Jason Priestley Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Jason Priestley is one of the memorable characters from the nineties that will remain in people’s memories for a very long time.

The popularity of the show was incredible, and the fame that this young actor achieved, is something that many only dream of.

Early life

Jason Bradford Priestley was born in August 1969, in Vancouver, Canada. He began his career as a child model, then interested in acting.

In 1986 he debuted in the film for television, “Nobody’s Child”, and in the feature film “Beyond reality.”

In the following years, he participated in some series and films for television, until 1989, when he obtained a leading role in the series “Sister Kate”, which remained in the air for a single season.

The following year his opportunity comes when he is selected by Aaron Spelling to play Brandon Walsh, one of the protagonists of the mythical series of the ’90s, “Beverly Hills, 90210” (“Feeling of living”, in Spain).

In his time at the cinema, Jason acted, without much impact, in several films such as “The Girl on the Calendar” (1993), “Tombstone: The Legend of Wyatt Earp” (1993), “Love and Death on Long Island” ( 1997), “Eyes that stalk you” (1999), “The fourth angel” (2001), “Going the Distance” (2004) or “Courage” (2009).

Jason is also a producer and director, having directed numerous episodes of “Beverly Hills, 90210” and other series such as “Beyond the Limit,” “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” or “The Lake.” He also directed the documentary “Barenaked in America” ​​and the TV movie “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” (2001).

In recent years he has worked on numerous television series, participating in the second and final season of the fantastic series starring Eliza Dushku, “Tru Calling” and intervening as a guest actor in series such as “Jeremiah”, “Not with my daughters”, “Quintuplets”, “Medium” or “Without a trace”.

He currently stars in the Canadian series “Call Me Fitz”, where he plays an unscrupulous used car salesman who has to deal with his conscience.

In his personal life, Jason was married between 1999 and 2000 with makeup artist Ashlee Petersen, whom he met on the set of “Beverly Hills, 90210”.

In 2005 he married Naomi Lowde (coincidentally also a makeup artist), with whom he has a girl named Ava Veronica and a boy named Dashiell Orson.

Priestley is very passionate about hockey, and cars. In 2002 he almost lost his life after suffering an accident at a circuit in Kentucky, but despite serious injuries, he managed to recover and walk again.

Career Path

Born in Vancouver, Jason Priestley and his twin sister, Justine, are very interested in drama, taking part in a variety of commercials and plays.

At 17, the young man made his screen debut in the poetic The Boy Who Could Fly, before appearing in 21 Jump Street, MacGyver and Code Quantum.

In 1990, Beverly Hills, and in this case the role of Brandon Walsh, high school student and popular, propels it on the front of the stage.

Like his partners, he becomes the new teen idol. The series also allows him to take his first steps as a director. The producer, Aaron Spelling, leaves him the orders for a few episodes. With his experience and new notoriety, the comedian aspires to other horizons and leaves the show after eight seasons.

At the same time, Jason Priestley rubs shoulders with Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Jennifer Aniston and Ewan McGregor on numerous TV movies. In 1997, Vanishing Point, of which Viggo Mortensen is the protagonist, allows him to reconcile his passion for motorsport and his acting profession.

Running the race at the amateur and professional level, a serious accident occurred in 2002, however, encourages him to give up the competition.

Two years later, Fox uses him to interpret Jack Harper, forensic expert in Tru Calling. His career is gaining momentum on the small screen, from Love Monkey, FBI: Missing, to Masters of Horror and Medium.

Hands-on, Jason Priestley this time takes the cap of executive producer for the Canadian comedy series Call Me Fitz, which he also holds the leading role, that of Richard Fitzpatrick, used car salesman with derogatory behavior that must endure a new employee, determined to bring him back to the right path.

Versatile, the young man then devoted more to directing, including his former partner Luke Perry in the western Goodnight’s law.

In 2016, he returned to acting, and formed with Molly Ringwald, the perfectionist parents of five children in Raising Expectations. Then, Jason Priestley lends his features to Matt Shade in Private Eyes. Like his character in Call Me Fitz, the latter is forced to question himself, following his professional reconversion.

A former hockey player, he partners with private detective Angie Everett (Cindy Sampson) to solve mysterious cases.

In the 90s he became one of the most popular and beloved actors of the small screen thanks to the role of Brandon Walsh, he is the Canadian interpreter Jason Priestley who after having dressed for almost a decade as one of the main protagonists of the cult series Beverly Hills 90210 has succeeded in establishing itself in the world of cinema even as a director.

In addition to acting, Jason also has another great passion, we discover everything there is to know about him starting from biography to private life with little curiosity. All or almost on Jason Priestley.

At the age of 17 he appeared in the film The Boy Who Could Fly and in the well-known TV series MacGiver but his success came only thanks to the set of Beverly Hills 90210 which consecrated him, together with his colleague Luke Perry, as a world star and also a new sex symbol of the youngest.

The actor has always been a great fan of motor racing and apparently took part in several races as a driver but in 2002 he was the victim of a bad accident where he even risked losing the use of his legs and reported some trauma serious facial but fortunately after so much rehabilitation and a complete reconstruction of the face is back in shape Jason Priestley: wife and children Jason Priestley is husband and father.

His first marriage was with Naomi Lowde who made him the father on July 6th 2007 of Ava Veronica while from the second marriage with Ashlee Petersen the second child named Dashiell Orson was born.

Jason Bradford Priestley is the famous Brandon Walsh in the television series became cult “Beverly Hills 90210”, broadcast from 1990 to the year 2000. Jason begins at the age of eight years by secondary roles in series including “21 Jump Street” with Johnny Depp in 1987, “Quantum Leap” and “MacGyver”.

His role in “Beverly Hills 90210” allows him to participate in many series and TV movies but especially opens the doors of the cinema. Jason Priestley gets his first major role in “Calendar Girl” in 1993.

In 2005, he again portrays a TV series character with the role of Jack Harper in “Tru Calling: Countdown” for two seasons and in 2010, Jason wins the lead role in the television series “Call Me Fitz”.

In 2011, he joined Pierce Brosnan in “Bag of Bones”, a mini-series adapted from Stephen King’s novel. Jason is not only an actor, he is also director and producer for some episodes of television series and telefilms since 1997 – in good specialist of the question!

Jason currently has net worth of 16$ million, which is one of the highest numbers among the cast of the Beverly Hills show. His latest project was in the Global TV Network series called Private Eyes. He played the role of Matt Shade.

He hasn’t announced any new projects so far, so we will have to wait in order to see if he is going to be starring in larger projects.

Jason is definitely one of the most memorable actors of the nineties, and was one of the biggest heartthrobs for many women who watched the show.

Still, in his 50 years, he continues to be a celebrity, and many people recognize him because of the successful show he was in.

Personal life

If there is a youth series that describes the 90s that is undoubtedly Beverly Hills, 90210 (Feeling of living). In fact, his television career extended ten years from 1990 to the year 2000, as if the adventures of the Walsh brothers and company could only exist in that decade.

And although 15 years passed since we last saw news about Brandon, Brenda, Kelly or Steve Sanders, some of the quarrels echoed then the press still exist.

Jason Priestley, Brandon Walsh in fiction, never again enjoyed the success he had in that decade and, although he has never stopped working, his roles have since been limited to TV movies and some occasional appearance in series like ” No trace “or” My name is Earl “.

To continue taking advantage of his glory times, the actor who played Brandon took out at the end of last year a biography entitled “Jason Priestley: A Memoir”, in which he explored from his point of view those years of filming in the fictional institute West Beverly Hills And as the rumor of that time already pointed out, his twin sister in fiction does not come out quite well on these pages.

Priestley describes actress Shannen Doherty as a diva, a spoiled girl who sometimes hindered the filming of the series. The actor claims that his first impression of Doherty was nothing rosy, as they met while the actress had a spectacular fight with members of the production, who had sent a car instead of a limousine to take her to the airport after filming.

“I would not know if she was really kidding or if she was serious,” says the actor, who attacks with more.

“She was a diva … later she began to complain about the warnings to go in to shoot, of the food of the catering or of the temperature on the set. She really cared a whole shit. It was a cool attitude until it ceased to be. ”

Doherty, on the other hand, she has not enjoyed the honeys of success except for her participation in the “Charmed” series, from which she also left prematurely due to alleged differences with the producers and other cast members.

“Those things never happened. Have you confused me with someone else in the series?” Asked the actress.

“Jason suffered an accident in that race car and I think that part of his memory has been altered since then,” referring to a sinister accident that actor had in 2002 while driving a racing car in the Indy Racing Infiniti Pro Series, recessed against a wall at 290 km / h.

Are they, as Doherty states, fictional stories to sell more copies of his biography or is there some truth in Priestley’s words?

During the nineties, Jason lived a much more active life and often got into trouble. In 1998, he even crashed his Porsche into a pole and the police arrested him for this incident.

They took his driver’s license and he wasn’t able to drive a car for an entire year. Due to his alcohol problem, he had to undertake an alcohol management program.

In 2005, he met a makeup artist Naomi Lowde. The couple married soon after and got their first child Ava Veronica in 2007. In 2009, they welcomed their second child. Jason’s sister Justine appeared on several episodes of a very popular show Melrose place, which was a spin-off of the 90210 show.

The Priestley is a doughnut that was named after Jason by Tim Horton’s restaurant. In 2014, Jason released his first autobiography called Jason Priestley: A Memoir.

Jason adores the band Barenaked Ladies and has been to many of their concerts. He even helped them direct the music video for the song The Old Apartment.

He also helped direct a documentary about them, in 1999, and had an opportunity to accompany them on the tour.

Quick summary

Full name: Jason Bradford Priestley

Date of birth: August 28th 1969

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Age: 50

Profession: Actor, director

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 16$ million