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Jennifer Lahmers Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

If you ever watched Fox 5 there is no way you haven’t heard of Jennifer Lahmers. This charming and beautiful brunette graces our TV screens working for Fox 5.

Jennifer is known for her beautiful smile, amazing physique but Jennifer steals the spotlight not just with her good looks, but with her sense of humor and a radiant personality.

In this article you have the opportunity to read more about Jennifer Lahmers, her childhood, her upbringing and her early years. You can learn about Jennifer’s education, her career beginnings, how she paved her way to her success. You can read about her personal life, her personal and professional struggles.

Her hobbies, spare time activities and many more interesting facts about Jennifer Lahmers are just some of the things presented in this article that will help you to get to know Jennifer Lahmers a little bit better.

Early Years

Jennifer’s birthday is on February the 19th. She was born in 1984 to father William Patrick Lahmers, and mother Cathy Lahmers Scolari. Jennifer was born in Ohio, but was raised in a loving family in Dover. Jennifer was a very good student and her parents saw her talent and ambition early on in Jennifer’s childhood.

Jennifer worked hard and appreciated all that her parents did to raise her. They didn’t have much while Jennifer was growing up and they sometimes struggled with money. Jennifer used to tape fake interviews when she was very young, and her love for journalism that started at such an early age was an inspiration for her parents to work even harder to support Jennifer and her dreams.

After graduating high school Jennifer enrolled in Ohio University, and soon got her degree in journalism.


Right after college Jennifer didn’t waste any time in pursuing her journalism dream, so she accepted any work opportunities, working minor jobs such as anchor and reporting jobs for weekend news. She worked for Fox CT, Back9 Network, and worked as a humor columnist for The Hartford Courant and Hartford Magazine before coming to Fox 5.

She is currently working for Fox 5 and is one of their best reporters. She hosts a morning show called Good Day Wake Up.

Personal Life

Jennifer Lahmers is very private when it comes to her personal life. Her current relationship status is currently unknown. Jennifer was married from 2011 to 2013 to James Bosworth. Their wedding ceremony and marriage was highly publicized.

They often appeared together on numerous events. They seemed like a perfect couple so their divorce came as a big surprise. Since their divorce Jennifer tries to keep her private life and relationship as private as possible.


Full name: Jennifer Lahmers

Nick name: Unknown

Date of birth:  February 19th, 1984

Birth-sign: Aquarius

Birth place: Ohio, United States

Residence: Greater New York City Area

Age: 33

Occupation: Reporter, Journalist

Education: Ohio University

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Father name: William Patrick Lahmers

Mother name: Cathy Lahmers Scolar

Marital status: Divorced

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: No children

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 5 ft 8 in (176cm)

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: Unknown

Jennifer’s net worth or salary isn’t information available to the public. Even though Jennifer’s net worth isn’t publicly known, judging by the amazing wedding she had with her former husband James Bosworth Jennifer enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and is very well paid. Jennifer earned her net worth by working as a journalist.

Social networks

Jennifer Lahmers uses social media frequently. She has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Jennifer often shares photos of her professional and private life on Instagram. She has over 31 thousand followers on Instagram and is very popular on this social media platform. Jennifer’s vibrant and fun personality radiates from her Instagram pictures. Jennifer is a very active person that leads a very healthy lifestyle.

She often posts pictures and videos of her workouts. She gets thousands of likes and positive comments on her Instagram pictures, and her fans admire her for her beauty and healthy lifestyle. Jennifer uses Facebook and Twitter to share moments from her workplace, new projects she works on and to interact with her fans and followers. Jennifer uses Snapchat to share the fun and quirky side of her personality with her fans and followers.

Here are the links of Jennifer’s social media profiles where you can interact with her and get to know her a little better.




Snapchat name: jennlahmers

Interesting Facts about Jennifer Lahmers

Jennifer Lahmers likes to keep her private life very private, so there isn’t much information about her or her hobbies, activities or spare time interests available online. All we can learn about Jennifer is through her social media networks that serve like a window into her life. Jennifer often posts photos of her exercise routines, showing off her amazing physique. She is admired by her fans for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

She often posts photos from the gym, photos without make up and photos and videos of her enjoying rock climbing. Jennifer loves to do yoga and often speaks about being a huge yoga lover. Jennifer loves to post photos from Snapchat showing us the fun sides of her personality.

Quick Summary

Jennifer Lahmers grew up in Doever in a happy home with her parents. Jennifer knew from an early age what she wanted to do in life, so after high school she wasted no time in pursuing a journalism career. Jennifer Lahmers was a very good student and showed signs of great ambition and determination to reach her goals at a very early age.

She earned her degree from Ohio University, and started working her way to the top right after her college days finished. Jennifer wasn’t shy to work some minor jobs that could help her build her skill up for the future.

She worked as a humor columnist, weekend anchor perfecting her skills and learning from her colleagues. Her experience in writing and reporting prepared her for her job at Fox5. She is one of Fox5’s favorite names that brings smiles to our faces and radiates optimism through our TV screens.