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Francine Joy «Fran» Drescher is an American actress, comedian, arguments, producer, director and activist.

She became universally known for having played the nanny Fran Fenezca in the sitcom The Nanny, which was originally broadcast between 1993 and 1999 on the CBS network, apart from her nasal voice and her Queens’s accent.

Early life

Francine Joy Drescher was born on September 30th 1957 in New York City – famous later as Fran Drescher. Her parents are Sylvia Drescher, a saleswoman, and Morty Drescher, a systems analyst. She has Italian and Romanian-Jewish roots.

In nineteen seventy-three, Drescher won a beauty contest, where she was given the title of “Miss New York Teenager”. She graduated from Hillcrest High School in Jamaica, Queens in nineteen seventy-five. Soon after she enrolled in a cosmetic and hairdressing school.

When she got her license, she opened her beauty salon. Finally, Drescher moved next to her boyfriend Peter Marc Jacobson (whom she met at Hillcrest High School) to the city of Los Angeles, California in nineteen seventy-six to pursue her dreams of an acting career .

Drescher integrated many humanitarian groups and donated money to different foundations over the years. Once the actress was diagnosed with uterine cancer, she became one of the primary public figures in providing support to women victims of this disease.

In 2007 she created the Cancer Schmancer Movement Foundation, an entity whose humanitarian mission is to assist organizations that treat cancer patients.

In 2008, Drescher was appointed American ambassador of good will. The attached Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Issues, Goli Ameri, formally announced the appointment of the actress in September of that year in Washington.

The reasons for her election were stated in an official statement that said: “Drescher has been nominated for the Golden Globe and Emmy awards, survived cancer and is the creator of the non-profit organization Cancer Schmancer Movement.

She will support American public diplomatic sacrifices, including working with health organizations and women’s groups to raise awareness of women’s health issues such as cancer screening and patient rights.

At the end of two thousand and eight, Drescher attended a fundraiser for the benefit of Democratic candidate Barack Obama, with whom she worked on the preparation of the Gynecological Cancer Education and Prevention Act.

The event was also attended by other actors, such as Jamie Foxx and Lucy Liu. Attendees paid two three hundred US dollars each to attend the celebration held in a private home in Beverly Hills.

In 2009, she acted alongside politician Bill Clinton and the actress Elke Winkens at the Benefit Life Ball gala in Vienna, in activities to raise public awareness about the situation of AIDS victims and in raising funds for organizations attending People with this disease.

Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson met when they both attended Hillcrest High School in New York City in the early nineteen seventies. Soon, they began a loving relationship and in nineteen seventy-six they moved to Los Angeles, California, driven primarily by her wishes to become an actress.

They married in nineteen seventy-eight and were in a couple until nineteen ninety-six, although they remained legally married until nineteen ninety-nine.

The couple had no children. It should be incorporated that both before and after her divorce Jacobson cooperated by generating, directing and scripting 3 series starring Drescher: The Nanny, Living with Fran and Happily Divorced.

Career Path

Charm, friendliness and determination: these are the characteristics that have distinguished one of the most famous and popular comedians of recent years: Fran Drescher. Francine Joy Drescher, this is her real name, was born in the New York neighborhood of Queens, November 30th 1957.

Eager to become an actress since she was a child, the beautiful and sunny Fran attended Hillcrest High School as a young man and studied acting at the same time. Just at the acting club she meets the future television producer, who she will marry shortly after, in her twenties, on November 4, 1978.

After attending Queens College for one year, the two enrolled in a cosmetic school and, having obtained the license, opened a small salon where they cut their hair for five dollars.

But the young Fran wants to play at all costs, and in 1977 she even manages to make her debut in the cinema, in a small part in John Badham’s “Saturday Night Fever” film, alongside John Travolta. The pat on the ass that the actress gives the young protagonist in the disco scene is legendary.

Follow other small roles in films of modest value, until in 1993 comes the huge success with its tasty interpretation of the television sitcom “La Tata” (broadcast in the USA by the CBS network with the title of “The Nanny”).

Fran plays the role of a charming and effervescent girl, who, improvising as a housekeeper, wants to win the love of her attractive and staid employer, whose three children immediately win the affection and sympathy; Fran Drescher fully demonstrates her inexhaustible talent as a comic actress.

This hilarious sit-com gives her a well-deserved triumph, thanks above all to her immediate and bubbly verve, which earned her two Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe nominations and a nomination for the American Comedy Award.

In the same year Fran Drescher, after more than twenty years of marriage, divorces producer Peter Marc Jacobson, with whom she will maintain a strong friendship.

Meanwhile, the actress continues to delight the audience with some tasty cinematic interpretations, including those in “Jack” (1996) by Francis Ford Coppola, “Love is a trick” (The Beautician and the Beast, 1997) by Ken Kwapis, and “I just tore my wife to pieces” (Picking Up the Pieces, 2000) by Alfonso Arau, with Woody Allen.

In 2005 she returns to the big screen with a new and amusing sit-com, entitled “Living with Fran”, in which she plays a newly divorced and seductive forty-year-old mother, who wins a very young boy, whose relationship with the equally young son but she will not be happier than her.

Towards the end of the 90s the actress published her first book “Enter Whining”, an amusing autobiography in a humorous way, followed by “Cancer Schmancer”, in which she recounts the hard experience of living with a cancer of the uterus, which Fran Drescher has brilliantly surpassed thanks to her boundless fortitude.

After leaving the disease definitively behind, she returned to TV in 2011 with a new entertaining series entitled “Happily divorced”: the story is that of a woman who, after eighteen years of marriage, comes to discover her husband’s homosexuality; thus began to arrive several gallant appointments with many comic aspects.

Personal life

Despite currently being 62 years old, American actress Fran Drescher still fails to shed the title of “La Nana” (The Nanny) that she obtained after her hilarious performance in the remembered “sit com” of CBS that bore the same name .

Drescher was responsible for interpreting, for six years, the intrepid, charming and very sexy Fran Fine who accidentally becomes the lullaby of three upper-class children in Manhattan (N.Y.)

The story revolved around Fran, owner of an extremely nasal voice, and who first appears in the Manhattan residence of the millionaire and Broadway widow producer Maxwell Sheffield (played by the former Days of our Lives star, Charles Shaughnessy) selling Cosmetics

It is a situation of encounter between the working class and the blue blood, at the same time that Fran gives to the own and refined Maxwell and her children a dose of “Logic of the District of Queens”, helping to turn them into a healthy family and happy.

After starring for long periods at Nana Fine (which earned him nominations for the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards), Fran Drescher continued her career as a producer, screenwriter, comedian and even an activist from her country.

After marrying in 1978, at 21 years of age, with Peter Marc Jacobson, her marriage suffered a tragic experience in January 1985, when thieves were introduced to her apartment in Los Angeles and one of them raped her at gunpoint, while her husband was handcuffed.

It took many years to pass this tough test, which even took a long time to reveal to the press. In a conversation with Larry King, she said that although it was a very bad experience, she managed to get something positive out of it.

After separating from her husband in 1996, Drescher and Jacobson divorced in 1999. Fran never had children.

Years later, the actress began a relationship with a man, sixteen years younger than her. It was precisely this stage of her life that led her to produce and star in the series “Living with Fran”, which only remained in the air for a year.

Her regal dog Chester is a Pomeranian who served as the dog of CC Babcock in the series The Nanny in 1993, with the name of Chester Babcock.

When Chester died in 2000, Fran incinerated and deposited her ashes in a small ceramic box, with the inscription, “Only love now, that’s all,” surrounded by photos and candles.

In 2000, the actress suffered from uterine cancer and had to leave her career to be treated, returning in 2005, to her work as a comedian and actress. Fran Drescher currently lives in Malibu (California). her current regal dog is called Esther, of the German color Spitz breed.

In the 2000 she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, with which she remained partially distanced from the interpretation until the moment in 2005 she returned to TV with a new series, living with Fran.

Nominated for multiple Emmy awards, in two thousand and ten she was the communicator of the program The Fran Drescher Show and from 2011 to 2012 she was the protagonist of the comedy Happily Divorced.

Quick summary

Full name: Francine Joy Drescher

Date of birth: September 30th 1957

Birthplace: New York, USA

Age: 62

Profession: Actress, Writer, Activist

Height: 1.64 m

Weight: 57 kg

Net Worth: 25$ million