Fredo Santana Net Worth 2020, Bio, Real Name, Age, Height, Weight

Fredo Santana is a stage name of an American rapper Derrick Coleman who became very famous and rich in a short period of time.

Early years

He was born on July 4,1990 in Chicago in Illinois.  There isn’t much information about his childhood but it is known that he used to make problems to his parents since his teen years.

He tried to find himself in numerous hobbies, but never suceeded to actually spill out the excess energy he had.

At the age of 12, he was taken into custody and arrested for kicking down a door on  a bus on Halloween.

He later joined a gang called Black Disciple in his hometown of Chicago, and joined them in thugging and car stealing. This was one of the tougher time periods for Fredo and he claims that he would never do such things today. He says that his childhood was hard and that when he was mentally developing, he struggled with quite a lot of black thoughts.

Career Development

He released his debut album “Trappin Ain’t Dead” in  2013. It was easier for him to get into the rap game since his cousin is Chief Keef, one of the most popular rappers today. Chief Keef hired him as the CEO of his label Glory Boyz Entertainment and that gave him a huge push when he actually started to make music.

The album had a lot of  guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, his cousin Chief Keef, PeeWee and more. This also widened his fanbase since he gained a bit of fans from the each artist he worked with.

Today he has his own record label called Savage Squad Records, so he doesn’t depend on his music only.

He earns a lot of money from sponsorshis and endorsement deals he signed.

Personal life

His best friend is Lil Reese and he must be also mentioned as a great help to Fredo, who he often mentioned in his songs. He helped Fredo when he was having a hard time, he showed him the right way when he was in trouble. Fredo says that he appreciates it a lot and that he will never forget those moments.

Earlier this year, Fredo was rushed to the hospital after having a seizure, allegedly brought on him by overconsumption of Lean. Lean, also known as“purple drank,” is a drink made of cough syrup, Sprite and Jolly candy. It is popular amongst performers who love it because it’s tasty and full of sugar.

He is in a relationship with a beautiful model and an Instagram star nicknamed Madzilla. She is a fashion model, but she also spends a lot of her free time rapping,  DJ’ing and designing. Their relationship was never rumoured to be bad and they never had troubles sorting things out.

Fredo and his girlfriend got a baby boy and Fredo shared maternity pictures all over his instagram, showing his other, more emotional side to his fans. He gained a lot of sympathy by doing this.


Full name: Derrick Coleman

Nick name: Fredo Santana, Big Boss Fredo

Date of birth: July 4, 1990

Birth-sign: Cancer

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 27

Occupation: musician, rapper

Education: NA

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Religion: Christian

Father name: NA

Mother name:

Brother name:

Sister name:

Marital status: dating

Girlfriend: Madzilla (Instagram model)

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /


Pet own:

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Body: average

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: Dark brown

Shoe Size: 9 US

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: a cross tatto on his forehead

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $ 4.75 million

Social networks




Snapchat: @BigBossFredoSSR

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about Fredo Santana

A famous Chicago rapper Chief Keef is his younger cousin so they collaborated on a lot of songs and he pushed Fredo into the industry. He fought for him when he was declined by producers and Fredo says that he appreciates it and that his cousin is one of the rare family he has that supports him.

Kendrick Llamar is a guest star in his single called “Jelaous” and this helped him a lot to gain popularity.

Fredo Santana shortly appeared in Drake’s music video for a single  “Hold On, We’re Going Home”, in which he acted as Drake’s girlfriend kidnapper.

Fredo sponsors merch selling on his Instagram page and promotes various pages that he likes, as well as artists. He oftenly shares screenshots of his favorite music and captions them with his favorite lyrics.

He also has his own merch for his record house, including shirts, lighters, hats, etc.

He isn’t ashamed of smoking marijuana and different herbs. He shows it all over his Instagram and when he buys new bottles, he brags with them.

Fredo has tattoo’s all over both of his arms, his chest, and even his face. He has a tattoo on his forehead.

His signature word is the word ‘Savage’ since it’s the key term to his record house and it can be found all over his merch, printed on shirts and different clothing items.

Quick Summary

Fredo Santana is a known American rapper who is famous for his Trap Music, his tattoos on face and forehead.

He owes his popularity to his cousin Chief Keef and his best friend Lil Reese who helped him get his rapping career on the move.