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Glozell Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Even though singers and actors have been considered as celebrities in the past, we now have a completely different kind of celebrities.

YouTube is becoming increasingly popular and the influence YouTube has on our lives is ever present.

In today’s text we are going to take about Glozelle Green, a famous YouTuber who came into the public eye through her interesting and fun YouTube videos.

We will talk about her net worth, biography and her personal life. So, if you would like to learn more about Glozelle, here is a chance to do that.

Early Years

Glozell Lyneette Green was born on July 30th 1972 in Orlando in Florida. Her parent’s names were Ozell and Gloria.

She grew up with her sibling DeOnzell and she is now an opera singer. Glozell graduated from University of Florida with a degree in musical theatre. There aren’t any more information about her early years and youth, so we are going to jump on to her career and net worth.

Career Path

Glozell’s career started in 2003 when she decided to move from Florida to California. She wanted to pursue a career in comedy and acting, so she knew she had to move away from Orlando.

Her biggest influence was Jay Leno, so she studied his work extensively.

She went to a total of 600 of his shows and started a blog where she interviewed other people who attended his shows.

In 2013 she published her first video on YouTube under the name My Push up Bra Helped me get My Man.

The video was an instant success and she started gaining views pretty quickly.

People liked her sense of humor and realness, which is one of the reason she became so popular. After the success of her first video, she continued posting more and more and in the end her channel gained massive amounts of subscribers.

Probably the most famous video of hers was the Cinnamon Challenge video that gained massive popularity around the world. The video had around 48 million views and it was by far her most viewed video ever.

Glozell met president Obama in 2015, which is one of her biggest recognitions. Green wanted to present the president with green lipsticks, like the one she uses and which is characteristic in her videos, for the first lady, Michelle Obama, and her daughters.

The last one to interview Obama was Bethany Mota, famous on YouTube for her makeup tutorials, who focused on issues such as education and asked about college credit.

Glozell continued pursuing her comedy career and did several shows such as Improv, Showtime at the Apollo and The Comedy Store. In 2013, she came out with her first song called Pick up after your dog. Her channel reached around 4 million subscribers and had over 700 million views.

She also appeared in several shows on Nickelodeon and in other shows on TV. In 2016 she published her autobiography called Is You Okay? Her latest project was in the animated movie Ralph Breaks he Internet.

She hasn’t announced any new projects, so we have to wait and see what she has in store for us. Her net worth is estimated at around 2$ million.

Personal life

Glozell’s personal life is pretty calm and she explained everything about her life in her autobiography. Her personal life is never been a subject of scandals and rumors, so she is definitely happy to have kept her personal life private. Glozell got her biggest recognition in 2015 when she interviewed President Barack Obama.

Three of the most internationally recognized American ‘YouTubers’ – GloZell Green, Bethany Mota and Hank Green – have interviewed the president of the United States, Barack Obama, live on YouTube.

Despite the humorous tone of the videos that the three ‘YouTubers’ regularly upload to their channel, the interview touched on current issues, such as cybersecurity problems, migration policy or some of the president’s own proposals during the state debate of the Union, which was also retransmitted through the Google video platform a few days ago.

The first to be able to ask Obama was Hank Green, author of the channel ‘vlogbrothers’, who did not hesitate to use his first question to question the feasibility of the proposals in the State of the Union debate.

“There are many aspects in which we can start working right now,” the president explained about his proposals, but at the same time acknowledged that: “there are other areas in which the important thing is to put them to debate and get the support of the Americans”.

After almost 15 minutes of Green’s turn, Obama went on to be interviewed by GloZell Green, famous on YouTube for his videos of challenges such as “Cinnamon Challenge”, which has more than 42 million visits. GloZell, in Spain, is best known for its parody GloZell Gitana, in which the Spanish ‘YouTuber’ Desahogada doubles it with a calé accent.

GloZell Green, who received the president with a hug, asked about the cyber-attack to Sony to which Obama replied that, from the White House, they work to advise private companies to help protect their data against attacks by hackers “and announced that work is underway to get Congress to approve a law that will provide the government with more tools to fight against this type of attack.

The next question from the ‘YouTuber’ was about the race riots that are happening in recent months in the United States, in relation to the altercations in Ferguson, and the police action on the African-American population.

“We have to remember that the vast majority of police officers are doing a really hard job and that they are doing it well,” Obama said. “What we also know is that there are still certain biases in our society, and the way to solve it is through the improvement of training.”

Before finishing his section, Green wanted to present the president with green lipsticks, like the one she uses and which is characteristic in her videos, for the first lady, Michelle Obama, and her daughters. The last one to interview Obama was Bethany Mota, famous on YouTube for her makeup tutorials, who focused on issues such as education and asked about college credit

“The University is still the best investment you can make, it’s the key to the future,” the president explained. The final part of Mota’s interview dealt with more cordial topics, such as the president’s television preferences, what he wanted to be when he was older or what superpower he would like to have. To this, Obama replied that he likes sports, that he wanted to be many things – from architect to professional basketball player – and that he would like to be able to fly.

The interview ended with a ‘selfie’ between the three interviewers and the president, who confessed to the ‘YouTubers’ be “very proud” of the work they do on social networks.

Glozell was married to a man from 2000 to 2003 but she divorced him for the reasons she explained in her biography. She is not living in Los Angeles with her husband who is also her manager Kevin Simon. In 2016 thy got their first child, through a surrogate mother and called their daughter O’Zell Gloriana de Green Simon.

Glozell doesn’t seem to be done with her career but she has definitely slowed down. She hasn’t announced any new projects so far, and seems to be enjoying her personal life together with her husband and her daughter.

Glozell might have been a huge star at one moment few years ago, but since then, she has been struggling to keep her career floating on top. Perhaps she will be a one hit wonder on YouTube, and maybe she will resurrect her YouTube channel, this is yet to be seen.

Quick summary

Full name: Glozell Lyneette Green

Date of birth: July 30th 1972

Birthplace: New Orlando, Florida

Age: 47

Profession: Youtuber, Comedian, Writer

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million