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Eivin Kilcher Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Eivin Kilcher is a well known reality TV star and is famous for his role in Discovery Channel’s TV show called „Alaska: The Last Frontier“. He is leading a very simple life, in the cold Alaskian climate, without plumbing and without modern heating and things like that.

The series includes all of his family, narrow and wide, who also live in that way.

Early years

He was born on March 6, 1984 as the oldest son of Otto Kilcher. His father’s family moved to Alaska from Switzerland at the beggining of the 20th century. They have picked Homer as the town to start their new life.

His mother Sharon got divorced from Otto in 1987, when he was only three years old. Eivin says that this hasn’t affected his life in any particular way since he doesn’t even remember his father that well and never had a special bond with him. He has only one full brother, Levi, but he gets along with his other half brohers very good.

His father is now married to Charlotte, but before that he was married twice: to Olga Von Zegasar and Sharon McKemie. Eivin says that he doesn’t really have an opinion about this: it’s his father’s life and he can do whatever he wants with it.

He finished Homer High School and graduated in 2001. But didn’t find himself working a regular day-to-day job.

Career development

Eivin became famous after the Discovery Channel chose him and his family as the main characters of their new reality TV show. The series started showing in 2011, and since then he gained a lot of fans and became a popular TV person.

The series shows their simple life, without modern equipment but with a lot of love for nature. A lot of people were spreading rumors about how fake their lives are and that they actually do it only for the fame, but Eivin’s family has been living this way since their mother married Otto who actually taught her this way of living.

Eivin built his own cabin for him and his wife and their two children, and every day he uses his survival equipment when he goes out fishing and hunting. He claims that people in the old days were working hard to get their food and the businessmen of 21st century turned living into marketing. Nobody has to work for their food, they just give money to big corporations. He is against that and says that people should maintain a healthy relationship with the nature.

He is also an excellent farmer,known for his hard work and good hands. These hands are responsible for providing his family with food throughout eight months of winter. That is the reason why he is always on the hunt for a moose or a deer.

In 2015 he got his first actual media offer and it was for a commercial he made. He says that it was an interesting experience, but also said that he could never live like that.

Personal life

His wife is his biggest support, as he says, and she is called Eve. She gave birth to Findlay and Sparrow Rose, their children.

Eve isn’t only important because of the role she has in the household in the terms of cleaning and cooking, she is also a great support to Eivin and joined him in writing their cookbook called Homestead Kitchen: Stories and Recipes from Our Hearth to Yours.


Full name: Eivin Kilcher

Nick name: NA

Date of birth: March 6, 1984

Birth-sign: Pisces

Birth place: Alaska

Age: 33

Occupation: actor, reality Tv star

Education: graduated at Homer High School in Homer

Awards: /

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: NA

Father name: Otto Kilcher

Mother name: Sharon

Brother name: Levi

Sister name: NA

Marital status: married

Wife: Eve Kilcher

Sexual Orientation: straight

Children: Sparrow Rose Kilcher and Findlay Kilcher

Hobbies: cooking

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Body: Average

Hair Color: light brown

Eye color: blue

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: NA

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2 million

Social networks

Instagram: /


Twitter: /

Snapchat: /

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about Eivin Kilcher

Eivin has a very interesting hobby- cooking. He says that he loves to help his wife in maintaining the household.

He loves cars, and he owns a Subaru XV Crosstrek. He is reallly devoted to Subaru since his first car was of that brand.

Eivin claims that people nowadays don’t understand their way of living. He says that they aren’t lonely and they don’t miss anything. They still have some of the things nowadays people use, such as a car and a radio. The thing they are mostly different about is the fact that they don’t buy food in the market, but hunt it themselves.

He also says that people oftenly misunderstand their place of living. They don’t live in a cold place where they freeze and have to wear animal fur. They have a nice cozy home where they use fire to spread the warmth through it.

His family, however, uses social media and shares their day-to-day lives on there. They post pictures of food and similar.

Quick Summary

Eivin Kilcher is a known reality TV personality who got popular by his lifestyle which is shown in his show on Discovery Channel.