Jhene Aiko Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Singers make our day by performing our favorite songs and expressing their emotions though lyrics. By listening to our favorite songs we are allowing ourselves to feel the feelings we have inside of us, and that makes us feel better instantly.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about a very talented singer Jhene Aiko. She came into the public eye few years back, and since then she has been winning over the hearts of millions of fans.

We are going to talk about the net worth, biography and her personal life.

So, if she is one of your favorite singers, here is a chance to find out more about her.

Early Years

Jhene Aiko was born on March 16th 1988 in Los Angeles in California. When it comes to their own ancestry, even Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo gets mixed up with Japanese, Afro-American, Spanish, Dominican and Native American roots as well. But at least it is clear: Born is Jhené Aiko, as she calls herself as an artist, as one of eight siblings in 1988 in Los Angeles.

There she makes her first steps in the music business early on. At the age of just twelve, she gets a contract with Epic and gains prominence in the following years because of her collaboration with the R’n’B combo B2K, which celebrates great success in the early 2000s. Since Aiko decides at the age of 16, however, to postpone her career in favor of her high school diploma, her planned debut “My Name Is Jhené” never appears.

Only in 2011 she returns to the music – with success. After her mixtape “Sailing Soul (s)” she gets a deal on No I.D.’s label Artium. The seasoned producer, who regularly contributes to major projects, also takes Aiko to the Cocaine 80s collective, which includes Common. The support of the tour of the two world stars Nas and Lauryn Hills confirms the growing interest in her person.

The young singer quickly builds up a strong fan base with her mix of neo-soul, R’n’B and big rap features, which is eagerly awaiting the debut album after further mixtapes. The trade press also rolls over with praise and lists Aiko’s debut “Souled Out” among the most anticipated albums of 2014.

However, Jhené Aiko does not let that bother her. She does not want to make music for the masses right from the beginning: “I decided I would sail myself rather than sell myself.” Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, known as Jhené Aiko or Jhené was born in Los Angeles on March 16th 1988 and is a very good American songwriter. It is 157 cm tall and has a daughter named Namiko Love Browner

Born in Los Angeles, she has Japanese and African American origins. He began his musical career collaborating with the B2K group in 2001. He took part in some soundtracks and published the video of the song NO L.O.V.E. in 2002.

In March 2011 he published a mixtape entitled Sailing Soul (s). He signed a recording contract with Def Jam in 2012 and in November 2013 he published the EP Sail Out.

Career Path

She has toured with Drake in Germany and the rest of the world, has worked with a number of hip-hop heavyweights in the past few years – from Kanye to Kendrick Lamar, from Big Sean to Childish Gambino – and the US press alternately celebrates them as “the new, younger Sade “and as” female counterpart to Frank Ocean “- her debut is only now: Jhené Aiko presents on 9 September 2014 her first album” Souled Out “, cementing her reputation as an avant-garde R & B sensation!

From insider tip can actually be no more talk with her: The first single “To Love & Die” feat. Cocaine 80s, as bittersweet and sexy as the acclaimed hit “The Worst”, recorded over half a million plays on Soundcloud in just two weeks. Even No I.D., the producer of her new single, clearly puts the 26-year-old in the corner of “Frank Ocean, Miguel, The Weeknd and Drake,” whom Jhené first met seven years ago when she had just learned about her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, her daughter is six – and her name has made so much that the minimalist predecessor single “The Worst” with their “bittersweet summer feeling” in early July even by the Süddeutsche Zeitung as a top summer hit candidate was led.

Although Jhené Aiko was spontaneously aided once again by Drake and Childish Gambino on her acclaimed Coachella performance, she presents herself on her upcoming debut album “Souled Out” by her six-year-old daughter, with a few exceptions.

This already shows how personal your first crop has been. And indeed, although she describes herself as rather timid, Jhené does not mince words: she tells of “men’s stories, lessons I’ve learned, my philosophy – each of these songs reveals a little secret about me “, she says.

So instead of giving her notorious rap alter ego J. Hennessy extra space, she talks about the productions of No ID, Fisticuffs & Co. of conquered heartbreak and found balance, while the plays “Spotless Mind” and “Eternal Sunshine” even inspired by Gondry’s film “Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind”; Jhené both wrote two years ago when she was on tour with Lauryn Hill and Nas …

Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo grew up in an extremely musical family in LA: she wrote her first rap at seven, and as early as 2002, at the age of 13, the singer worked with Japanese, African American and Native American roots on various releases of B2K (they called her then “Lil Fizz’s cousin”).

This was followed by her first tour experiences to present her first solo single at the age of 15 and start working on a solo album, which was never completed. Instead, she focused on school, worked in a vegan restaurant, became a mother, and just let herself go a little time.

Only at the end of the last decade, when her daughter Namiko was born, she stretched out her feelers again – and in the spring of 2011 enthusiastically announced her first mixtape “Sailing Soul (s)”: Drake and Kanye West were just as high-caliber Guests of the tap such as Kendrick Lamar and Gucci Mane or Miguel; the download numbers shot rapidly into the six-digit range.

After last year, for example Also on Drake’s “Nothing Was The Same” album, she featured her “Sail Out” EP at the end of the year, again with high caliber players such as Childish Gambino, Ab-Soul and Kendrick as guests, with over 175,000 units sold finally climbed into the top 10 of the Billboard charts.

Jhené Aiko himself views the upcoming debut album “Souled Out”, which was equally voted by MTV USA and Complex Magazine as one of “Most Anticipated Albums” this year, in a sense a continuation of their “Sailing Soul (s)” mixtape – albeit with less rap guests and a less gloomy mood. “It tells of a journey, of insights, insights.” Their journey with this release will really begin.

Personal life

Jhene Aiko has been in a serious relationship with an RnB singer O’Ryan and the couple got their daughter in 2008.

However, their relationship didn’t last for long. She got into a relationship with the rapper Oladipo Omishore and some time ago that the American media came saying that the couple had married in secret, but a photo on their social media is the first evidence we have that the wedding has really taken place.

Genius, who along with rapper and actor Kid Cudi forms the duo WZRD, had previously referred to Aiko as his wife. She did it in a tweet that dates back to December 2014 in which she congratulated her on her Grammy nomination.

Jhené Aiko, who always quotes disappeared rappers Tupac and Eminem also and Kendrick Lamar as her greatest influences, has a daughter seven years old, Namiko Love, from a previous relationship with O’Ryan, brother of the former leader of the band B2K, Omarion.

The singer presented the video clip of “Contradiction”, one of the cuts of the soundtrack of Spike’s movie Lee Chi-Raq, which she performs with producer Mali Music. In the clip, directed by Silis Davis, the Georgian musician and Jhené Aiko appear at a party where the guests dance while they seem to ignore the presence of both artists around them.

Jhene Aiko was also in a relationship with Big Sean, and many often speculated if they were in good relations at all.

It is not the first time that rumors arise about the possible rupture between Jhené Aiko and Big Sean. The couple, who have been together since 2016, has not been especially fond of social networks during these last months, so they have to be denying that they have finished every little while. What’s more, neither is followed on Instagram and many times that is the biggest proof that love is over.

However the ‘Trip’ does not follow anyone, so maybe we are just malpensadxs and between them things are still working. Although we pretended to be satisfied with this theory, the suspicions about the rupture have jumped again this week in the pre-party of the annual gala of the Guggenheim International in New York. The reason? The tattoo that Aiko had on his left arm of the face of ‘Liife’ disappeared.

It really is not that he disappeared, it’s that a big tattoo appeared on his back. So big, it reaches the arm. This new work of art that he has on his skin is a great dragon painted in full color with a phoenix wing. It is undeniable that the tattoo is impressive, but the fact that it has covered his boyfriend’s face aroused our curiosity.

Thanks to the existence of social networks, we were able to receive an explanation of the Jhené itself the next day. And how not, once again, they were all our paranoia and between them there is no problem.

Salsa lovers will understand the film that we ride together. But the truth is that we can not like the tattoo of the ‘Never Call Me’ anymore. Seeing how Sean’s face was, it’s normal that he prefers this new one. Anyway, we are looking forward to seeing them together again at some point because they are one of our favorite couples.

The couple ended up breaking up in 2018 and it was officially confirmed by Jhene Aiko in March 2019. So far she hasn’t been in a relationship with anyone else. She is still friends with Big Sean and they are often seen together. Jhene lost her brother from cancer in 2012, and she recorded a song for my Brother Jus few months before his death.

She was named PETA’S sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2016 and shot photos for Drop the Fur campaign. She is actually a vegan and a strong supporter of animal rights.

Quick summary

Full name: Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo

Date of birth: April 16th 1988

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 31

Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 500$ thousand