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Doug Walker Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Doug Walker is a pretty popular American content creator. He acts in and directs a series called Nostalgia Critic and he has launched this in July of 2007 on a platform called YouTube.

It wasn’t even that popular back in the day, but he just wanted to share his love for movies and series.

He is a YouTube star and he has many channels that people know him from.

One of them is That Guy with the Glasses, while the other is Nostalgia Critic.

All of his work is hyper-edited and he absolutely loves to act in them.

He currently has over 150 000 people watching him on a daily, those are the people that subscribed to his channels.

Early years

Although his name doesn’t seem to imply that, Doug Walker was born on November 17th in the year 1981 in Naples, which I sin Italy.

Many people tell him that he doesn’t even sound Italian and that he should make more videos about Italy as well.

His mother is called Sanders Polkow Walkes and she used to be an opera singer, which is very respected in Italy where they live.

His father is Barney Walker and he was a naval officer.

His mother wasn’t always a singer and her true education and career were being a therapist.

He said that his parents both loved him very much and that he is very grateful for that because he wouldn’t feel confident enough to create content on the media without their help during many years.

He explains to people why he doesn’t have an Italian accent. His father used to travel a lot as an officer and that’s why the family had to move around as well.

His mother could not be an opera singer anymore and the parents got divorced when they realized that someone will have to settle down with Doug.

Doug used to go to Northern Ilinois University and he studied film and social communications.

He said that he wanted to pursue his dreams for a long time and that he was ready to invest in what he wanted to be.

Career development

He started his career all the way back in high school where he got small plays in the theatre.

He said that education was not something that he was very interested in, but he knew that he had to go through it if he wanted to live a good life after.

He makes reviews of movies and he says that he absolutely loves to do that, but the platform that he chose in 2007 as we mentioned above, YouTube, did not really give him that much space.

He would get copyrighted all of the time and because of that, he would often have to re-upload things and lose time on this.

Currently, his channel called „That Guy with the Glasses“ is owned by a company that’s called Channel Awesome. He obviously thought that he would get a good deal and that’s why he is under them.

It was in July of 2017 that he opened his most famous channel called Nostalgia Critic. His first review was the Transformers movie and he was very sarcastic in all of his reviews.

Many people did not notice this and because of that, he would very often get the hate on his videos and people that told him he had no idea about taste.

In 2012, he changed the name into To Boldly Flee and he focused more on the sci-fi kind of stuff because he was very interested in those as he watched more and more movies.

In 2013, he realized that people were bothered about the name change and he brought the old name back. He was now not under YouTube any more and he was very happy about that since he was finally able to use his channel to the full potential since they weren’t restricting him anymore.

He talked many times about the way YouTube functions when it comes to copyright and stuff like that. He didn’t like it and he said that he should move, but he had no money at that time and not many people were interested in his show.

Later that changed and he finally got the opportunities he was waiting for.

The people that appear in his most popular show, Nostalgia Critic, are Doug Walker, Rob Walker, and Malcolm Ray.

Doug is the critic and he has angry rants all of the time. Rob is his big brother, and actually his big brother in real life, and he acts as many smaller roles and the most popular one was Santa Christ.

Malcolm is a friend of the main Critic and he has played a devil in a sketch that everyone loved.

Some other people that play there are Rachel Tietz, she had acted as the character of Kim Kardashian as well, Tamara Chambers, Jim Jarosz and more. Most of these characters are similar to what they are in real life, the idea claims, but many fans say that it’s not really like that.

As for how the world views the show, the opinions are very polarized. Some people praise the humor and claim that it’s the funniest thing on the Internet. Others say that he is not funny at all and that his humor is just rude and dry.

However it is, the series has grown a huge following that seems to call themselves a cult.

The producer of Gargoyles said that he loved the episode of the show where they reviewed his stuff.

Other producers like Ralph Bakshi said that they also loved the work that has been done on their show.

The series has been translated to other languages by the fans on YouTube, but this is not official and those are only subtitles that people have added on themselves.

Some of the most popular ones you can see are the French and the Spanish ones, and some of the episodes are even translated in Polish.

The parody of Pink Floyd also did sort of well, but the fans got triggered by it a lot.

Personal life

It was very tough for him when his mother died in 2016, but he adds that he was happy that she at least died in her sleep and didn’t feel any pain.

His wife is called Robin Poage and the duo got married in June of 2012.

She rarely appears in his videos because she can be a bit shy, but she did appear a few times and surely didn’t go unnoticed by the fans.

They dated for a very long time, but he wanted to keep this secret to the online world until they were a few years into their marriage.

He says that he is an absolute coffee addict and that he loves to drink multiple ones each day.

He thinks that that’ the only thing that connects him to the main character that he is portraying in his most popular series online.

He and his wife have two dogs and two cats. Many wanted to know whether they have any kids and for now they don’t, but we’re sure that they will eventually because he has hinted a few times in the movie reviews that he would „Love to watch something with his kids“.

He doesn’t really drink alcohol and he says that he loves being vegetarian. This changed his lifestyle completely, gave him more energy to pursue his dreams and go through his daily life.

Many people used to think that he had fake glasses one, but the glasses that he wears are his and he actually needs them to see. They’re not just some glasses that he uses for the show.

Quick summary

Full name: Doug Walker

Date of birth: November 17th, 1981

Birthplace:  Naples, Italy

Age: 38

Profession: YouTube star

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Net Worth: $1 million