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Jay Alvarrez – Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

If you spend some time on Instagram, there is no doubt that you will come across Jay Alvarrez. Jay Alvarrez is a popular music producer, model and social media star. This young guy is one of the most popular internet personalities and he is best known for his YouTube videos and vines. The net worth of this amazing guy is about $1.5 Million.

His Instagram photos are especially popular among young girls and he has more than 5 million followers on his Instagram account. Jay Alvarrez was in a relationship with a model Alexis Ren, but they broke up in August 2016. It was his most important relationship and it was presented in public.

In this article you will find out something more about Jay Alvarrez, his personal life and career. Also, you will see how to find this handsome guy on social networks.

Early Years

Jay Alvarrez was born on Jul 5, 1995 in Oahu, Hawaii. He doesn’t talk much about his private life and childhood. All we know is that he grew up along the ocean. He quit school at the age of 14 and that’s when he got his tattoo “Let’s live“ inside the bottom lip. We don’t know much about his further education, but it is supposed that he didn’t go to school anymore.

Even though Jay Alvarrez is not traditionally educated in school, he is a very smart guy. Jay Alvarrez’s mother died when he was 16. It is known that she left a letter to Jay Alvarrez before she died. In that letter she told him that she would miss him very much. The mother of Jay Alvarrez died from cancer.

The life of Jay Alvarrez was not easy and he had reached all his goals on his own. He didn’t have rich parents who would help him to become famous. All these stories are false.

Career Development

We have already said that Jay Alvarrez is a famous model and musician. But, you may didn’t know that Jay Alvarrez was known for his vines before he became a model and a music producer. He used to be also a photographer and that’s how he started to make his name. Jay Alvarrez is a big friend with Bryant Eslava, a famous photographer.

Jay Alvarrez is documenting his extreme sport adventures and his travels on social networks, such as YouTube, Instagram and Vine. He became popular through his photos on Instagram.

Jay Alvarrez is a model for Ralph Lauren’s and Armani campaigns. Jay Alvarrez had also a role in a movie with Gregg Sulkin, a famous MTV star.

Personal Life

We will mention two ex girlfriends of Jay Alvarrez. His relationships are well known to the public. He was in a relationship with a model Chase Miller first, but they broke up very quickly.

As we have already said, Jay Alvarrez was in a relationship with Alexis Ren for about two years. Alexis Ren is also a popular top model and she has even more followers on Twitter and Instagram than Jay Alvarrez. They started their relationship in 2014 and they broke up in August 2016. They were spotted together in February 2016 at the New York Fashion Week. At that time they were still in love. They were very attractive couple and fans simply adored them. They travelled a lot and they lived life to the fullest.

This couple had a great impact on the internet. Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren became very popular since they started their relationship. They are handsome, gorgeous and young, so they attracted people’s attention both in real life and in social networks. They shared their photos on Instagram and Twitter and they have their fan pages. These pages are dedicated to their lifestyle, such as their diets, their outfits and workouts, etc. Most teenagers would like to live the life of this amazing couple. People felt inspired while they were looking their videos full of luxury and beauty. They looked so perfect together, so nobody can believe that they have broken up.

The first sign that something was going bad in their relationship is the Revolve event in New York. Both of them were present, but they didn’t touch each other. Fans noticed that something bad was happening. Also, Jay and Alexis unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter and they didn’t travel together anywhere for a long time. All these were the signs that there were problems in their relationship. It is interesting that Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren have also posted hate tweets against each other when they broke up.

It is known that Jay Alvarrez is single at the moment. His type of girlfriend is model-looking type. His all girlfriends were models.

Now we will mention again the Jay Alvarrez’s tattoo on his bottom lip. This tattoo shows that Jay Alvarrez is ready to live in the present. He doesn’t put anything off in the future like most people. He doesn’t wait anything and he lives the moment. Jay Alvarrez used to say that we all have a life and we can live happily. There is no reason to be jealous of anyone. However, there are many people who are jealous of Jay Alwarrez, his career and success.


Full name: Jay Alvarrez

Nick name: Jay

Date of birth:  Jul 5, 1995

Birth-sign: Cancer

Birth place: Oahu, Hawaii, United States

Residence: Los Angeles, California, United States (It is known that Jay Alvarrez has his own house in Los Angeles.)

Age: 22 years

Occupation: Music producer, model and social media star. He used to be a photographer in his early years.

Education: It is not known where Jay Alvarrez went to high school or university, but it is supposed that he quit school when he was 14.

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Christian

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown (It is only known that she died when he was only 16.)

Marital status: Single

Ex girlfriends: Chase Miller, Alexis Ren

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: /

Hobbies: Extreme sports, skydrive and surfing

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 186 cm (6 feet)

Weight: 67 kg

Body: athletic

Hair Color: light brown

Eye color: hazel

Shoe Size: 10.5

Hair Style: A hairstyle is one of the most important details of Jay Alvarrez’s appearance. His hair is natural, curly and wavy.

Distinctive Features: Jay Alvarrez has a tattoo “let’s live“ inside his bottom lip. He got this tattoo when he was only 14. His body is athletic and he keeps himself in shape.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $1.5 Million

Social networks

Jay Alvarrez has more than 600 000 followers on his Instagram account and about 40 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Also, he has about 60 000 followers on Vine. It is known that the Twitter account of Jay Alvarrez contains all details about his personal and professional life.

So, if you are interested in Jay Alvarrez life, you can follow him on Instagram. However, there is still no information in wiki about Jay Alvarrez.

Instagram: (@jayalvarrez)


Twitter: (@jayalvarrez)

Snapchat: (@jayalvarrez)



Interesting Facts about Jay Alvarrez

Jay Alvarrez really loves dogs and he puts a lot of pictures with dogs on Instagram.

Also, it is known that Jay Alvarrez has a strict workout routine in order to stay in shape. Exercising is a part of his daily life.

It is also known that Jay Alvarrez suffers from dyslexia ADHD.

Quick Summary

You have seen in this article a lot of things about Jay Alvarrez. Now you know that he is a musician, social media star and also a model. Before he became an internet sensation, he was dedicated to photography. He also loves extreme sports and he is posting different photos on social networks. Actually, he became popular due to these photos.

Jay Alvarrez is single at the moment, but he has been in love with the model Chase Miller and then with the model Alexis Ren. Alexis Ran was the love of his life and he spent with her around 2 years. When they broke up, it was a big surprise for their fans because they used to be a perfect couple.

As you can see, all big things usually start with small things. You can achieve whatever you want if you fight for that. You should be patient and love your life and yourself. You should live in the present and do everything to make your future better.

But, you should have in mind that you are not like Jay Alvarrez or Alexis Ren. Their job is looking good at any moment and posting beautiful pictures on the internet. It may not be their real life. They are both models, so they earn money by presenting their relationship on the internet. So, you should not compare yourself and your life with the life of Jay Alvarrez or Alexis Ren. You should be aware of your own qualities and abilities and you should use them the best you can. You may not be a model, but there is no doubt that you have other qualities that are making you special.

It is important to find joy in little things around you. It doesn’t matter what you have, because the life is not only money and appearance. You should be happy if you have good people around you, if you are healthy and if you have a normal life. You should find your passions and you should be proud of yourself and your own accomplishments.