Jens Bergensten Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Jens Bergensten often called „Jeb“, is a very respectable video game designer hailing from Sweden who got famous through his work on one of the most popular video games today – Minecraft. Today he is getting more and more famous with the return of Minecraft.

Jens Bergensten is often referred to as „Jeb“ because his in-game name goes „jeb_“ and it is made of the first letters of his name and surname. This became of one of his most beloved nicknames and he says that he doesn’t feel bothered by it at all.

He currently works for Mojang AB as their lead creative designer, focused mostly on Java Edition and Minecraft Dungeons. He said that it’s very interesting and fun to work on projects such these and that he would love to work on more, but he says that he is now satisfied with his collaboration with Mojang.

He is a very known name in the world of video games and has thousands of followers on his social media, mostly because of his awesome work on one of the most popular video game in history called “Minecraft”.

Early years

He was born as Jens Bergensten on May 18, 1979, in the town named Orebro, near the river Svartan in Sweden. He says that he still feels very connected to his homeland and that he would like to visit more often, but he is always working on certain projects and therefore it’s never the case.

His father is named Stigbjorn Bergensten and his mother is Shanna Kolheden. The duo always believed in their son and they knew that he was going to be very successful one day.

He grew up in a very nice family, surrounded with kind, understanding parents and other members of the family. He said that everyone was always supportive of his career and that they were okay with him traveling as well, which meant quite a lot to him.

He grew up alongside his brother Robin Bergensten with whom he gets along very well and they often play video games together. He lives in Sweden. They Skype often because they can’t really see each other all of the time, but they do make sure that once they do, it’s something that they continue doing.

But he also grew up with his sister who currently lives in Sydney in Australia and whom he visits as often as he can.

From an early age he was very interested in computers and other media technology so he was always asking his parents for upgrading his current house tech.

His parents recognized his passion for games and computers and tried to help him educate in that area.

He was only 11 years old when he started programming which was not surprising since he was one of the smartest boys in his school.

This was a huge thing for such a young boy and his parents and friends were very proud of him because of it.

He programmed using Basic and Pascal and after that began his serious journey which will make him become one of the best Swedish programmers. He was always very motivated to learn this stuff because he knew that his ultimate dream would be creating a game.

Jens discovered a book written by Andre LaMothe called „Black Art of 3D Game Programming“ and he wrote his first game after reading it. He said that he was heavily inspired and that he would love to spend more time reading nowadays as well.

This was a turning point of his journey to becoming a programmer because it discovered him how powerful his knowledge is and how he can improve video games.

Career development

At the age of 21, he was hired by „id Software“ company as a rapper and modder for one of their Quake series video games called „Quake II Arena“.

It is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games which became worldwide popular after its first release in the year of 1999.

His next career challenge was while he worked at Korkeken Interactive Studio – where he worked as Java programmer and developer but this company bankrupted and changed the name into Oblivion Entertainment.

While working there he mostly developed and programmed a game called „Whispers in Akarra“. He was very good at his work but was still not completely satisfied with the responsibilities of his workplace.

After this company went bankrupt Jens decided to relocate to Malmo, which is the 3rd largest city in Sweden. There he enrolled the Malmo University finally obtaining his master’s degree in the area of computer science.

But Jens didn’t only learn and went to classes during that period. He created a company called Oxeye Game Studio which was focused on developing games. His company „Oxeye Game Studio“ is located in the city named Lund, also in Sweden.

By creating this company Jens gave himself the ability to focus on video games he found interesting and liked to play them himself.

He was always aiming at creative games which demand their players to be focused and to think creatively.

The co-founders of the company were Pontus Hammarberg and Daniel Brynholf. The studio soon gained recognition by developing two popular games.

The first one was an action platform game called „Cobalt“ and it was published by Mojang in 2016.

The second one was a real-time strategy game named „Harvest: Massive Encounter“ which was released in 2008 and won the Swedish Game Award the same year.

Jens was involved in other ventures and he also worked for Planet.

In 2010 he was hired by Mojang as their backend developer for a strategy cars game named Scrolls where he was allowed to show his skills.

After Mojang recognized his great abilities he was hired to work on Minecraft becoming one of the most significant developers of the game.

He finally completely took charge of Minecraft developing in the winter of 2011 replacing Markus Persson who decided to leave his position of the chief developer.

Markus Persson realized that he is no longer needed and that Jens can take over and do just as good as he did.

After that Markus gave Jens open hands to create and change everything in Minecraft.

From 2012 all updates and releases are his creations and responsibilities, f.e. pistons and wolves. Most of the updates were taken positively by the players.

Only an update which included feeding birds with chocolate had to be revoked because children began feeding real-life birds with it.

In 2013 he entered the „100 Most Influential People“ published by Time Magazine. He entered the list of „Most Creative People“ in 2015.

Jens was also a part of the team of developers who developed another game, named „Catacomb Snatch“, Jens often visited game jams, gatherings of people who create games as the representative of Mojang.

Other than above-mentioned video games he had also worked on the following games: Strategist, Dawn of Daria, House Globe, Fillanth, Because It’s Fun and Caller’s Bane.

Minecraft has become the 2nd best-selling video game ever and a lot of credit for it goes to Jens. The 1st place is kept by Tetris.

After the success of Minecraft, the company Mojang was bought by Microsoft for $2.5 billion.

This was one of the biggest buys of a company in the whole year.

Other than developing he also visits MineCon, gives Minecraft presentations and Communicates with his fans.

Jens Bergensten has over 1,5 million followers on his Twitter account. He tweets only about his life, Minecraft and games and doesn’t want to tweet about politics since a loto f kids read his tweets.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he got married to Jenny Thornell in May 2013. Two years later his son Bjorn was born.

He posts about his wife and son and it seems that he has a very good relationship with his wife Jenny.

He is also a great dad, although he travels a lot and can not be home all the time. He tries to spend all of his free time with his family.

Because of his looks and character a loto f his fellow employes call him „ginger with a soul“.

His favorite game when he was a kid was the one in which he could create his levels or where players could draw a part of the gave themselves.

One of his most wonderful memories was when a little boy on the street recognized him, asked if he was Jens, hugged him and told him that he loves him.

His favorite cities are San Francisco, Tokyo, and Barcelona. Although he likes to go to Seoul too because it is the center of e-sports.

He likes to travel so he often visits his sister who lives in Sydney in Australia. She is married and has children. Jens always plays Minecraft with them when he goes there and he shows them some awesome tricks.

Quick summary

Full name: Jens Bergensten

Date of birth: May 18, 1979

Birthplace:  Orebro, Sweden, Europe

Age: 40

Profession: video games designer, developer, engineer of computer science, programer

Height: 1,82m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $15 million