Drake Bell Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Drake Bell is a popular young American actor, singer and a musician from California who gained fame after he got hired by Nickelodeon to play roles in their TV series called “The Amanda Show” and “Drake & Josh”.

He also gives his voice to a character of Peter Parker in all animated Spiderman series aired on Disney Channel.

He is also an ambitious musician and he tries to be involved in as many fields of the media world as he can.

Early years

He was born as Jared Drake Bell, on June 27, 1986, in the town called Newport Beach, which is a known coastal city located in Orange Country, in California, in the United States.

Jared Drake was born into a loving family of Robin Dodson, who is a pro billiards player and his father Joe Bell. He said that he is very thankful for both of his parents because they are very caring and loving, and they both supported him when he started as a young actor, which is not something all parents would do.

He has four siblings with whom he had spent a lot of happy years together. They are three brothers called Robert, Joey and Travis and he also has one sister named Kellie. They love to meet up with each other now that they are in different parts of the world, but they rarely have the time to meet up altogether!

His happy childhood finishes when he was 5 years old when his parents got divorced and he was to young to understand it.

He says that he blamed himself for some time and that this was possibly the hardest thing he had to go through because he partially didn’t even understand what was going on.

Although he still felt their love towards hum he witnessed some very unfortunate series of events, his parents arguments and similar, which also affected his siblings.

Since his parents have roots from Europe he has English, he has Swedish and even Scottish ancestry. That’s why he is also proud of his roots and why he likes to talk about them.

Drake was a big fan of skateboarding when he was a kid and has spent a lot of time skating over the neighborhood. He said that he loved to spend that extra energy on skateboarding and that it was a very fun thing to do altogether.

He became very good at it and can still do some good tricks with his skateboard. Sometimes, he says, he falls, but it reminds him of all of the good times he had in his childhood.

Another of the childhood activities he loved most was going to punk rock shows which awaken his love for music.

When he became popular he stated a lot of times that these punk rock shows influenced him a lot and that he was by them to enter the world of music.

His father Joe Bell wanted for his sons to get involved in sports and tried to force him to play baseball seriously.

He joined him in Little Baseball League but Jared never really got interested in it as his father wished.

But on the other hand, he was great at public speaking and was good when it came to impersonating TV celebrities or known public figures.

Drake was a student at the Orange County High School of the Arts.

Career development

That is how he entered “Home Improvement” when he was only 7 years old. Before that he starred in a TV commercial for Whirlpool.

“Home Improvement” however, was an American sitcom with Tim Allen which was aired on ABC from 1991 to 1999.

This brought more attention to the little boy. In 1996, at the age of 10, he gained a small role in a very popular movie hit called “Jerry Maguire”.

Two years later, in 1998, he appeared in one of the biggest comedy TV series ever, called “Seinfeld”.

It was in its episode named “The Frogger”. His next bigger role was a year later in a TV commercial for an extremely successful video game made by Game Freak: Pokemon Red & Blue.

He also had a small role in a movie titled “Dragon World: The Legend Continues”.

Jared also gained an important role in a TV movie called Jack Bull.

His great act in a role od Cage Redding has brought him a nomination for Young Artist Award.

He was 12 years old when he took an interest in learning to play some instruments. He was especially interested in guitar so he started taking lessons on it.

In 2001 he appeared in a movie titled “Chasing Destiny”. He starred alongside Roger Daltrey, an English actor and a rock singer who started giving him lessons and introduced him to this great instrument.

In 1999 he appears in a very popular Nickelodeon show called “The Amanda Show” which is a kind of a sketch comedy show with Amanda Byres as the lead star of the show.

It was until 2002 that he played in it, to the time the show was canceled. “The Nightmare Room”, a popular series of the horror genre was one a great project for him, a little different from the ones he used to do because it was a scary screenplay made for the series.

In 2003 he became a regular member od “Drake & Josh” show, alongside Josh Peck (with whom he already collaborated on “The Amanda Show”).

He had huge success by making his song called “Found a Way” features as a theme song for the show.

It was released at the beginning of 2005. One of his other successful soundtracks was the one title “Highway to Nowhere” which appeared also on the soundtrack of “Drake & Josh” but also in one episode of Zoey 101 series on Nickelodeon TV.

In 2005 he has won a great award: the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award in the category of “Favorite TV Actor” which was a prestigious award because the fans were the ones to choose it.

“Yours, Mine & Ours” is Raja Gosnell’s family comedy movie from 2005 which was produced together by MGM and Nickelodeon so Drake got an opportunity to star in it alongside a world popular actor Dennis Quaid.

Miranda Cosgrove from Drake & Josh also starred in this movie.

His first album was released in the summer of 2005 and it was released through independent sources.

It was titled “Telegraph” and has 12 songs in it.

Since Drake was a skilled songwriter he has written lyrics for all of his songs except the one already features earlier in the series.

It is called “Highway to Nowhere”. His album was released again in the summer of the same year.

One of his singles was called “Down We Fall” and it was again featured in an episode of his series “Drake & Josh”.

He collaborated with Hawk Nelson on his Single “Bring ‘Em Out” which was also released on the soundtrack of the family movie “Yours, Mine and Ours”, already mentioned before.

In 2006, Drake was offered a contract from Universal Motown studio so he released his 2nd album at the end of 2006.

Drake was again the writer of all of his songs. This time he had co-writers helping him and he gave that job to C.J. Abraham and Michael Corcoran.

This album entered the Billboard Top 200 list and went to No. 81. This album was extremely successful in Mexico, where it entered the Top 100 chart on the 4th place which is very high.

The lead single from the album was “I Know” which was followed by a music video. “Make Me Happy” was one of the songs from the album which was featured on an episode of “Drake & Josh”.

This song became so popular that it was later released on iTunes.

Drake Bell also performed alongside Miranda Cosgrove the same year. It was for the theme song of an extremely popular “iCarly Show”.

Drake also sang a new Christmas song like “Jingle Bells” on the “Drake & Josh” Christmas special.

In 2008, he released a DVD named “Drake Bell in Concert” which had wild success in the United States but managed to enter the music lists in Mexico.

He toured Mexico with his band and had a great time there. He had five live concerts in a row and they were all huge successes and sold out to the last seat.

Drake gained the lead role in a superhero comedy movie named “Superhero Movie” and was honored to make a theme song titled “Superhero! Song” where he sang alongside Sara Paxton who was also featured in the film. The song was released on April 2008.

In the summer of the same year, he appeared in a comedy named “College” with Andrew Caldwell and Kevin Covais by his side. It was released through MGM.

His two songs managed to be released on MySpace and they were used as a theme song for Twalkin commercial.

In 2009 Drake Bell announced the release of his 3rd album but the album was never released for unknown reasons.

In 2010 he starred as Drake Parker in an episode of iCarly named “iBloop”.

He had gained the role of Timmy Turner in two Fairly Odd movies titles “Grew Up, Timmy Turner” and “A Fairly Odd Christmas”.

This was in 2011. Drake has released a music video on Youtube in 2011, for his song named “You’re Not Thinking”.

In the summer of the same year his EP named “A Reminder” was also released through his label named Drake Bell Entertainment.

The lead single from this EP is named “Terrific”. The songs were produced by John Fields who later sued Drake for not getting the complete amount of money for producing the songs.

He was cast as Spider-Man in two animated Spider-Man TV series and gave his voice to the same superhero in two Marvel video games (in 2013 and 2014).

He was one of the contestants in a TV shows “Splash” which was a competition in diving. He came 3rd.

In 2013 he has released two new songs: “Nevermind” and “Christmas Promise”. He gave his voice to characters in a lot animated series like “Adventure Planet” and “Under Wraps”.

He joined the cast of the 3rd sequel of The Fairly Odd Parents movie as Timmy Turner. The sequel was named “A Fairly Odd Summer”.

It was released in the summer of 2014.

He files for bankruptcy in 2014, but before that, he has released his 3rd album “Ready Steady Go!”, released by Surfdog Records. This album entered the Billboard 200 list.

He started his “Ready Steady Go!” Tour through high schools and performed in Mexico City as well.

His next project was an animated movie “A Mouse Tale”, a smasher movie called “Los Angeles Slasher” and “The Frog Kingdom” with Cameron Dallas and Bella Thorne.

He made a guest appearance on a popular FOX TV series titled “Grandfathered”.

In 2015 he injured his wrist in a pool dive so badly that he thought he would never play the guitar again but it has recovered nicely.

Due to his great number of fans in Mexico, he has started a tour there in February 2016. The tickets sold out in just a few minutes after they were released.

In 2017 he gained a role in a movie sequel named “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy”.

Personal life

As for his personal life, we must speak about a severe accident in which Drake was engaged in back in 2005.

It happened when the driver of another car fell asleep while driving and crashed into the car where Drake and his friend was in.

Drake sustained serious injuries which included fractures neck and a broken jaw. He has lost a log of his teeth and his face was stitched by 70 stitches.

Two years later he has bought her first house in a neighborhood of LA called Los Feliz.

The house was taken from him in 20q4 when he filed for bankruptcy.

He has debts of more than $500 000. In 2015, he was arrested for DUI and was sentenced for probation in four years.

As for his love life he had a lot of girlfriends. In 1999 he started dating Amanda Bynes, a star of the “Amanda Show” where they originally met. They were a couple for 2 years, until December 2001.

In 2002, Draks has been introduced to Fefe Dobson, a beautiful and talented Canadian singer but they dated for more than 3 yeara until they realized that they aren’t meant for each other.

After his splif with Fefe, he had found solace in an actress named Quinn Paul.

They were a very nice couple but also split soon, in November the same year. He was also seen with an actress Torrey DeVitto the same year.

His new girlfriend soon became a Young Youtuber named Stevie Ryan and they had an emotional relationship that lasted for six months.

He was very upset after she died one year later and shared very emotional tweets about her.

His relationship with a model names Melissa Lingafelt was very long and lasted 3 years. It ended in the summer of 2009.

After dating Melissa he started his love relationship with Hofit Golan, a beautiful Israeli model. They split up in 2010 when he started going out with Tess Taylor.

He’s very serious and long relationship with Paydin LoPachin started in 2010.

They got engaged after one year of dating but took separate ways in 2016.

He is in a stable relationship with am actress Janet Von from 2016.

She starred in “How to Survive High School” and “Dawning of the Dead”.

Quick summary

Full name: Jared Drake Bell

Date of birth: June 27, 1986

Birthplace: Newport Beach, Orange County, California, United States

Age: 33

Profession: singer, actor, musician

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $300,000