Gabby Barrett Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Gabby Barett is a known singer hailing from the United States who came to the limelight after her great performance in a popular American TV show named the “American Idol”.

She was one of the contestants in the season 2018, and she was given the 3rd place although a lot of people expected her to win this popular singing competition. She said that she would have been happy to win, but she got a deal from a smaller music company anyway so she was very thankful for that as well.

Early years

She was born as Gabby Barrett on March 5, 2000, which shows that she is very young and is just at the beginning of her music career. Many people don’t believe it when they see how young she is and how little experience she has since she is a true natural talent on the stage.

She was born in a town named Munhall which is really a borough situated on the west bank of a river named Monongahela. The town is situated near Pittsburgh, a city in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States.

She was raised by two loving parents named Blaise and Pam and she is very grateful to them for the fact they supported her through everything she has done and believed in her. They were hyping her up to go to the competition because they believed she could do great things.

She had a very happy childhood and how she wouldn’t have a happy childhood surrounded by 7 siblings. She has 3 sisters: Demi, Blase, and Emily. She also has four brothers named Philip, Gabriel, Gipsy and Elijah.  They are really close and they still live together.

They all support her in making her dream come true and growing her career which means a lot to her because she had stated that without their persisting, she would probably never go to the competition.

After finishing elementary school she started going to Serra Catholic High School but she also attended Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.

Her transmission to charter school came after she was heavily bullied in the Serra Catholic School which she later described in her interviews. She said that all of these things really made her stronger, but because of them she was very very afraid to go to any regular competition and share her voice with others.

It even caused her to organize a 2017 tour named “Dreams Really Do Come True” which was organized at high school and had an anti-bullying campaign included in it.

It was her way of helping others who went through bullying like her and to children who don’t know how to handle bullying.

While growing up she always had a huge talent for singing but she especially liked R&B and songs which touched her emotionally.

She was also a big fan of country music and of church music because she was raised in a religious environment from an early age. She said that all genres are great to her and that she enjoys any song with a good beat and nice lyrics.

Later, when she entered the American Idol Show many people compared her to Carrie Underwood, a country star who was also competing in the same show earlier.

Carrie Underwood was the winner so she hoped to carry on with her footsteps. She said that the two of them also became friends and that, although there were a bunch of speculations, they didn’t fight.

She used to sing in public when she was little and she often sang in Ministries.

Career development

Her father noticed her talent and wanted her to become an even better singer so he enrolled her in the all-black choir. That is when she joined “Lamb of God Christian Ministries”.

She wanted her to have variety in her learning lessons and he enrolled her there so she could get more familiar with R&B.

Her father became her manager because they have trust in each other. He soon discovered that her talent is growing bigger so he started booking her for performances in a lot of various events such as weddings and fairs.

She had earned a lot of money from it but for them was more important that she got used to singing in front of a crowd.

Her stage performances advanced a lot.

Although she started singing when she was only nine she won at the 2014 Kean Quest Talent Search which resulted in her releasing the singles.

In 2016 she successfully entered “The Voice” auditions but she declined it. She stated that the contract was not fair and that they have offered her only 20 percent of the money she would earn.

She also declined the contract offered by the American Idol and revealed that she was also being contacted by Def Jam Records. This was a really interesting thing to hear: we are guessing she has big plans in mind.

As for her performance in American Idol in May 2018, many of the show fans were disappointed after she finished third in the finale.

This finale had over 7 million viewers watching and a lot of the viewers stated that she was the one who should have won.

She has released a few singles before she entered the show. They have titled “Jesus and My Moms” and the other one was “Young Blood”. She said that she wanted to make them as genuine and as close to her as possible and that her voice needed to be heard.

In January 2018 she has released several music singles. One of the most popular ones is “I Hope”. In 2018 she has released her EP called “The Fireflies”.

She also released an album named “Tequila Is Gonna Kill Me Someday” in 2018. In September 2018 she has released another one named “Djk3”.

One year before that she has released “Kiss Me Somethin’ Good”. She loves to sing emotional songs and songs about love and God.

She has gained several awards: Jackie Evancho and Robinson Smokey Motown Awards are just some of them.

Gabby claimed on her Twitter account that she sounded better on her videos than on the TV version because the producents of the “American Idol” have autotuned her performance and that made her sound worse. But she stated that the production did it to all the contesters.

This rose a lot of controversies and a lot of people thought that it is only because she doesn’t know to lose and because everyone told her that she will surely win.

She has almost half a million followers on her Instagram channel.

One of her latest performances was singing for Disney Channel which she was very excited about because a lot of her idols sang there while she was growing up and watching Disney.

Personal life

After entering the show she has met Cade Foehner in 2018 during the show and Cade was immediately impressed by her voice and appearance and her love for God.

Christianity is very important to both of them since they were raised in religious families so they take their engagement very seriously.

Although a lot of people think they are too young to get married he says that he already proposed to her (at the summer hotel they met for the first time) and that she said “Yes”.

It seems they found each other at the same place they first met as the contesters of this popular show.

Foehner is also religious so he states that it is a challenge for them because they strive for a biblical relationship.

Her favorite actor is Will Smith and her favorite actress is Emma Stone. She likes swimming a lot and she would like to travel to the Maldives.

When she speaks about her time in school she has a lot of bad memories from there. She says those mean girls always try to trip her in school and say very nasty things to her.

She says that her father helped her the most in this period and that he explained to her that every life matters the same.

Gaby says that she usually has no problem in performing in front of big crowds but that she was very nervous to sing in front of the three judges in “American Idol”: Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan.

Quick summary

Full name: Gabby Barret

Date of birth: March 5, 2000

Birthplace: Munhall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Age: 19

Profession: singer, TV show personality

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 50 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million