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Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Some women gain popularity and money (a lot of it) not by themselves but by marrying someone who has money and social status. But this does certainly not mean that these women do not have qualities of their own – because this is not true.

Some of these remarkable women proven that they have what it takes to succeed and that they would make it there even if they did not marry someone successfully.

These women have by all means a lot to offer, and in this sense, they become a force to be remembered – they successfully contone to build up the success they gained by marrying someone who is famous.

And this makes sense, since these women, and we mean those who are smart and want to learn, have a fantastic opportunity to have contacts and learn a few things from their husbands and to brand themselves.

Jean Currivan Trebek is one of those women, and so much more – this lady managed to have a successful career and to raise her kids.

She is found her fame by marrying Alex Trebek, a very successful a T.V. character most famous for his work on a show named “Jeopardy”, but also for his work on a large number of T.V. series.

This was the most popular family game show ever in the USA.

They have been married for many years now, and she succeeded in making a name for herself.

Jean Currivan was a broker in New York and was very dedicated to her career, and many people see her as a perfect woman, the one that stays youthful for decades, and the woman that knows how to maintain her good looks.

Some of her money comes from Alex, who is worth around 50 million dollars, and her own Net Worth is estimated at 10 million, cause the real estate business is also very lucrative.

Early Years

Jean was born in Huntington, in Long Island, New York – all of her life she remained somehow out of the lime life, and very private, so there is not much information of her life, prior to her marriage to Alex.

She has finished her school in 1992, in New York (the High School Harborfields) and is an incredibly shy person.

Jean is often described as an open, honest and approachable woman who has not changed since her early days.

There is not any information about her family, parents or siblings.

There is one sure thing – Jean was even it this early time involved in real estate job.

Career Development

It is said that Jean was a very ambitious person who had a fantastic career in Real Estate – she was working as a manager and duty executive, in one New York. She worked in a company that worked with high profile real estates – the firm is dealing with hotels, for example.

Her job was to supervise the deals and to negotiate plans, and with the pleasant outside and persuasive attitude she was good at her job

Real estate commerce has always been a lucrative business. Some of the wealthiest people in the world have acquired their business empires on real estate.

Although changes in this market are persistent and often difficult to predict real professionals, just like Jean prove that she is, do not give up, even in times of economic crises and a general decline in trade.

She managed to stay on the top all these years.

And even after marrying her wealthy husband, she did not neglect her career and continued to develop her work as much as she could.

This definitely set her apart from other wives – she is committed businesswoman who is working actively to succeed and to raise her kids.

Their positive attitude toward their children really paid off – she and her husband really managed to raise their kids to become good and successful people.

Nowadays, her daughter is helping her with her real estate business and is a lover of design and architecture. But she learned that she is good, just like her mom Jean in flipping real estate, and that is what she does the best.

Her son, Matthew, opened a Mexican eatery and is a co-owner of that establishment.

It is a restaurant named “Oso”, and it is located in Harlem, New York.

Mathew said in one interview that he adores working in this kind of industry and that it completes him, cause he loves to show people hospitality.

He also credited his mother for helping him along the way.

Personal Life

The pair met a  party in the early 80s – Alex was Jeans senior of 26 years, but the age difference was not a problem for the couple, but Jean once stated that she was anxious when she met her husband to be for the first time.

But soon she falls in love with him, since she like that he was more casual than she could ever imagine.

Often times she was described as a gold digger, having in mind the year difference and the fact that Alex is very rich.

But as Jean said in one interview – she said that she would let herself go to that love, and somehow make it work.

She admitted that she had been a little bit intimidated by Alex who was a huge star at that time; and besides the quiz Jeporady, he was known for T.V. shows like “The Wizard of Odds”, and “Classic Concentration”.

Some of his work includes shows like “The X-Files”, and “How I Met Your Mother”.

Prior to his love affair to Jean, he was romantically connected to  Susan Sullivan, Stefanie Powers and Rona Barrett, but none of these connections was anything like the love he shares with Jean, but Alex was always respectful to them.

But the emotions were strong, and they began dating and fall in love strongly, so the pain got engaged in 1989 – Alex purpose to Jean on her 26th birthday party, and the wedding took place one year later.

Alex gave her a presented her with a gift on their engagement night – he gave her a box of clothes and inside there was a diamond ring.

It was the 16-carat sapphire ring, surrounded by six carats worth of diamonds – it was beautiful and meaningful to young Jean.

The ceremony was held in L.A.’s Regency Club, and the duo exchanged vows in front of 150 people at a lavish ceremony.

In one interview, Alex showed how much he loves his wife, cause he said that he has just one regret when it comes to his marriage to her – and that is the fact that he is very sorry that he had not met her earlier.

Alex joked how this is impossible cause she would not be born at that time, but still, he wanted to be with her,

The pair have been married for almost three decades, and there have not been any controversies regarding their life.

The pair share two kids – first Jean gave birth to a son named Matthew Trebek(he was born in 1990), and their daughter came to this world three years later, and the proud parents named her Emily.

Both of their kids are successful and well educated; they have graduated from prestigious colleges.

Alex had one marriage previous – he was married to Elaine Callie, and the pair did not have kids of their own, they had one child that Elaine adopted, and so did Alex He still takes her of that daughter. They divorced in  1981.

She is a religious person as she said on several occasions and she is a member of the North Hollywood Church Of Religious Science – she is dedicated to church and is helping its organisation.

She loves meditation and is a sort of an expert in that field.

The fact that all of us could get sick, regardless of how rich and famous we could be proven to be right in the example of the Alex – he has diagnosed with stage pancreatic carcinoma.

This news came as a massive shock for all fans of Alex who had shared this terrible news on his Twitter page and is still informing the public about his state. Jean still stays away from the spotlight.

Alex was optimistic and said that he is going to beat cancer, even if the survival rate is low, he said that he is going to fight this disease no matter what.

He released multiple videos in which he talks to the public about this matter, thanking his family for support.

He remained active and had support form his lovely wife, and continued to work his show. Recent reports show that he is doing ok.

His treatment was going great, and he does not give up, he even thanked his wife for love and support.

Before his cancer diagnoses, Alex had some other health issues, like brain hematoma, that he had to go through surgery – he came out as a winner, and he thanks Jean for this.

Till this day, Jean remains one lady who is incredibly shy and does not like to be in front of the camera, and there are not any social platform that has any information of her, like her pictures.

In one interview, Jean has said that she does not like to come out form her comfort zone and that a process where she has to do it, to make her look glamorous is problematic for her. She just does not like to be in front of the camera.

Jean and his husband like to stay at their lavish home for the majority of the time, and they do not like to go out – Alex likes to fix things around the house.

Jean, with her husband, is a major philanthropist who adores helping people, and for that purpose, the duo established their own foundation named the Trebek Family Foundation.

The foundation is mostly dedicated to education, and in particular, they deal with providing scholarships to the kids that are in need.

Also, this organisation is dedicated to donating money to art development and health research and support.

The pair donated a large amount of money to Art Gallery, and the Actors Fund of America, among many others.


In some cases, it is not a flaw being married to someone who is successful and rich, and this is proven in the example of Jean Currivan Trebek.

She and Alex made their lives worth living, and despite everything they have, they did not forget the importance of giving, they are huge humanitarians who give their money for different causes.

Jean is the wife of a successful T.V. character who has a salary of 10 million dollars annually, but she also has her own cash that comes from her business of the real estate flip.

She got her fingers in many projects, and among them is flipping houses with her daughter Emily, who is also like her mom in real estate business, and with her son Mathew who has his own restaurant that works successfully for many years now.

The pair bought a huge home in the mountains that is worth more than 2 million dollars, and Alex has sold the house that he had on a Mulholland Drive for more than 4 million dollars.

This is not a story of Cinderella, Jean is a woman who could make it on her own, and despite the money, fame and fortune she has beside her husband, this is not the thing that will come to your mind when you think of the  Trebek family.

The first thing that comes to our mind is deep love and dedication, even in hard times, when sickness knocks on the door.

Quick Summary

Full name: Jean Currivan Trebek

Date of birth: September 03, 1963

Birthplace:  Huntington, Long Island, USA

Age: 56 years

Profession: Businesswoman and Television Host

Height:  5 feet 8 inches (1.73m)

Weight: 60 Kg

Net Worth: 10 million