Gaby Espino Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

María Gabriela Espino is a model, presenter and most importantly an actress known in Latin countries due to the fact that she is from Venezuela.

She is known by her name Gaby Espino and is commonly in famous telenovelas.

She is very popular due to her attractive looks and talent and she is very warm and optimistic so people are very fond of her.

They also like her for being a good mother to her children and that she spends a lot of time with them.

She had made her appearance in TV series very lucrative for herself and her family.

Early years

Gaby was born on November 15th in 1976 in Caracas, located in Venezuela. Her full name is María Gabriela Espino Rugero but she has always preferred to be called Gaby because it was more musical to her.

Her father was a presenter and a chemical engineer and her mother’s work field is unknown to the public. Her parents didn’t have the best relationship and they divorced when she was little. It was a rough period for her and her siblings but they had each other for support so they have gone through it without bigger problems.

She has four siblings, but only one of them is from both of their parents, it is her sister Andreina. She shares a lot of things with her sisters and they were always supportive of each other from an early age.

They have supported each other through her parent’s divorce and promised each other that they will never take them apart.

She has half-brothers Mariano and Gustavo from his father’s other marriage and she has a half-sister called Ney from her mother’s new marriage.

When she was little she was very interested in animals and she wanted to be a veterinarian for a long period of time. This love for animals shows her warm heart and her generous nature.

After she got over this dream she wanted to be a dentist but eventually decided that studying public relations is her calling.

She went to the Escuela Luz Columbia university. However, she made her career as an actress, although she was educated in some other fields.

She liked to learn new information and to be educated but she always wanted to have fun more than learn so she focused on a career in entertainment.

Career development

Gaby was often cast for commercials, due to her popularity and her looks. Some of the brands she has worked with are Pepsi, Gatorade, and Pantene. Since she was very beautiful she was extremely wanted as a model so she soon started getting more serious paychecks and living cozy of her salary.

She was also in a music video by famous artists such as Luis Fonsi and also Flavio César. She dances beautifully and has rhythm so she fit in this kind of music video.

Some of the telenovelas she as in are “A todo corazón” where she played Natalia, “Enamorada” where she was Ivana, “Amantes de Luna Llena” where she was Abril, “Luna, la heredera” where she had a role of Luna and many more.

She was also in few movies like “Elipsis” from 2006 and “La Mujer de mi Hermano” from 2005.

Some of her newest work is a movie called “Jesus de Nazaret” from 2019 in which she acts the role of María Magdalena. This was a role that she has taken very seriously since she is a Catholic. She wanted to present Maria Magdalena as more realistic as she could.

In 2012 and 2013 she got three  Premios Tu Mundo awards for “#MostSocial”, “I’m Sexy and I Know It” and “Favorite Award of the Night”.

In 2013 she was nominated for two Premios People en Español awards for the categories of Best Actress and Couple of The Year.

Gaby is very active on her social media. Her Instagram account has over 9 million followers and almost 7 thousand posts. She likes to post photos of places she visits both professionally and privately since she loves to travel.

She also has her webpage where she sells her makeup brand called “Gaby Espino”. She sells lipsticks, nail polishes, and lip liners and this line is quite a success, giving Gaby enough money to live a cozy life and raise her children accordingly.

Since 2018 Gaby has been hosting MasterChef Latino. The show has two seasons and she’s been hosting both of them. She became one of the most popular hosts because of her great smile and warm personality.

Gaby also has her Facebook page and posts a lot there. She is very active on her Instagram too where she has almost ten million followers.

Personal life

From 1996 until 2001 she was in a serious relationship with Juan Alfonso Baptista which was followed by a 3-year long relationship to Jorge Reyes.

Gaby got married in 2007. It was for an actor called Cristobal Lander that was also known for his modeling career because he was a finalist in the Mister Venezuela competition in 2000. They married on the June 4th that year.

Only a year after, Gaby gave birth to their first child, a little girl that they named Oriana Lander.

In 2009, rumors were spreading that Gaby had something more than a friendship wither co-star on the project they were currently working, a series called Mas Sabe el Diablo. The actor that people implied to was Jencarlos Canela.

A year after Gaby decided that it would be best if she separated from her husband Cristobal.

Because of this event, people thought that Gaby was dating Canela and that he was the reason for their separation.

Both Gavy and Jencarlos denied it and stated that there isn’t anything more than a friendship between them. But it was very hard to persuade anyone in this because the timing fit so perfectly.

In November of 2010, Gaby and Espino made up fo a little but divorced in March of 2011. There were rumors, again, that it had to do with Canela.

In September of 2011, Gaby and Jencarlos made a live chat over their Twitter and talked about their relationship. They stated that they are romantically involved with each other and that they are expecting a baby.

It was later stated that the godparents of this baby were Pitbull, an American rapper and Cristina Saralegui, a journalist from Cuba.

In February of 2012, the child was born and it was a boy named Nickolas Canela Espino.

Unfortunately, in August of 2014, the couple stated on their Facebook page that they will be separating and that their relationship has ended. Although they had a child together, the pair never decided to tie the knot.

It was rumored that she is currently dating Arap Bethke, a popular Mexican actor who also acts mostly in TV series or telenovelas. He was born in Kenya.

He has a daughter named Paloma from her earlier relationship with Isabela Cordoba, a beautiful Colombian actress.

But lately, she has been dating Jamie Augusto Mayol, a very handsome model from Peurto Rico who became a very successful host and a TV personality. He has wished her a very charming happy birthday on his Instagram account. He praised her as an actress, a woman, and a mother.

She says that she is very fortunate to have so many friends in her life and that she gets along with all of them, including her former husband with whom she raises their child together.

Gaby is devoted to her family but tries to keep up her career going so she is hosting various events and tries to be as much more in the public as she can.

Quick summary

Full name: María Gabriela Espino Rugero

Date of birth: November 15th in 1976

Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela

Age: 43

Profession: actress, host, entrepreneur, businesswoman

Height: 1,76 m

Weight:  56 kg

Net Worth: $10 million