Gina Rodriguez Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Before Jane The Virgin, Gina was part of the cast of the dramatic musical film Filly Brown and the comedy The Bold And The Beautiful; besides doing Frida Khalo in the theater.

In fact, the Mexican painter is one of her role models with Audrey Hepburn.

Perhaps, she herself without knowing it has a personality and a way of working that could well be understood as an intelligent mixture of both icons.

Personality that the actress reflects not only in front of the cameras, but also behind them with her speech, her look and her convictions.

Gina has always advocated for Latin power, but without wanting to fall into the topics that revolve around this culture in the United States.

Early Life

Gina Rodriguez will never unsheathe the leading role of “Jane the Virgin”, but thanks to him she has won the hearts of series fans.

Born in Chicago, on July 30, 1984, Gina Alexis Rodriguez is the youngest of the three daughters of a Puerto Rican immigrant marriage.

His father, a boxing coach, advised him to always repeat when he woke up “today is going to be a great day, I can and I should”, mantra that keeps repeating itself today.

As a child she received a Catholic education, in addition to becoming fond of dancing since she began in a dance group at age seven. She continued practicing until at age 17 she was chosen as one of the thirteen young people that Columbia University accepts each year for her theater program.

Then he went to the Tisch School of Art, New York University, where among others he had William H. Macy and Philip Seymour Hoffman as professors.

He began his professional career with tiny roles in series such as Law and Order, and some theatrical experience.

In 2012 she was recruited for a fixed character in Beauty and Power, a soap opera that began to air in the United States in 1987, and that continues today on the air (actor Ron Moss, a young gallant of the series, has become a grandfather respectable).

He played Beverly, a fellow of the design company of one of the Forresters, the main character. In addition, she was recruited to star in Filly Brown, a musical in which she played Majo Tonorio, aspiring hip-hop composer. Unfortunately, it barely had an impact.

The career of Gina Rodriguez changed forever when she was chosen to head the cast of Jane the Virgin, a comedy by The CW that adapts the Venezuelan soap opera Juana, the virgin, with a lot of sneer, taking advantage of her impossible plot to gracefully parody this type of production.

She plays Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a Latin woman artificially inseminated by a mistake by a doctor who examines her during a checkup. “It was exactly the third person who went to the casting, but we were convinced that it was not necessary to interview more actresses,” said Jennie Snyder Urman, executive producer.

Turned into a revelation (together with the hilarious Jaime Camil, who embodies his biological father), he obtained in 2015 the Golden Globe for best television comedy actress.

Career Path

Gina Rodriguez is an American actress of Puerto Rican origin born on July 30, 1984 in Chicago. Despite several cinema appearances, it was mainly as a television actress that she forged her popularity.

The young Gina does not immediately turn to comedy, since her childhood is punctuated by salsa tunes. She practiced this dance from the age of seven and perfected her learning until the end of her adolescence.

At 17, Gina Rodriguez moved to New York and joined drama and drama schools.

The pretty Latin made her real debut as an actress in 2002, when she played the role of Frida Kahlo in a play paying tribute to this artist.

Just two years after this first successful experience, Gina Rodriguez entered the world of television. She plays a small role in two episodes of New York Police Judiciaire and appears several times in the American Wives series.

In 2010, the actress discovers the big screen by being part of the casting of Father’s War, a romantic comedy in which she plays a future bride trying to reconcile her father and her stepfather.

In 2011, the actress confirmed her taste for police series by being part of the casting of an episode of Mentalist. Two years later, we can also see it in the fourth season of the Rizzoli & Isles series.

Gina Rodriguez only needs a first role to be fully recognized. It was done in 2014, the year the Jane the virgin comedy series was launched. Gina then plays the role of Jane, a very believing young woman who finds herself artificially inseminated by accident.

Thanks to this performance, Gina Rodriguez obtains the recognition of her peers, since in 2015 she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a comic series.

From the age of seven, and until her adolescence, the beautiful American took salsa lessons in a troupe of young dancers, before joining different schools of dramatic arts and experimental theater in New York.

It was then that she appeared on the stage of the American Stage Theater in the play The Last Moments in the Life by Frida Kahlo, which marks her real debut as an actress.

In 2004, she landed a role in two episodes of New York Police Judiciaire which propelled her to the small screen.

She connects directly with other episodes of popular television series, in which she plays secondary characters, as in the fantastic thriller Eleventh Hour of the CBS channel, or the hit soap American Wives, on the tormented lives of military women.

Rodriguez plays the wife of Sergeant Pete Evans in season 4 of the show. The year 2010 marks his cinema debut in The War of the Fathers, a romantic comedy with Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera.

She then puts on her sneakers to perform a hip-hop dancer in Go For It!, An ersatz of Sexy Dance, before finding the group of friends of Happy Endings, the comic series of ABC with Eliza Coupe and Elisha Cuthbert, for the last episode of the first season.

Her television career is growing little by little by multiplying the participations: she joins the investigation team of Simon Baker in an episode of season 4 of The Mentalist and plays the attractive Beverly in Love, glory and beauty.

In 2012, the actress is Majo Tonorio, a rapper who faces a crooked producer, in Filly Brown, who offers him the opportunity to rise to the top of the poster.

But she also lends herself to the game of the thriller Enter the Dangerous Mind with Nikki Reed, the bad girl of Thirteen, and offers herself a return to comedy alongside Ana Ortiz, the older sister of Ugly Betty, in Sleeping with the Fishes, Nicole Gomez Fisher’s first feature film.

The artist is gaining popularity thanks to the CW who entrusts him with the lead female role of his novelty of autumn 2014, Jane the Virgin, the crazy show adapted from the Venezuelan telenovela Juana la Virgen, which stages the tortured life of Jane Villanueva, a young woman who suffered an artificial insemination by accident and then has to manage a pregnancy that had no place in her life until now.

Rodriguez plays the eponymous character of the series and returns to the cinema the same year in the family drama Sticky Notes, with Justin Bartha and Rose Leslie.

He thinks that this fiction has triumphed because despite the permanent use of hyperbole, he perfectly portrays the current Latino families in the United States. “In the series, my grandmother speaks to me in Spanish and I answer in English.

That happens a lot among Latin Americans in my country, ”he explains. “It has never been seen on television, and the kids who see it will think that the same thing happens to them. In addition, Jane’s close relationships with her mother and grandmother reflects the way of being of Hispanic Americans, it is a very human story. ”

The success of Jane the Virgin has caused them to start calling Gina Rodriguez for weight films, such as Black Tide, starring Mark Wahlberg. He plays a real character, Andrea Fleytas, a worker at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, who discovered that it was catching fire.

He also shares the screen with Natalie Portman in Annihilation, a science fiction film by Alex Garland. The pink media have aired Gina Rodriguez’s private life as if she were a soap opera. In recent times, he is credited with an affair with Ben Schwartz, another familiar face on the small screen, for series like Parks & Recreation.

She has denied it, although she acknowledges that she dreams of forming a family soon. “I pray to God so that I know how to get my children forward when I find the love of my life, get married and can have them.”

Personal life

Gina Rodriguez was born on July 30, 1984 in Illinois. Daughter of a Puerto Rican boxing referee, she is the youngest of three siblings. From the age of seven, the young woman became passionate about dancing and entered into salsa competitions.

She was also interested in comedy and joined the prestigious theater program at Columbia University at just 16 years of age. It was his older sister Iveless Rodriguez Simon, who became a financial analyst, who offered him his studies.

After going up on stage in the United Kingdom to play the painter Frida Kahlo, she landed her first role on the small screen in 2011, in the famous soap opera Love, glory and beauty. The same year, she appeared in the musical Go For It!

In 2014, she obtained the main role of Jane the Virgin. She received a Golden Globe the following year for her touching performance.

At the same time, the young woman devoted herself to music and worked hard to finalize her first solo album. A complete artist, the pretty brunette nevertheless suffered for a long time from a thyroid disease, which confirmed her desire to conquer. A good career seems to him now promised!

Gina Rodríguez was born thirty years ago in the United States. His hometown is Chicago (Illinois), although his parents, the famous boxer Genaro Rodríguez and Magali Rodríguez, come from Puerto Rico.

His native language is English, but he also speaks Spanish and develops as a fish in the water in both the Puerto Rican and the American world thanks, above all, to the close relationship he has always had with his grandmother.

The attitude towards Gina’s life can be condensed into a mantra that her father taught her when she was little and that she repeated herself every morning upon waking up: Today is going to be a great day. I can and I must.

Surely, when on January 12, 2015 he won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical Series for his starring role in Jane The Virgin, he felt that at that moment he was being more immense than ever.

Gina’s beginnings are closely linked to dance. He was only seven years old when he started in a dance group.

She continued dancing until she was seventeen, when she was chosen as one of the thirteen young people that Columbia University accepts in her theater program each course (at that age she wrote, directed and acted in her first dramatic play of her own creation).

From there, to the University of New York. There he was fortunate to have as teachers the actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and William H. Macy.

Quick summary

Full name: Gina Alexis Rodriguez

Date of birth: July 30th 1984

Birthplace: Urbana, Illinois, U.S.

Age: 35

Profession: Actress

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net Worth: 5$ million