Genevieve Nnaji Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Genevieve Nnaji is a beautiful Nigerian actress and a singer who has also tried herself in the field of producing and directing movies.

Because of her great work numerous awards she has received, she has become one of the members of the Nigerian government’s Order of the Federal Republic.

Genevieve is also very beautiful and was the face of many companies and cosmetic lines.

She also mentors a lot of young actresses and one of them was Mercy Johnson who became one of the highest-paid actresses in Nigeria.

Early years

She was born as Genevieve Nnaji on May 3, 1979, in the Nigerian region called Mbaise, which is a part of the Imo State settled in the southeast of Nigeria, in Africa.

She has spent most of her childhood in Lagos, the most populous place in Nigeria. She grew up in a stable middle-class family with seven siblings.

She is close to her family and tries to meet with them as often as she can but it is sometimes very difficult since it is hard to combine the schedule of all the family members.

Her mother was a teacher at the nursery and her father was an engineer so she grew up in an educated family. Her parents motivated her to get a good education and to try as hard as she can.

That is how she became so hardworking and creative. She is also very ambitious and hopes that she will continue becoming the best Nigerian actress today.

After finishing primary education and finishing high school she has entered the Methodist Girls College, located in the city of Yaba.

After some time spent at that university, she transferred herself to the University of Lagos where she finally graduated with a degree in Arts.

It was during college that she started being more seriously interested in movies and acting so she tried herself on several auditions.

She had a dream of becoming a popular actress in Nollywood, which is the name for the Nigerian movie industry.

It was hard for Genevieve in high school because she got pregnant when she was 17 and she decided to keep her baby although a lot of people suggested otherwise.

Although she was raised in a strict Christian family and knew that she has sinned she still kept the baby with the support of her family because it was against their religion to abort the pregnancy.

She gave birth to her daughter named Chimebuka and her mother took care of the baby most of the time since Genevieve had to go back to school.

Genevieve was very thankful to her family because she knew that she couldn’t have succeeded without their help.

From an early age, she entered the world of acting but never took it quite seriously.

Career development

She had a role in a soap opera called “Ripples” when she was 8 years old but she handled it quite well and liked the experience.

But when she entered college she gained more interest in acting and the film industry.

It was in 1998 that she gained her first role in the movies called “Most Wanted” and “Last Party”. “Mark of the Beast” followed soon after this.

In 2004 she signed a contract with a record label from Ghana titled EKB Records. After that, she has released her first album which was named “One Logologo Line”.

The album gained success and is made in R&B style with some hip hop elements. In 2004 Genevieve also became the face of a cosmetic brand “Lux”.

One year later, in 2005, she became the winner of the AMAA, which stands for the Africa Movie Academy Award. Her award is in the category of the Best Actress in the Leading Role.

In 2009 she came to the list of Nollywood’s best-paid actresses and she was very proud of her success.

In 2001, she garnered a Best Actress award at City People’s Awards which was a huge recognition for her because until that only politicians and successful businessmen were getting this award.

In 2003, Censors Board granted Genevieve the award for the Best Nigerian actress.

When Oprah Winfrey spoke about Genevieve in 2009, she has named her the African Julia Roberts.

In 2015 Genevieve decided to try herself in producing a movie. It was a road romantic drama movie which was directed by Ishaya Bako and co-produced by Genevieve herself.

Genevieve Nnaji was the lead female actress and she starred alongside Oris Erhuero. The movie was very praised by the critics and had won numerous awards.

In 2018 she directed a movie for the first time. It was a drama movie called “Lionheart” with Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem Owoh and Pete Edochie in the lead roles.

It was acquired by Netflix production company and it became the first Netflix movie that was completely produced in Nigeria. The movie Netflix bought from Genevieve brought her almost $4 million.

She is very proud because the Nigerian Oscars Selection Committee chose this film to represent the country in the category of International Feature Film on the Oscars 2020 event.

Genevieve is also known for her strong feminist opinion and she is a big advocate for the rights of Nigerian women.

Other than movies, she has become a businesswoman with her clothing line called “St. Genevieve” but she gives most of the money earned by the sales to charity causes.

In 2010 she became the face of a known make-up school called “MUD” or Make-up Designory. She also promotes her daughter’s line of makeup.

In 2019 she has won the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Sieverbird Man of the Year Award for her promotion of Nollywood.

Her mother is named Benedatte and her father is Theophilus and she is very close to them. She is especially close to her sister Ebuka and her brother Stephen.

Personal life

As for her love life, she has dated several men but she keeps it private. There are a lot of men with whom it was rumored that he had an affair

Ramsey Nouah is one of them since she is hot and Ramsey is very handsome too so they make a beautiful couple.

They never confirmed their relationship in the public. Ramsey even talked about their relationship and stated that he never had such feelings for her and that they were any colleagues.

In 2008 she started dating a Nigerian singer called D’Banj and they were together on the 2010  MTV Africa Music Awards ceremony which took place in the city of Lagos.

Their relationship started with her appearance in D’Banj’s music video for his hit single called “Fall In Love”.

It was released in 2008, on his music album called “The Entertainer”. The song was nominated for the MTV Africa Music Awards.

She never confirmed her relationship and she never reveals her dates. She is very private and secretive about it.

However, D’banj stated that he would love to have her for his wife which confirmed his interest in Genevieve.

She was also in a romantic relationship with Patt Attah but it seems that she didn’t want anybody to know that they are in a relationship. She told the press that they are just good friends and that she feels like he is her older brother.

He had a different description of their relationship and claimed stated that the two of them dated for a while.

Kunle Coker is also her former boyfriend and he is very known in the Nigerian entertainment business since he is a very successful actor.

Although she was in a lot of relationships with many different men she didn’t tie the knot with any of them and it seems like she isn’t planning it shortly.

In 2015 she has gained an award for the Best Dressed woman at Africa Magic Awards. She is often in newspapers and magazines because of her great outfits and sense of style.

She is very close to her daughter Theodora Chimebuka who is also a very beautiful lady just like her mother.

Theodora, mostly called Dora, has her own make-up business and she is doing quite well especially because her mother opened her the door to the movie industry so she often does celebrity make up.

Theodora finished the Federal Government College Akure and it seems that she had found her future in the beauty industry.

Quick summary

Full name: Genevieve Nnaji

Date of birth: May 3, 1979

Birthplace: Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria, Africa

Age: 40

Profession: actress, model, singer

Height: 1,60 m

Weight: 50 kg

Net Worth: $8 million