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Faze Apex Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

You may not know his real name but you have probably heard of Faze Apex, a popular individual in a form of a young American gamer called Yousef Abdelfattah who became one of the top players of Call of Duty video game.

He became world known as a member of Faze Clan, one of the most respectable gaming clans in the world. He is very young and already he is a role model for a lot of young people all over the world.

His name is very respectable on the Internet as he is one of the best players of online games in America.

Today he is one of the leaders of this extremely successful and powerful gaming clan so we can say for sure that he was recognized for his skills. This brings him a lot of money and fame and the chance to travel all around the world to various championships.

He meets other gamers there and upgrades his gaming skills through the process and every year following his work brings him even more net worth.

In the world of online gaming, Yousef wasn’t at first known as FaZe Apex – he was earlier known by his other name Atrocity.

Early years

He was born as Yousef Adelfattah on June 20, 1996, in the state of California in the United States in a very pleasant and warm home.

He has spent most of his youth playing with his 6 years older brother who is still his big support and roots for him whenever he can.

He has American citizenship since he was born in the USA but his parents are immigrants so he always felt that the family was looked differently.

He loved playing video games from an early age, just like most other young boys did. He had spent hours playing it but his mother let him because he wasn’t only into sitting and playing but he was also very interested in sport and workout.

So his mother was happy that he was still leading a quite healthy life. She was a very protective mother and she invested a lot of her time in her sons although she had worked hard.

He was a pupil in elementary school when he started being a skilled gamer since he had spent most of his free time playing video games.

He was only 12 years old when he began uploading material on his YouTube channel and created his YouTube vlog. He had dreams about getting famous and his dream later did come true.

It was in 2008 and from then he managed to step up his game a lot so he became one of the most successful gamers to whom many other players look up to.

Yousef grew up alongside his older brother whom he respects very much and who often visits him on his matches.

When he later made a career out of playing games his mother was sometimes heard in the background of his videos.

She didn’t like him to play video games so much as a kid but when he later became successful she had to admit that she was wrong about the fact that she thought he would never be able to financially support himself.

Career development

He created his YouTube channel and soon gained a lot of followers since he was very good at playing games.

At that time the popular video game called “Call of Duty” was on the rise and Yousef was extra good in it, especially the first-person shooting game.

He soon made a huge fan base due to his likable character and his awesome gaming skills.

The number of his subscribers was raising rapidly and his game name atrocity HD soon became known to all YouTubers.

Call of Duty community started sharing his gameplays and he was soon contacted by a lot of known Call of Duty players. They all wanted him to join their CoD groups and start earning money from his great gameplays.

He had opened his YouTube channel on November 20008. The first name of this channel was “bananafone” which seems a little humorous today.

He was soon noticed by the FaZe clan which was formed in 2010 and which became one of the biggest gaming clans today, earning thousands of dollars for playing video games.

The FaZe clan consisted of Thomas Oliveira who was the leader and the founder of the clan and two more members known to the cod community as Faze Resistance and Faze Housecat.

They also uploaded different videos with their “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” gameplays which became enormously popular. They were already very successful when they invited Yousef to join their clan.

It was in 2014 and he was more than happy to accept their invitation since it was a big deal to be a part of faze Clan and share their fame online. After joining faze clan he renamed it to FaZe Apex and today has over 5 million subscribers and millions of views on his videos. FaZe Apex has a little bit different lifestyle than his friends from the clan and likes to be very close to the community. He also likes spending times outdoors more than others.

This decision to join their clan caused Yousef’s transfer to the city of New York because it was the city where Faze Clan had their gaming house and lived together. Yousef was very appreciated for his enthusiasm as their new member.

His mother was happy for him but she was also sad because he left his home and she stayed without both of her sons who relocated due to their careers.

Faze Apex isn’t an ordinary member of the faze clan today – he is now one of the owners alongside faze Clan Stars: fazetemperrr (real name Thomas) and Faze Rain (Nordan).

They are best friends collaborators and colleagues and are involved in other business ventures, not only gameplaying and YouTube. They are trying to make online gaming closer to people of all age.

They have their website where they sell a lot of merchandise and items from their clothing line. This is a very lucrative business for them and it brings them a lot of money.

Faze Clan is not known by this name from its beginnings, the first name was Faze Sniping.

The members of the clan changed through the years but they eventually came to the top 3 players clans at the pro sports league.

The clan doesn’t only compete at the call of duty, they also compete in several other popular games like FIFA, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike.

He has a huge number of followers on his Instagram channel where he uses a username “apex”. It came to 2.3 million followers in 2019 which is a really huge number

He has his Twitter account where he has over 2 million followers and which was opened in 2011.

His Snapchat account is named “apexsnaps” and of course, he has his own Facebook page like all the other members of the clan.

He once made a Q&A with his brother on his channel where he answered different questions and made his fans laugh with his jokes.

In 2007 he had been a part of the commercial for an energy drink called G-Fuel. It was a lucrative contract for him not to mention that he could drink all the G-Fuel he needed during CoD championships.

In 2019 he had been involved in advertising the Super Bowl.

He is very close to his fans and once when he was asked by one of them to make a presentation about him he helped him make it.

It is interesting to mention that he has a strong female fanbase and almost half of his followers and subscribers are women.

Personal life

He had also spent a lot of time with his nephews. He loves them dearly and speaks of them a lot. He doesn’t use their real names, he calls them Faze Baby and Faze Baby 2.0 and posts their together photos because he spends a lot of time with them.

Many people think that gamers sit playing games all day but Faze Apex takes care of his body really good. He has his own channel which is completely dedicated to fitness and it was named FaZe Fitness.

He likes to work out a lot and he decided to upload videos of his workouts on this channel.

He also appreciates weight lifting and especially likes his upper body to be sculptured. He works out every day and is in really great shape.

His religion is Islam but it is not revealed how dedicated he is to his religion. He is not very open to discussing this theme.

After he was asked too many times about his private life and does he have a girlfriend he had made a video titled “Meet my Girlfriend”.

The person in the video was not really his girlfriend, instead, he made an ironic humorous video in which he even used an online app called “Virtual Girlfriend” to find his match in a perfect girlfriend.

He has a great sense of humor and likes to joke about himself. For example, he has a lot of tweets and >Instagram posts in which he makes fun of his height because he thinks he is too short, especially since his favorite sport is basketball.

He takes his nephews to basketball games a lot because he wants them to love that sport too. He even bought them jerseys of New York Knicks the same as he bought himself.

Quick summary

Full name: Yousef Adelfattah

Date of birth: June 20, 1996

Birthplace: California, United States

Age: 23

Profession: YouTuber, esports gamer, businessman

Height: 1,8 m

Weight: 73 kg

Net Worth: $1,5 million