Eric Decker Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Eric Decker is an ex American football player who played the NFL on the position of a wide receiver.

He originates from Minnesota and became known to a wider audience after joining a TV reality show named „Eric & Jessie: Game On“. This is the way he got known by a lot of people and it made his career way easier later.

Early years

Eric was born as Eric Thomas Decker on March 15, 1987 in a place called Cold Spring in Minnesota, a state in the USA.

He was a student at Racori High School in his hometown Cold Springs. He was a very good student and played three different sports for high-school teams: football, basketball and baseball.

He loved all of these sports but he was especially enthusiastic about football. He was so good in all sports that he received a lot of honors in all three of them. He was outstanding in football and was named as their most valuable player for two years in a row.

He received a sports scholarship for the University of Minnesota where he played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. He played very well for his team although he was hurt several times and had to rest his leg because of injury.

Career development

In 2009, at the age of 22, Eric had a meeting with a coach named Thomas Goudy. Decker joined his camp to train and Thomas really helped him, especially with his techniques. He especially focused on Eric’s ball-holding technique.

After training with Thomas, Eric has moved to the conditioning camp. After that he made history. He became 3rd best wide receiver in the history of college football. The only two in front of him were Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State College and A.J. Green from the University of Georgia.

In 2009, he missed a big part of his college Gopher’s season due to the injury he sustained in a match against Ohio State. He has sprained his foot and had to rest for quite a long time.

Decker was also very good in baseball and played for the Minnesota College baseball team. In 2008 he was chosen to become a player by Milwaikee Brewers and also in 2009 by Minnesota Twins.

Eric had a very short season as a senior college football player because he broke his left foot ligaments and had to undergo a surgery to fix it.

In 2010 NFL Draft he was finally picked by Denver Broncos. They have offered him a four-year long contract (2010-2013) for over $2 million. He decided to take it but he sat out for a rookie camp due to his foot surgery.

He didn’t get much opportunity to play in 2010 season since he was kept on the bench and replaced by Demaryius Thomas. Demaryius was their first pick. His luck changed with Demaryius’s injury so he had to go into the match instead of him.

In 2011, he was given a larger role in the offense part of his team. He absolutely loves to play in bigger roles and he is a pretty good player so others don’t mind that as well. He often says that it took him a lot of training to get there and that he is working very hard to maintain his physical strength.

In 2012, he began training with Peyton Manning, a quarterback of the team and has improved his skills. In 2013 he was in a very good shape and he helped Peyton play best games ever.

It was the same year when Decker played against the team from Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs. He was great in it and received the awards as the Offensive Player of the Week.

In 2014, Eric changed his team and signed a contract with a known New York’s team named New York’s Jets. It was a very good season for him.

His second season in the New York Jets was also very impressive and received touchdowns in three straight games and once even four straight games. It was pretty good for a guy with previous stats like his.

In 2016 Eric hurt his shoulder and became a reserve. In 2017, his team announced to him that he will probably be traded or released from the team. In the summer of 2017 he was finally released from the Jets. Hurting his shoulder was one of the scariest moments in his sports life because he didn’t know if he was going to get accepted back to the team or not.

It was the same summer when he signed a new contract with the Tennessee Titans but it was only for one year. As much as you can see, he did get a new contract and managed to get his shoulder to work like it is brand new.

In 2018 he signed a new contract with a team coordinated by Josh McDaniels, who was a former coach of the Denver Broncos.

He now works for New England Patriots. He loves being there, but he said that sport can be a bit exhausting both mentally and physically.

In the summer of 2018 he retired from NFL and focuse on some other ventures and on his family and his lovely wife Jesse.

Personal life

In 2013, Eric got married to Jessie James, an American country singer and a TV celebrity. They have two sons and a daughter together and they have a very stabile marriage.

He had met his wife Jessie through one of Jessie’s friends. They started going out in the spring in 2011 and one year later they got engaged.

In the summer of 2013 they got married and one year later their first child was born. It was a daughter they named Vivianne Rose Decker.

One year after that, Jessie gave birth to their second child, a son named Eric Thomas Decker II.

Eric is the son of Thomas Charles Decker and Sue Meyer and he has a sister Sarah Decker who is older than him and who was also an excellent athlete just like her brother.

His wife Jessie is very famous and she knows what can happen over social media.

In one of their interviews together she discovered to her husbabd that he received a nude photo of one of his female fans but that she deleted it. She spoke about all inappropriate messages and offers they both receive over Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.

They often speak about their engagement in the community. The two of them started a foundation named “The Eric and Jessie Decker Foundation” with a wish to to make a difference in the world.

They want to help others  to succeed in doing the same as Eric and Jessie: to fulfill their dreams. They also wanted to give back to everyone that helped them in some way.

They have created a part of the foundation named “Decker Dogs” where he and his wife Jessica want to help the return of military veterans with the power of love to animals.

His parents are of German ancestry and lived as a well situated middle-class family.

His older sister Sarah was watching out for him when he was little but later he was the one to take care of her. This is something that marked both of their lives and their connection is strong to this very day. He thanks his childhood and his parents for the way he acts now towards his sister.

His father Thomas, who was also called Tom worked as a manager while him mum worked in sales. They were all pretty close, but plans changed.

He was a 2nd grader when his parents decided to get a divorce. They stayed in good relations because they wanted their kids to feel safe and secure. This is something that he remembers being a hard time in his life, but he appreciates the way his parents acted.

A few years later he was going into the  seventh grade when his mother Sue got remarried. She married Jim Meyer, a man who already had two sons and a daughter.  Eric spoke about it in his interview and shared some thoughts about it.

Although divorced his parents were very supportive of Eric and his sports challenges and went on his games both in high school and in college.

They supported their daughter Sarah as well since she was also a very good athlete. She was a track runner on her college, University of Columbia.

His home town, Cold Springs, made February 11, 2014 as „Eric Decker Day“ since it was the day his team won Super Bowl XLVIII.

The third son of Eric and Jessie is named Forrest Bradley Decker and he is the youngest of three, born in March 2018.

In September 2013, Eric and Jessie Becker started starring in a reality TV show called „Eric & Jessie: Game On“ which aired on E!. The show stopped showing the very next year but began showing again in 2017.

Eric had a very traumatic experience while he was in high-school. He was attending class when the Rocori High School shooting took place. It is known that he hid in the cupboard until the shooter was arrested.

This happened in 2003 and it was a terrible tragedy in which one student lost his life and another student was wounded when their colleague started shooting at them.

He is Christian by religion. He was especially steered into religion by his older sister Sarah who took him with her into a Christian youth group. She was always worried that he would lose his goid character but he didn’t.

People from his hometown accused him that he didn’t come there for three years and that he was last there in 2015. He says that he has a lot of work to do and therefore has very little time for himself and the things he loves, but he promised the people that he’ll visit them as soon as he gets some free time.

Eric is very passionate abut golf and he says that it calms him down. He says that he can keep things in prespective and calm himself down just by playing golf. It’s his form of meditation and works best for him when it comes to stressful times.

He is involved in the work of “HopeKids” foundation which bring him great joy since he helps young people with cancer by foing charity golf events and raising funds to help families receive meds for their children. Many people were very surprised to see him do this, but they were happy because they know that he is aware of the problems surrouding him even though he is rich.

Quick summary

Full name: Eric Thomas Decker

Date of birth: March 15, 1987

Birthplace: Cold Springs, Minnesotta, United States

Age: 32

Profession: former football player, reality TV star, philanthropist, golfer

Height: 1,91 m

Weight: 97 kgs

Net Worth: $10 million