Icejjfish Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Icejjfish is a controversial American singer who got famous for his hit single titled „On the Floor“ which came out in 2013 and which became viral because of bad Icejjfish’s vocal abilities.

He became a meme and most of his career, later on, he was referred to as “the guy with the awful song”, but this didn’t make him stop and he continued working on his career.

This is the confirmation that in today’s world you can prosper not only for your skills but you can become famous for something ridiculous.

After trying to pursue his career as a rapper and didn’t go so well he decided to turn to gospel music in 2019. He said that he finds it much calmer and better in that way.

Early years

Icejjfish was born as Daniel McLoyd on July 30, 1994, in the suburb of Chicago called Aurora, which is located in Illinois, United States. He was happy to grow up in such a big place, especially since there were many chances for him to succeed.

Since he was very small, he wanted to become famous on social media and become an actor or a singer or something of that kind. That’s why he started to work on his career right away.

He had joined YouTube on May 12, 2007, and has posted over 200 videos on this media. He wasn’t good at music but he tried himself anyway.

He thought that he could maybe be noticed by someone relevant that may give him a contract, but in the end, he did get fame, just not in the way he wanted to.

His persistence and stubbornness eventually brought him fame. He was very happy when this happened and although he was hurt at the beginning, he soon saw that he could use this situation to move further and become better.

Career development

His first song was titled „Higher Than An Airplane“ and he had released it under his first stage name called „DMoney“.

It was his first try of really getting out there and actually releasing a song. It didn’t work out and he thought that maybe he could give himself a different name.

After a while, he rebranded himself and gave himself a stage name Icejjfish. Under this name, he did become famous, but again it was not in the way that he thought it would.

This time he covered Drake’s single called „Hold On, We’re Going Home“. His debut official music video „No Topping You“ was also considered to be a disaster but it was nothing compared to the single which went viral and gave him the attention he longed for so much.

It was a single called „On the Floor“ and it was filmed on one bridge n the city of San Antonio. He said that it was very interesting to film this video and that he had a lot of fun. He was sure that he was going to get a chance at a new career after this.

The video went viral due to his awful singing and strange dance moves. If that was not enough he invited a girl called Karen Vi to join him on the video. She was also a very awful dancer.

The duo has laughed at a lot and this seemed very rough for both of them, but they ended up monetizing the video and making money off of it.

The video was seen millions of times and became a huge hit but just because of his funny personality and not pleasing singing which was mocked by thousands of people. But still, many thought that he was hilarious.

Some people thought that he was actually being funny on purpose and that he is forcing this style of singing to be funny or something like that.

Another person who shared this opinion was Ricky Ortiz, the owner of a multimedia entertainment company settled in the city of San Antonio. He was actually very interested in Ice’s work and he soon reached out to him.

His company is named and he stated that he and his employees watched him over YouTube, doing various stuff, from singing, dancing, performing, making jokes, etc.

He said that he could surely make a career out of this because his viral presence could be used very well.

They thought that he is very funny and they especially liked his cover of „Lost Without You”, which was a big hit of Robin Thicke, a popular American singer. They mocked him a bit as well, but it was all for good humor.

Thatraw connected with him and offered him a collaboration. They have even put him on the plane from Illinois, his hometown Aurora, to San Antonio. He was very excited to be working with them and his dreams were finally coming true.

Icejjfish made a deal with to make 3 videos and if they would be successful they would continue doing together. If not he would go back to Illinois. He was very determined to succeed and that’s what he did.

In January they released the first video for the single „No Topping You“ and the second one, released just a little after, became a huge hit. It was „On The Floor“. This was the biggest hit of them all.

Thatraw produced ad promoted this video. When asked about Icejjfish vocal abilities he answers that the young artist has a unique voice. Some people thought that he was trolling, while others thought that he was just trying to create fame out of nothing.

Thatraw company was even accused that they are taking advantage of Icejjfish because it seems to believe that he has a great voice.

In 2013 he has released an album called Joy which was followed with another one named „Miracle“ in 2014. They didn’t do too well obviously, but he was not discouraged and he continued to work hard and publish more news.

In March 2016 he has released an album „What Time It Is“ which consists of 7 songs.  He said that he was really having fun creating all of this music videos and songs and that he would like to do even more.

In the summer of 2017, he has released an EP with 5 singles called „Track Ice JJFish”. It sold a bit better than the others because his name was in it and people still remembered him so they wanted to check out how is he doing now.

In 2019 his EP „The Beginning“ was released and it was followed by an album called „Sea Sick“.

He has also released two mixtapes. They were both released in 2014 and they are named „For My Hataz“ and „Criminal Mind“.

In 2014 he was featured on a single named „I Just Bought a Bugatti (I’m Happy)“ performed by Young Nigga. He was very happy to be doing this and said that he is going to become famous for sure.

He was involved a controversy after he accused a prominent rapper Lil Yachty for stealing his style which includes very high pitched vocals. He said that he doesn’t feel like this is okay and that he should trademark the style of singing.

Lil Yachty wasn’t really bothered with this comment and after reading a tweet mads by icejjfish in which he claims that Lil Yachty stole his sound, he simply retweeted icejjfish’ tweet and put six emojis of laughing cats.

Icejjfsh is often compared to a contestant of a very popular American show called „American Idol“. The similarity comes from the fact that they are both terrible singing. This used to be a joke or a meme, but nowadays people just mock them.

In 2019 he turned to gospel music. He said that he wanted to try out something new and that he feels that God has a plan for him.

He posts about God and Christianity a lot.

He is very active on social media and has almost 100k followers on his Instagram account with whom he regularly talks to.

Personal life

In 2007 his Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked and the hacker who did it posted about icejjfish homosexual tendencies claiming that the rapper had a very painful relationship with a woman which eventually ended in him „changing sides”.

The rapper never denied that he was gay, but there are many speculations.

He is known for his teeth gap and he says that he was often mocked about it but he got used to it and doesn’t mind the commentaries anymore.

But although he said it he started wearing braces to fix the gap a couple of months ago.

He also wears glasses because he is shortsighted but he doesn’t wear them all the time.

He started training and growing muscles in 2019 and he uploads his upgrade photos every month on his Instagram account.

He is currently single although he had a few short relationships. He often posts about love and marriage so he is probably interested in getting a female companion.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel McLoyd

Date of birth: July 30, 1994

Birthplace: Aurora, Chicago, United States

Age: 25

Profession: singer, dancer, Youtube star

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $200,00