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Farmtruck Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

A reality star, Sean Whitley as “Farmtruck” rose to fame as one of the main players in the Discovery Channel show, Street Outlaws.

One of the original cast members, he’s been looking at the series since it was launched in 2013.

One of the original cast members, he’s been looking at the series since it was launched in 2013. Favorite guy, he’s been in the show for five years, counting as of 2018.

Apart from his job on Street Outlaws, he and AZN are also running a successful automotive workshop in Oklahoma City, which doubles as a merchandise store.

Early Years

Popularly known as Farmtruck, Sean Whitley acts as one of the famous racers on the Street Outlaws of Discovery. The TV series is one of the discovery’s original series.

There’s an explanation why in the series he’s nicknamed Farmtruck, and that’s why the Street Outlaws runs in his 1970 Chevrolet Pickup TruckC-10 completely fitted. Read this to read about the Net worth of Farmtruck, his girlfriend, and Wiki-Bio.

Farmtruck is also one of the show’s original cast members, and since 2013 he has starred in the show. He has earned enormous riches from his fame and favoritism among the viewers.

If Sean Whitley is not pulling the truck in the road outlaws alongside his sidekick Jeff Bennett, he works in the center of Oklahoma City as a critically acclaimed gearhead.

Sean is one of the world’s leading drivers who haven’t come to the fore of running a Gallardo or a Maserati, and he’s doing it with an ancient Chevy tractor. It’s hard to deny that where Sean and Farmtruck is in the street racing business, he’s achieved it alone. He finds his break with one of the world’s most popular and expensive TV series. With his age, the net value of farmtruck is growing.

Yet unfortunately, Farmtruck’s income has not yet been revealed to the world, yet sources claim that Street Outlaws makes around $15,000 per season.

A retail shop in Oklahoma is also operated by Farmtruck.

Career Path

Farmtruck has earned an enormous amount of cash in the lengthy career, and most of its net worth comes from its Street Outlaws product other than its merchandise store.

His retail store became one of Oklahoma’s to-go locations since his TV Series debut. As of 2019, the net value of Farmtruck was $2 million.

Many reports have been made about the renowned drag racer. One of the reports was that owing to his friendship with his protégé, Farmtruck was deemed gay; the rumors were nothing but a false alarm.

Unfortunately, none of the media outlets, racing community, or the show’s fans has kept eyes on the wife and family members of Farmtruck. He’s a fairly mysterious person who makes people want more details about him. Many sources also say that in his entire life, Farmtruck has never been engaged.

From now on, details are very unclear if he even has kids of his own because he never spoke about the wife or family of Street Outlaws Farmtruck or his relatives, even in his interviews. Farmtruck is also a self-made man, like most of his cast members.

According to reality, when he decided to enter the trials, Farmtruck came into contact with AZN. A 1970 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck, which he got from one of the advertisements on Auto trader Online, was later owned by Farmtruck. Something happened then, and he decided to partner with AZN himself.

Photo of Farmtruck with his partner AZN Farmtruck and his partner AZN They became best friends after serving in Street Outlaws for the first time. The partnership between the two drag racing competitors is also extremely professional.

When Farmtruck gets behind the wheels, with his charm and fast voice, it’s AZN who steals the show. The studio is named Farmtruck and AZN shop together with the protege and the tutor own an automotive studio as described above. Even in 2019, we operate it together.

Personal life

Street Outlaws is America’s reality TV show. The series’ first broadcast on Discovery Television Channel on June 10, 2013. The show currently has nine seasons with episodes spanning from eight to fourteen differing in volume.

The Street Outlaws is a humor series where the team shows illegal street racing, aggressive driving skills, and Oklahoma City’s best racing cars. Look at the lives and net worth of’ Street Outlaws ‘ member racers.

Competition is among the cast members to decide the quickest top-ten and also against other states to evaluate who’s the fastest car. The racers are doing everything they can to risk their lives, go to prison and invest recklessly on top of the line.

Street Outlaws are chasing some of the country’s top street racers. Azn’s and Farmtruck’s story includes the excitement of the course and pace. Because they’re always seen together, people ask if Azn and Farmtruck were gay.

Over the years Oklahoma has been a host for legendary American street racers. Whether it’s a fun challenge or keeping some guys alive and for the sport in the list of the fastest riders. Link a popular Jeff “Azn” Bonnet street racer. Famous with Azn’s nickname, Jeff was later popular with the Discovery Channel TV show “Street Outlaws” in the street scene of Oklahoma.

On August 3, 1981, in Oklahoma, USA, Azn was raised as Jeffery Bonnett. In a couple of weeks he’ll mark his 30th birthday today, when he’s 36 years old. Jeff is American citizen and has mixed race ancestry.

During the war in Vietnam, his son Denis Bonnett was born in the USA.

His mother, Motsu Bonnett, who came from Taiwan, inherited Asian heritage. Following Brenda Bonnet, his elder sister, Azn is two siblings of his family.

Soon after race 2, Farmtruck told his carC-10 Pickup what he’d been doing. When their relationship evolved, they worked together on many ventures and took part as a group in the challenge. Azn pays tribute to the training Farmtruck gave him his driving skill and knowledge of the engine.

After being recognized as a street driver in Oklahoma’s, Azn became popular due to his role in the “Road Outlaws” Discovery Channel TV show.

On the race track, Azn and Farmtruck were complimented. Three of them are Azn, who does the smack talk and the technical aspects.

He receives his money from “Road Outlaws” television show and selling products. Together with his wife Farmtruck in Oklahoma Azn owns clothes store The FNA Firehouse. While he makes an enormous amount from various companies, he has so far failed to disclose the net value to the general public.

People have kept watching the races and drivers since the show’s release. If you glance at the race cars, it’s difficult for viewers to not get pumped up about the series and its characters! Azn and Farmtruck can always impress, but people ask their closeness if they are a couple. We should meet the men a little better before we get into the rumors.

At the age of 12, as he drove with his Ford pick-up dad, Sean Farmtruck Whitley fell in love with cars. His driving passion developed and he started riding in the fastest cars on Route 66 by a flashlights above his eyes.

When he spotted an ad in “Severely strong vehicle for sale” auto trader journal, Farmtruck thundered through numerous vehicles, taking them apart and mounted them, but had not yet found the perfect truck. The truck was a ChevyC-10 pickup in 1970, which was troublesome fast.

While the guy behind the wheel is Farmtruck, Azn is the ear! For over 11 years the two have been best friends, and Azn is well known for speaking when riding on the agricultural lorries.

During the 405 runs, they met and became swift friends.

Announcement Azn needs to be behind the throttle, even if he enjoys his relationship. Dung Beetle, because of its outer appearance, was tricked up by an old VW Beetle. But the 400HP CB-powered turbo engine is under the hood. Now you pimp a trip like that!

Although the two have a good bromance, people wonder how close they are. The two saw a lot of cars, bikes, boats, and sports.

You go off, have fun and enjoy the life of the road! But nothing seems romantically in their partnership, so any suggestion that Azn and Farmtruck are in a relationship for the time being is a rumor.

Quick summary

Full name: Sean Whitley

Date of birth: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Profession: Reality TV star

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth: 2$ million