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Gil Prather Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Gil Prather is one of the American halls of fame songwriter and singer. Gil Prather is a well-known name in the music and entertainment industry. Gil Prather’s talent was recognized by all the major producers and directors in both the entertainment industry as well as the music industry.

Gil Prather being a great writer has written a lot of award-winning Television commercials and radio commercials.

Early Life

Gil Prather was recognized by all the major producers and directors in his early life. Gil Prather’s unique style of music with flavors of Tex-Mex border was a delight to hear to.

Gil Prather has been a cowboy and is very proud of his upbringing. His music reflects his cowboy upbringing. Gil Prather has teamed up with a lot of artists to write shows and music which ended up in a big hit. Gil Prather has worked in the construction industry and also in the ranching business.

Career Development

Gil Prather is an actor who acted in movies like Wild Horses (2015), West Texas Investors Club (2015) and The Man from the Rio Grande (2018). Gil Prather is also the part of the West Texas Investors Club along with McConaughey and Gilliam.

Gil Prather acts as a mentor to McConaughey and Gilliam. The work of Gil Prather in the show is before the interview of the entrepreneurs he picks them up from the airport and has a one to one session with them in the car while driving to the studio.

Personal Life

His personal life is much of a personal affair.


Full name: Gil Prather

Nickname: Gil

Birth-sign: Unknown

Birth Place:  Rio Grande

Residence: Texas

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Television Personality, Songwriter, Singer

Education: Unknown

Personal Life and Family

Nationality:  American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Unknown

Father’s name: Unknown

Mother’s name: Unknown

Marital status: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: Unknown

Hobbies: Unknown

Pet own: Unknown

Personal Look and Measurements

Height:  Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Body: Unknown

Hair Color: White

Eye color: Unknown

Shoe Size: Unknown

Measurements: Unknown

Net Worth and Salary

Gil Prather also was known by the name of “The Man from the Rio Grande” who is famous for his reality television show West Texas Investors Club with friends Butch Gilliam and Rooster McConaughy has a net worth over $5 million. All through Gil Prather’s life, he has written comedy and songs and also sang songs.

Gil Prather is not an official partner with Rooster McConaughy and Butch Gilliam, but he is a personal advisor and enjoys the special treatment he receives in the show.

Quick Summary

Gil Prather is a very simple man who was born a cowboy and lived his life as a cowboy. His talking dressing reflects where he comes from and he is very proud of it.

Gil Prather worked in the music and entertainment industry for years and has been a huge part of it.

He has been part of movies written scripts for comedy and also written songs and sang them and those songs ended up becoming very popular.

Gil Prather’s now a part of the famous reality television show named West Texas Investors Club with friends Rooster McConaughy and Butch Gilliam. Gil Prather is an adviser to both Rooster and Butch in the show. Gil Prather always meets the entrepreneurs at the airport and tries to understand them before going to meet Rooster and Butch. Gil Prather is enjoying his reality television fame now that he is a part of the famous reality television show West Texas Investors Club.

The most famous song of Gil Prather till date is “I’ll be back in Texas by the fall” and received song of the year by Academy of Western Artists.