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FaZe Jev Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height

FaZe Jev is a popular “Call of Duty” player on the position of sniper in his FaZe Clan. He got close to his fans through his comedy videos and his interesting commentaries of games he plays.

Early years

He was born in New Jersey, USA, on October 18th, 1993 as Jason Eugene. His surname is unknown and hasn’t been yet revealed. He likes his privacy.

He is of Indian,Puerto Rican and African American descent.

He has spent most of his childhood playing games and although he later found a real job and worked shifts on it, he still found time for uploading his own videos, editing them and giving commentary on them.

He liked to play basketball but he never enjoyed it so much as video games.

Career Development

He launched his YouTube channel under the name “poketLWEWT” in 2009. At first the channel hadn’t brought much attention.

In 2012 he uploaded his first commentary video for “Modern Warfare 3” game.

Later he started sharing his strategic ways about solving  tough levels, and has been noticed by a famous “Fa Ze Clan”, an e-sports clan who fights over the net in playing computer games.

He is also known by his extreme shouts that occure during his playing Call of Duty…that’s why all his raging videos start with a caution saying “HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE!”

His “RAGETAGE” videos are his most popular videos and are uploaded on two of his channels and on “CoDKarnage”. He plays CoD online with his friends in those videos.

Why are those videos so interesting? Because they include desk smashing, screaming, squealing and very loud complaining. Once one of his co-player punched a hole in his TV because his was angry at the game.

He also uploads vlogs on his channel.

Personal life

Since he had a bad situation at home he was living with his grandparents but in 2017 he moved out from their house and is currently living with his girlfried.

His girlfriend Alexis is also an avid player of video games and is also very popular online. Her online name is SoAr AbstractSweater.

They enjoy spending time together and often post photos on their social media. They are both very active on Twitter.


Full name: Jason Eugene

Nick name: FaZe JeV

Date of birth: October 18, 1993

Birth-sign: Libra

Birth place: New Jersey

Age: 24

Occupation: COD player, YouTuber

Education: South-Doyle High School

Awards: COD Campionships winner

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: white

Religion: /

Father name: /

Mother name: /

Brother name: /

Sister name: /

Marital status: dating

Girlfriend: Alexis

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: /

Hobbies: /

Pet own: dog Ahri and cat Cameron

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 65 kgs

Body: slim

Hair Color: light brown

Eye color: blue

Shoe Size: /

Measurements: /

Distinctive Features: beard, pink headphones

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $700,000

Social networks

Instagram: /

Facebook: /


Snapchat: /


Interesting Facts about FaZe Jev

He still plays his games  in the same room he started doing it, so it’s sure he is a modest guy…

He run campaigns against alcohol and drugs, talking about it through his videos.

He has one thing that you can recognize him in a second in his videos: he is popular for his love for pink headsets.he always wears while he is recording.

The name of his most watched video is “JEV REACTS TO OLD RAGETAGES”.

Playing the Impossible Game gameplays brought him also great popularity, and he made videos for it in 5 parts.

He has over two million subscribers on his Youtube channel, so he gets a lot of income through this media and through endorsements

Pizza Hut wished him a happy 21-st birthday over Twitter, so it is sure that he is a big pizza fan.

FaZe Clan leaders are: FaZe Temperrr, Banks, Rain and Apex. FaZe Jev is a member of the clan.

He owns a collection of knives and swords of all kinds which were sent to him by his fans.

Quick Summary

FaZe Jev is a popular “Call of Duty” player who is known for his Ragetage videos. He is in a relationship with Alexis, his girlfriend and they live together with a dog Ahri and a cat Cameron in their home in New Jersey.