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Jenn Im Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Jenn Im is a Korean-American fashion and beauty icon, best known for her vlogs that she uploads to YouTube channel under the name “ClothesEncounters.”

Early years

She was born on September 22, 1990 in Los Angeles as the youngest in the family. She has an older brother James who was always very protective about her. She said that she is very thankful of him since he always had her back.

Jenn created her channel in 2010 along with her good friend and a former partner in vlogs, Sarah Chu. They were always good friends and that’s why they decided to embrace the interests they share.

She turned to audience which was interested in making high-fashion clothing items into everyday clothes for everyone.

She began working at Baskin Roberts when she was 15 but decided to focus on her YouTube channel and she spent most of her time vlogging. She has previously said that her big dream was to gain auidence that will love and trust her.

Career Development

After she moved to Northern Califonia, the “Clothes Encounters” became hers. She relocated to study at the University of California, Davis.

She continued making videos about affordable fashion but also added some make-up tutorials, beauty and lifestyle videos and began giving advice to her fans. This widened her influence a lot and she gained a lot of fans who liked these types of videos.

Although it was hard to combine studying and vlogging and she had no time for almost anything else, she managed to be good at both tasks. She  attracted subscribers who loved her sense of  style and positive and friendly attitude. She is always full of energy and ready to spread love.

In 2013 she graduated from the University of California getting her  bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies.

In 2017 her YouTube channel came to an avid number of 2 million subscribers. She has said that she thought she’ll never reach the number, but she did anyway.

Many known magazines and sites were interested in collaborating with her since she has a great impact on her audience.

She collaborated with “Teen Vogue”, “Refinery”, “Thread Sence” and many more. This let her show her talents to potentional sponsors.

Her biggest collaborations included the one with “Macy” and “Target”.

She got interested in making some of her own brands so she released her own lip and eye products line sponsored by “Colourpop” and under the name : “Jenn Ne Sais Quoi”.

She also launched her own clothing line called “Eggie” in 2017, and it was inspired by her Korean herritage.

Personal life

She is engaged to Ben Jolliffe, as of 2016. He is a drummer of a band called “Young Guns”. They have a healthy relationship and try to spend as much time with each other. She sass that balancing things out is probably the hardest part of their relationship because they are both very busy.


Full name: Jenn Im

Nick name: Bruce Lee (while she was in middle school)

Date of birth: September 22, 1990

Birth-sign: Virgo

Birth place: Los Angeles

Age: 27

Occupation: YouTuber

Education: University of Calofornia

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: Korean/American

Ethnicity: Asian

Religion: /

Father name: /

Mother name: /

Brother name: James

Sister name: /

Marital status: engaged

Husband: fiancee Ben Jolliffe

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /

Hobbies: picknicks in nature

Pet own: dog Cheeki

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 1,55 m

Weight: 49 kgs

Body: slim

Hair Color: light brown

Eye color: brown

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Dress size: NA

Bra size: NA

Distinctive Features: plump lips

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $900,000

Social networks




Snapchat: @jennimsnaps


Interesting Facts about Jenn Im

She is a very big fan of cheese of all sorts.

She wears contact lenses for her makeup videos, but also wears usual.

She learned to play the piano when she was twelve but she wasn’t interested in it so she stopped learning it.

Her most favorite fruit is watermelon, although she is a big fan of all fruits and vegetables . She has a healthy food diet which she practises from her early age.

Quick Summary

Jenn Im is a known Korean-American fashion icon and a vlogger who rose to fame after the success of her YouTube channel.