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Joe Piscopo Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Little people know this comedian a TV person by his real name: Joseph Charles John Piscopo. Everyone mostly knows him as that guy that appears everywhere! He writes music, does radio shows and is also a book author.

Most of his fans got interested in him when he started to do his job at the Saturday Night Live program back in the 1980-ish years. He used to play many different personas on the show and he was mostly there for the comedy.

Early years

Joe used to live a really interesting life back in Passaic in New Jersey, the place he was born. He said that his childhood was very enjoyable and that the most fun he had was actually in „The Masquers”, an extracurricular activity they had in his high school in West Essex.

It was a drama group and they loved Joe because he was always very creative, but also didn’t listen much. All of the characters he played were never the exact ones that were written by the author: they were changed up a bit due to Piscopo’s spark.

He liked high school, although he was never much of a science guy and his favorite classes had to do with literature. Piscopo graduated in 1969 and then went to Jones College. This is a private college and many were intrigued when they heard this because they knew his mom and dad paid for all of it.

The college is in Jacksonville in Florida and he was successful on it, receiving a degree. He decided to go for broadcast management as his main option. This was a good choice because it brought him some very nice opportunities at the very beginning of his career.

Career development

His career didn’t have a much of a „warm-up”. In the year 1980, he decided to take things into his own hands and he contacted the program that broadcasted Saturday Night live. Not only was he hired after his audition, but he also got a contract.

However, there was some big trouble coming up for Piscopo. He thought he was going to be safe and sound for a while, but suddenly there was a huge rearrangement in the company and all of the members that directed and made the show, along with some actors, had to be fired.

The new team didn’t really do so well and the fans were very disappointed. Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were the only two guys that were actually voted out by the public to stay, because the show relied on them.

Eddie Murphy and Joes Piscopo developed a friendship during their work together and Piscopo is actually a big fan of his work. He says that Eddie is both humble and talented, which are the best two things an actor (with a lot of cash as well) can be nowadays.

Dick Ebersol, who is more famous for his work on sports broadcasting, soon took over the show and decided to keep the duo. Piscopo was very famous for the impressions he made on the show and one of the fan’s favorite was the major Frank Sinatra.

Not only did the fans like this one, but Sammy Cahn, the man who actually worked with Frank to create some of his best lyrics, was loving the whole thing and he said that sometimes he felt as if he was really with Frank again.

In 1983, Piscopo decided that he can no longer grow on this channel and he said that SNL was a true pleasure to be in, but he had to move on. In 1984, he was already in a contract with HBO to act in their special projects. It didn’t take him long to take advantage of the situation!

He soon published The Piscopo Tapes, a book that was published by the famous Pocket Books. He said that he discovered his love for writing while redoing many contents of other celebrities. Although he used to write even when he was in high school, he had to put it second when he went to college.

In 1985, he was on ABC and the project was called The Joes Piscopo New Jersey Special. Everyone was still mad about him and he didn’t worry much about his career. He said that this was the best period his life: he barely had any worries and people were stopping him on the street all of the time.

He appeared, alongside his friend Eddie Murphy, on Tom Petty’s single Jammin Me. They were mentioned and this was a chart-topper for a long time! At one point, Piscopo thought about creating some music himself, but he had no time to do so.

In 2014, Piscopo has worked as a host on the Piscopo in the Morning. He worked with many different people that he found very interesting, some of them being Frank Morano, Debbie DuHaime and even Al Gattullo.

The show was pretty popular since it aired from 6 am to 10 am, which is the time when people are on the radio. He was on there on all working days and the radio was called AM 970 The Answer. The show went most popular in the so-called Big Apple.

In February 2017, after some time of being pretty silent, Joe became a subject of many rants again because he stood by the American president Donald Trump. Many found this situation problematic and didn’t want to do with him again.

At one point, Piscopo thought that it would be a good idea to run for the Governor of New Jersey and win the 2017 election. Sure enough, after all of the backlash, he decided not to try that position out and there isn’t much information about him from that point on.

We guess that he was tired of being the subject of everyone’s conversations.

During his career, starting in 1988, he was in many different movies. He was in Star Trek: Next Generation, in King Kong, in Johnny Dangerously, Sidekick, Wise Guys, Open Season, Dead Lenny, How Sweet It is and many more.

When he worked on Saturday Night Live, he did many impersonations, but some were much better than the others. Some of the favorites that people liked were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barbara Streisand, Bruce Lee, Dan Martin, Howard Stern, Joan Rivers, JFK, Leonard Nimoy, and Pat Cooper!

Personal life

Many people know about his political interests as well because he used to be a democrat, and then in 2008, he switched over to the republicans. Many were very confused and wanted an explanation, but Joe didn’t seem to offer one.

His first wife was called Nancy Jones. Joe was young and in love, so they married in 1973. Joes was only 22 at the time and this ended up being a big mistake because the couple was not too compatible. They had to split up in 1988.

Nancy Jones was pretty famous on her own as well because she used to produce the famous TV show called Wheel of Fortune. The duo only had one child and that was the only thing that was really keeping them together.

Joe didn’t give up on love, though. He wanted his life to be filled with true love, so he married Kimberly Driscoll in 1997. This didn’t work out either, so the couple split up in 2006. Many think that Joes is guilty for all of these things because he seems to be the common factor to both unhappy marriages, but we can’t judge him because of that.

It’s funny when you find out that Kimberly used to be their son’s nanny when Piscopo was with his first wife. Many speculate that he had been cheating on her even before the divorce and that this was possibly the reason why they decided to split up.

Joe doesn’t talk a lot about his wives and kids on the Internet or in the social media: mostly because none of them want to be involved and he respects that. He says that the media also had a big role in their relationship back then and that it possibly made it much harder to succeed.

Nowadays, he switches locations and her lives in both Lebanon Township and Tewksbury Township. Many presume that he was changing his location due to the political life he was living at that time, basically to protect himself.

Although he is not married right now, he still fathers 4 children! Their names are Joey (Nancy’s son), Alexandra, Michael, and Olivia. They prefer to live quiet lives and don’t want any piece of the fame their dad has.

One of the things not a lot of people know is that Piscopo was actually not so comfortable with playing Frank Sinatra on the show because, at that time, it was well known that Frank was connected to the mafia. He said that he was very nervous because of this.

He said that he used to have a bodybuilder phase and that he’s currently not too happy with his biceps being a 37, his waist an 84 and his butt an 81.

Although many people don’t believe this, Joe is actually not religious at all. It is possible that he says so just so he doesn’t have to disclose all of these things on the Internet and in the media, but many believe that he is actually an atheist or possibly an agnostic.

Quick summary

Full name: Joseph Charles John Piscopo

Date of birth: June 17th, 1951

Birthplace: Passaic, New Jersey, The United States of America

Age:  68

Profession: actor, writer, host, TV person

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 84 kg

Net Worth: $500,000