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Dustin Hurt Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

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In today’s text, we are going to talk about Dustin Hurt, an American reality TV star from a very popular show called Gold Rush, we are going to talk about his family life, career path and all the other fun information you all love to read about.

Born to the family of ‘ Dakota ‘ Fred Hurt and Lorraine Hurt in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1977, Dustin Hurt is the best-recognized television personality in the show Gold Rush, a reality TV show on the Discovery Channel so, without further a due, let us get into Dustin’s biography.

Early Years

Dustin was born in 1977 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His parents were Fred and Lorraine Hurt, and both of his parents came from a working class.

Dustin Hurt, the son of “Dakota” Fred Hurt is a TV personality, known for hosting the reality TV show “Gold Rush” on the discovery channel, which has been broadcasting since December 2010.

Gold rush, created by Ed Gorsuch, runs through family gold mining operations operated by gold mining firms in Colorado and Yukon Territory including Todd Hoffman and David Turin in their quest for gold in Alaska.

A peek at Dustin’s Gold Rush damages married life and daughter, net worth, and natural website. He’s engaged to Arin Alhum Hanson’s girlfriend.

Dustin Hurt, a Dakota boy’s leader, just recently got married. In the year 2017, he tied the ties with his girlfriend Arin Alhum Hanson. The couple seemed to be very happy and in love, and Dustin was completely swept from his feet by his beautiful wife.

They still have to be blessed with kids. For personal reasons, Dustin Hurt’s engagement specifics are out of the press.

Since they’re just recently married, they may find it necessary to hold their bedroom activities secret in order to avoid speculation.

Career Path

Dustin has been a part of the Gold Rush show from the beginning of the show and is one of the main characters in it. Before starring in the Gold Rush show, Dustin worked as a firefighter and also did some construction work in Louisiana.

He seems to be a hardworking man all together, and his participation in the show is just one of his talents.

The entire show is focused on the gold miners who are giving their best to find gold. Hence the name of the show.

They all have family companies specialized in gold mining and the show focuses on their struggles that come up daily in their search for the precious material.

The show has been rung for 10 seasons now, and it will continue to do so, at least for the next couple of years. Dustin is not alone in the show, since his father is the main character next to him, and the duo seems to be winning over the hearts of the fans.

Besides being on the show, Dustin likes to work whenever he has the chance, so his net worth is definitely substantial, considering that he is not an actor or one of the A list celebrities. Dustin is living with his wife in Pennsylvania, USA, and Philadelphia. The estimated net value of Gold Rush Dustin Hurt is estimated to exceed $1 million.

He pulled in this amount because he was a cast member of the reality series, Gold rush, and also because of his job as a wildland firefighter in the California Forest services.

His income per episode of Gold rush is not established yet. Nonetheless, he and Fred Hurt had left the show in season 5 owing to salary conflicts with the discovery channel, as they thought they didn’t earn enough and the discovery channel couldn’t compensate for the operating expenses incurred during the reality show filming.

On the reality show of the discovery channel, Gold Rush where their gold mining exploits were highlighted, the Dakota boys hit the screens. We left back for a while but were back for the reality show’s eighth season which kicked off on January 8, 2018.

They had started to film their show “All that Glitters” produced by Kirk Ross and recorded by Raw Tv, which was accompanied by Fred Hurt and his son Dustin as they attempted to channel a river in pursuit of gold through an old pipe.

Dustin Hurt is a star on American reality TV. He made a major appearance in the Gold Rush show, but only some of its episodes. “Gold Rush” is a collection of American reality television showcasing Discovery Channel debut. This centers around some men in the mining industry employed in Alaska’s mountains to mine Gold. Let’s find out more about the history of the wiki form of Dustin Hurt. See also his net value.

Dustin Hurt is a leader of the Dakota boys of the miners. The family includes several men who were together in the mining industry.

Personal life

There is little knowledge about the mother of Dustin Hurt as she was off the public side even before she was married to Dustin. We don’t know now whether or not the couple has any kids.

But, as they’ve been engaged recently, the pair seems to have no children at the moment. Nonetheless, we will always be here to post them in case of more details about the same.

Dustin Hurt is the son of Dakota Fred hurt (a former gold miner from Minot, North Dakota) and is often at odds with his uncle, Dakota Fred Hurt, but they are now reconciled and living in peace. The entire show is focused on the gold miners who are giving their best to find gold. Hence the name of the show.

They all have family companies specialized in gold mining and the show focuses on their struggles that come up daily in their search for the precious material.

He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Dustin Hurt has not yet revealed details about his date of birth and age. The hobbies of Dustin Hurt include hiking, snowboarding, and climbing rock. He is a part of Dakota boys who, after the Hoffman crew left, work in the porcupine creep quest for gold mines.

Dustin Hurt made a fortune from his regular television appearance. The actor’s net worth is reported to reach $1 million. His main source of income is through his acting career and his role in the reality TV show. This is worth noting that, considering that he is still involved in performing, his net worth is prone to raise and he is therefore still likely to get something early.

Gold Rush Dustin Hurt is the leader of the Dakota boys looking good with Cool HAT Dustin Hurt. He’s Dakota’s son Fred Hurt and he’s got a brother. We are naming themselves kids from Dakota. When he was born, it’s not obvious, but he was born and raised in Alaska. The actor’s mother died following years of fighting leukemia in 2016.

The’ Gold Rush’ of Discovery Channel included the gold miners ‘ film. Dakota Boys is one of the top professional gold mining groups. Dustin Hurt is one of Dakota Boys ‘ influential members and offers his dad support.

Hurt was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and soon after graduation from secondary school started working in construction. Yet his focus shifted in his early 20s.

For the California Forest Service, Hurt decided to became a wildland firefighter. Before they spread, he worked to suppress forest fires and spent a long time working alone.

Hurt has operated as an automated firefighting system for several years. Earlier on, Fred Hurt left at the Jim Placer Mine to meet his uncle. Fred Hurt’s group worked at the Porcupine River after the Hoffman Team had been pulled down.

Upon leaving high school, Dustin received the money working in the house. In his early 20s, he even earned the luck of serving as a firefighter for the California Forest Service. At the age of 24, Dustin became a California Forest Service wildland firefighter. He eventually left his job and decided to support his father in gold mining.

The Dakota Boys are in another Gold Rush mining company: White Water. Fred and Dustin Hurt have taken things to a different level this time around and placed together a diverse team of mountaineers, plungers and forest mechanics to mine gold from the rapids of Alaska in a rugged canyon.

Alongside the riches of Dustin, his uncle, Dakota Fred Hurt has a net worth of $6 million, which he earned over 25 years from his own construction business and gold mining.

Dustin likes to keep his family life private, which is the main reason why we have little knowledge about his personal life and the things that are happening behind closed doors. So far, there haven’t been any incidents revolving around his family and he seems to be leading a happy and satisfying life.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to learn a bit more about this popular reality TV star.

He is a living example how people can succeed so much in life by being focused and doing what they know best, even though it doesn’t mean they are finishing college or working in an office. When you are talented enough, anything is possible.

Quick summary

Full name: Dustin Hurt

Date of birth: 1977

Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana

Age: 42

Profession: reality TV star

Height: 1.79m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 1$ million