Eddie Hearn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Eddie Hearn is a known name in the world of boxing since he is working as a boxing promoter and currently works as the managing director of Matchroom Sport, a promotions company whom he is the owner and a co-founder.

He is very popular in the United Kingdom and is considered as a top sports manager. He gets quite a lot of attention from the media as well, because they all enjoy his work thoroughly. He is also a director of the United Kingdom’s professional darts organization established in 1992.

Early years

He was born as Edward Hearn on June 8, 1979, in a county of England called Essex. He says that many people make fun of his accent and that they find the way he talks very obnoxious, especially when he travels to America.

He was raised in a middle-class family but later when his father started having more success in his work his family started living a more relaxed and cozier life. He is very thankful for the fact that his parents brought him up and he didn’t have to worry about anything. His only job was to get a proper education.

The reason for it was the financial security his father managed to gain for the family.

Eddie Hearns father Barry Hearn is also a sporting events promoter who is the real founder of Matchroom Sports organization. He is one of the most famous men in the business, at least he was at that time, and he was one of the few men who pursued a career formally here.

Edward was born in a middle-class family which turned to a higher class after his father turned to sports managing.

His mother Susan raised him in a stable home with his sister Kate. His father Barry worked as an accountant at first but he realized that being a promotor would improve his lifestyle and make him a serious businessman. He was very serious when it comes to business.

Barry’s goal was to earn money but to respect the sports while earning it. He was never one of those people who just shared anything on social media just to get followers and attention. He was very careful when it comes to these things.

That is why he had created and founded his business, a company titles Matchroom Sport which Eddie later took over and replaced his father as a new director. Many judge him for this and say that he hasn’t worked for his success, but he doesn’t mind those comments. He states that every celebrity has to have haters at some point.

Eddie was a pupil at Brentwood School locates in Essex but he was not so good in getting an academic knowledge. Eddie did however like sports, especially boxing. He was never too interested in learning: it was just not his thing. He was a fan of other things, such as the above-mentioned sports. He said that he loved getting to know them and train them as well.

He got involved in amateur boxing but it never turned to his new career. He hoped that he would make progress since his father was a boxing promoter but it didn’t help him. He eventually realized that he is going to have to risk too many things for his career and he didn’t want to do that.

When Eddie and his father Barry speak about Eddie’s very short career as an amateur boxer they have a laugh remembering his debut boxing match. It was located in Dagenham and Eddie was very thrilled because of it. But his enthusiasm splashed after he was announced as Eddie Hills instead of Eddie Hearn.

Eddie was outraged with it and although he won the fight he could think only about the amateur conduct of the organizators who got his name wrong.

Later on, he found out that it was his dad’s fault. Barry Hearn was already known in boxing circles at that point and he didn’t want his son to be protected by his name or looked through. That is why Barry himself told them his name was Eddie Hills. He just wanted his son to win a clear fight.

He later decided to try himself in telemarketing but it didn’t go as well as he planned. No matter that he stayed there for a big part of his college education.

He worked in telesales for a company in Romford and although he thinks it is the worst job ever he is still sure that it trained him for being better in sales.

He stated that it helped him afterward when he was promoting boxing. He said that he would love to go back to the box sometimes, but as he is getting older, this is becoming more and more impossible.

That is why he finally joined his father’s company and it turned out to be a great decision. He was 17 years old then and his father wanted to see does he have a nose for business.

He didn’t start working in his father’s company as a director but he had risen to this position with his great ideas and hard work. He knew that he was going to be one of the biggest people on the scene and that’s what pushed him to move on and continue with hard work.

He started working in the part of the company that was connected to golf since boxing isn’t the only sport they promote.

He has represented golfers on their tournaments through Europe after which he got included in darts and boxing came later on.

Meanwhile, he was even involved in online poker events and its promotion which brought them a lot of money since online poker was on the rise in that period.

Today he is proud to promote Anthony Joshua, Carl Froch, and Tony Bellew.

Career development

His father is a very skilled businessman and a promotor who managed to transfer his skills to his son who has managed to make a deal with Sky Sports, one of the biggest sporting TV program in the United Kingdom, to gain exclusive TV boxing deal.

The contract he signed with Sky Sports showed as a big success because the contract obligates Sky Sports to broadcast twenty sporting events every year.

The biggest success made by Eddie was to make a boxing deal worth $1 billion made in collaboration with DAZN, which ensured streaming of sporting events and shows all across the United States.

This arrangement ensured an exclusive stream of 16 sports events every year in the USA.

The USA market is very important to Eddie because the box is extremely popular in the US and carries a lot of money to everyone involved in it.

The money comes out from tickets, commercials, ads and various other projects that can be connected to boxing.

During his early days, he made a collaboration with IFLTV which he sponsored to maintain and increase the coverage of boxing events on Youtube.

Both Hearn and IFLTV had benefited from this collaboration. Eddie Hearn had collaborated, promoted and workes with various known fighters such as Anthony Joshua, Amir Kahn, and Maurice Hooker.

Anthony Joshua can be very grateful to Eddie since he had made him a star. The two stayed connected throughout Anthony’s career and they often appear together in the media as well.

Eddie Hearn has his own Instagram account with over 500k followers. He feels that it is very important to promote boxing through social media, Youtube and other platforms on the internet. He tries to stay close to his fans as well since he wants them to be active and to remember him.

Eddie Hearn is often compared to Don King, a legendary boxing promoter although they don’t seem to be much alike they both have very radiant personalities and are very interesting characters.

Eddie’s working ethics is much more different than Don King’s since he is not as selfish and wants his boxing proteges to be happy and earn enough money. Many people say that Eddie saved many boxers and that he made them who they are today. He isn’t one of those people who just want to earn from you, he likes to grow with you a well.

showed his talent by making his father’s company even greater but it is his father Barry that created this business.

His sports promotion journey started by promoting snooker. It was because he was the owner of a snooker hall situated in Romford in London and he wanted to make a business of it.

He has bought this snooker hall as a bargain when he was working as a property manager. He was lucky enough to buy the snooker hall just a little before snooker became popular on colored TV and BBC started promoting snooker on television.

He started investing in snooker because he realized that the sport is in the rising. In 1974 he became a sporting promoter for a lot of amateur snooker players who eventually became professionals and he earned a lot of money on their transition.

In the 1980’s he already manages a big number of professional snooker players which wasn’t only very lucrative for him but as a sporting promotor.

In 1987, Barry started promoting boxing and later turned to other sports like darts, football and table tennis.

Due to his great success, he became a chairman of a lot of clubs and corporations such as Leyton Orient football club and World Pro Billiards and Snooker Association.

Eddie is considered to be the brain behind the rise of Anthony Joshua, a known heavyweight champion.

He is also known as the man responsible for selling over 70% of ticket sales in British boxing. This is an accomplishment not many can brag with, and therefore Eddie remained one of the most popular people in the industry.

In 2019, Eddie managed to sign a contract with another potentially big boxing name. We are talking about Hughie Fury from Manchester who became a new boxer signed to Eddie’s agency.

Other known superstars are represented by his promotion company called Matchroom Boxing: Anthony Joshua, James DeGale and Kell Brook.

He has almost half a million followers on Twitter which shows how appreciated he is in his line of work. They are always there to watch his next move and to learn from it as well!

Some of Eddie’s fans claim that he revolutionized boxing in the way that he became fairer to boxers so they respected him a lot.

He gives a big chunk of money he receives from TV revenues to his boxers. He was praised for his work with boxers whim he promotes so well that they transition from national-level fighters to world champs.

The best example for this is Tony Bellew who became a world-known champ and even gain a role in a Hollywood movie called “Creed”.

Eddie showed his goos nose foe business with the pay-per-view model he uses for fight viewing.

It is considered by many sporting experts to be responsible for re-launching boxing in the United Kingdom.

Eddie Hearn doesn’t hold back his opinion. For example, he rose a big controversy after calling the world-famous boxer Tyson Fury to be “the most unentertaining fighter today”. Many people criticized him, but many agreed with him and therefore he gained some of his loyal fans by stating these controversial opinions.

Personal life

Eddie is married to Chloe Hearn, a very beautiful woman with whom he raises two daughters called Sophia and Isabella. He says that they are the reason he is humble and reminded of his beginnings.

Chloe is not only a good wife and a loving mother, but she is also the co-owner of a beauty salon in Brentwood named “Chloe’s Beauty Bar”. She doesn’t want to live off of her husband’s cash and that’s why she always does her best to earn her own money and support their family.

She had opened it together with Chloe Sims who is a known TV personality and a businesswoman. The two of them launched their collaborative business and are very successful at it.

The name of the beauty bar works great since they are both named Chloe.

His daughter Isabella Hearn was born in 2010 and his younger daughter Sophia was born in 2012.

He spends with them every free moment because he knows how he impatient was he when he waited for his father to come home and hang out with him. Eddie wishes he could sometimes be home more, but it currently isn’t an option, so he doesn’t bother with these things.

He is very grateful to his wife for all her efforts to try and make their family schedule more organized so they could see each other more often.

He likes to drive expensive cars. He has a silver Rolls Royce and with his personalized number plates.

His dad prefers to drive a Bentley but its much bigger than his son’s car.

His father calls him “the silver spoon kid” but he does it just to motivate him and remember him the values of the working class.

Quick summary

Full name: Edward Hearn

Date of birth: June 8, 1979

Birthplace: Essex, United Kingdom

Age: 40

Profession: boxing promotor, businessman, former amateur boxer

Height: 1.89 m

Weight: 84 kg

Net Worth: $20 million