore sensitive and emotionally more available for their church members.

He is also of the belief that the Bible is a sufficient tool to treat people with depression and anxiety.

This brought up a huge controversy and he was sued for malpractice but the judge dismissed the case because of the lack of evidence.

This was caused by the suicide of Kenneth Nally, a student at the seminary who suffered from depression and anxiety and was treated only by the Bible word from John MacArthur.

The trial lasted seven years in which Kenneth’s parents tried to prove that taking modern psychology counseling from their son brought his death.

In 2002, while eyes of the world were focused on sex abuse charges connected to the Catholic Church, he called Catholicism to be the „Kingdom of Satan“ and Pope the antichrist.

His most popular book was „The MacArthur Study Bible“ which was sol in over a half a million copies.

In 2019 he has published a book called „Final Word: Why We Need the Bible“ where John defends the Bible and Scripture from various attacks of modern preachings.

Personal life

He is married to Patrica from 1963 and they have four children together: two daughters and two sons. Their names are Melinda, Marcy, Mark, and Matt.

The two of them met in his own home because Patricia was his sister’s friend and he likes her very much from the moment he saw her. But she was already engaged to someone else.

That didn’t keep him from taking her home from church one day and getting involved with her when her fiance was away. But she had second thoughts about it and he was just in the right place and the right time like God intended it to happen.

This was later used by his opponents who claimed that no man of God could ever „steal“ someone else’s wife no matter what. They also claimed that the way John represents it seems that it is a normal thing to do: to seduce an engaged woman.

As a devout Christian, he believes that he has serious obligations as a father and as a husband and he says that family must always be in the first place. He follows the Bible in that way and considers its words to be a great guide through family life.

He and his loving wife already have 15 grandchildren and he enjoys them very much. He hopes that one of them will continue his work for God, but won’t force them to do so because he believes it should be a call, and not something forced.

His views on birth control are also very interesting. He believes that the Bible doesn’t consider pills, condoms or similar as a problem but he strongly opposes to abortion and think o fit as a tantamount to murder.

He also rose a huge controversy after the release of his book „Gospel According to Jesus“ from 2008 because it argued one of the main evangelical teachings of lordship salvation.

He says that there will always be people who are very against what he does and very for it, so he doesn’t really bother with these things.

Quick summary

Full name: John Fullerton MacArthur Jr.

Date of birth: June 19, 1939

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States

Age: 80

Profession: pastor, emeritus, preacher, writer, counselor

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $15 million