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Often times, people who work in media can be as big celebrities as the actors or singers who entertain us through their movies and songs. In today’s text we are going to talk about the life and career of a famous American wrestling commentator and talent scout James William Ross.

If you are interested to find out more about his life, personal affairs and career, keep reading and get ready to find out the details you haven’t heard of before.

Early Life

James William Ross (born January 3, 1952) is an American wrestling announcer and talent relations executive, best known for a long and distinguished career as WWE, National Wrestling Alliance, and WCW wrestling analyst. He’s also known for his beef jerky and barbecue sauce.

As a child, Ross was like any other kid, but he enjoyed sports very much. He grew up in California and was a very big fan of baseball. He went to the Westville High School where he played on the first base.

He even made it to the two time conference football player. He was a player for the Westville Yellow jackets until 1969. His parents weren’t in any way famous, but they had plenty of money and Ross grew up comfortably.

His grandparents had a general store, while the grandparents on his father’s side had a carpentry business. As a student, Ross was excellent, and was even a president of the student body for a while.

Jim was also a vice president of the Future Farmers of America and he spent his childhood cheering for the Oklahoma Sooners.

Ross currently works as an analyst for WWE and for Fox Sports, where he writes for coverage on professional wrestling.

He is also the lead announcer on AXS TV for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and sometimes plays for boxing and mixed martial arts. Ross was named to the 2007 WWE Hall of Fame class. He is affectionately referred to as “Good old’ JR.”.

Jim Ross is a former American professional wrestling announcer, referee, and occasional wrestler with an estimated $4 million in net worth.

He was great at playing baseball at Westville High School during his younger years. He spends some time making comments on radio in college. Between 1974 to 1977, Ross was a worker on a job as a referee for the NWA Mid-South.

He became the National Wrestling Alliance’s color commentator. In 1991, he abandoned NWA and spent one season for the 1992 radio broadcasts of Atlanta Falcons. Ross worked extensively for Turner Broadcasting at WCW and later joined WWF in 1993.

Career Path

Ross reported on Radio del Este during his tenure at the university, and with this experience, from 1974 to 1977 he was given the opportunity to be an alternative commentator in the Mid-South region, although he was an arbitrator during that period.

Soon afterwards, Bill Watts bought the Mid-South fighting territory and Ross went to work there, becoming the main announcer in 1986, his first battle as an analyst, a contest for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ric Flair and Ted DiBiase.

When Jim Crockett, Jr. purchased the Mid-South company and mixed it with his group, Jim Crockett Promotions, Ross joined the new company.

In 1993 he made his debut at WrestleMania IX and became the voice behind the pay-per-view events of WWF. Ross became the host of a variety of WWF shows including Smackdown!Area of play, RAW Monday night, Saturday night of shotgun and superstars.

In 1994 Ross lost his job at the Radio WWF and on January the same year, he got his first attack of the Bell’s palsy. After losing his job, he started working as an announcer at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling and also for the Atlanta Falcons.

Bob Caudle and Jim Ross were united again in 1994 at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling. After Vince McMahon got a position in the US government, he couldn’t continue on working as a commentator on the WWF Monday Night Raw.

In 1996 he started working as an announcer on the WWF programming. In later years he worked on various programmers such as Action Zone, Superstars and Shotgun Saturday Night.

Ross became a heel for the first time in his career in September 1996. Once Diesel and Razor Ramon left for the World Championship Wrestling, Ross announced that he was still in touch with them and said he was going to give them back to the WWF soon.

In the Monday Night RAW episode, Ross made an ad in which he spoke with the new boss, Vince McMahon, presenting the new Razor and Diésel. If it didn’t work, McMahon’s revenge would say goodbye to Ross.

After that, Ross became the main voice of the WWE, coinciding with Survivor Series in 1998, although at the end of 1998, after his mother’s death, Ross took a break from RAW as the pain made his mother worse.

After this, Ross returned to be the main voice of the WWE, coinciding with Survivor Series in 1998, although at the end of 1998, after his mother’s death, Ross took a break from RAW as the pain made his bell paralysis worse, so Michael Cole replaced Ross.

The story that WWF drew from this to excuse Ross’s absence was that he was dismissed by Vince for his condition. Ross appeared from time to time voicing his disappointment with Vince, taking the tale so far that Ross had his own table of analysts in the crowd at all RAW events.

The movement against Vince’s decision to fire Ross was called “JR is WAR.” Around 1998, as his illness, Bell’s palsy gets worse, Ross took a break from his duties as a commentator.

Jim Ross was the “RAW face” alongside Jerry Lawler, and established his legacy as the WWE’s best announcer who, after the “WWE Extension” (WCW acquisition and SmackDown creation!), Ross worked solely for the RAW band only on RAW payments and RAW-sponsored events.

Ross had his first fight against Triple H on April 18, 2005 in a non-disqualified fight which he won because of Batista’s interference.

He announced his retirement from the WWE on September 11, 2013. He has appeared in several wrestling matches as well as being a commentator.

Jim Ross continues to be criticized for his failures within AEW’s comments. The veteran commentator, who has suffered the loss of his wife, responded during his program.

Despite acknowledging that he was having a hard time assuming part of those criticisms, Ross said he is not thinking of retiring.

In addition, he has assured that he feels very proud of what he does and how he does it.

Ross began by understanding that a part of the young audience was not following his comments. After stating that he understood all kinds of opinions, he also said that he felt somewhat sad. This is because people are making fun of him without counting the work behind him.

However, JR is still strong enough to continue and is not thinking of a withdrawal soon.

Jim has been criticized in recent years for certain failures when naming moves. He has also suffered to find the chemistry he had with Paul Heyman and Jerry Lawler within WWE.

However, his partner with Schiavone and Excalibur seemed to have somewhat mitigated criticism of his work.

Personal life

Jim Ross was born on January 3, 1952 at Fort Bragg, California. Long-standing wrestling announcer and referee named in 2007 at the WWE Hall of Fame.

For many years, he exchanged accountability statements with Michael Cole. He was a baseball player at Westville High School for all-conference.

He’s one of the CA-born Richest Sportscaster. He also has a spot in the Most Popular Sportscaster chart. Jim Ross is one of the most famous people in our 67-year-old database.

Long-standing wrestling announcer and referee named in 2007 at the WWE Hall of Fame. Jim Ross was born in a CA city and is one of the most successful sportscasters.

He was born in Fort Bragg, CA, where he was born on January 3, 1952. For many years, he shared responsibility for the announcement with Michael Cole.

He was a baseball player at Westville High School for all-conference. He’s one of the CA-born Richest Sportscaster.

From 1993 until her tragic death in 2017, he was married to Jan Ross. He’s got two girls. He has not shared any suggestions about the details of his family.

There is also no verified married life, divorce, and affairs information. If there is more update from the team, we will keep you posted.

Recently, Seth Rollins was present in an interview and talked about a possible fight against Kenny Omega. “The architect” offered some controversial words saying “he will have a fight with Kenny Omega when he finishes playing in the minor leagues.”

After these statements, many wrestling personalities answered Set Rollins. Some agreed with him, and others did not.

One of those who do not think the same as Seth Rollins, is the legendary Jim Ross, current AEW commentator and member of the WWE Hall of Fame.

In his Grilling JR podcast, Ross commented on Seth Rollins’ words saying he disagrees with what he said.

After Seth Rollins’ statements and Jim Ross’s response, the word war continued on Twitter. Seth Rollins wanted to answer Jim Ross for criticizing him in his podcast.

In a Seth Rollins post, we see how he ironically refers to the AEW commentator for his words about him and his girlfriend.

Quick summary

Full name: James William Ross

Date of birth: January 3rd 1952

Birthplace: Fort Bragg, California, U.S

Age: 68

Profession: Sportscaster, Former wrestler

Height: 1.81 m

Weight: 120 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million