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Doug Demuro Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Doug DeMuro, real name Douglas DeMuro, is a very popular and skilled American columnist and author who mainly works in the automotive niche.

He is working as the article writer for a very popular automotive blog named “Oversteer”, owned by website named

Doug also has his own YouTube channel which he uses for posting reviews of cars he tries out and gives his opinion about them. He says that it is phenomenal that he built his career from this part of his life, that he actually enjoys very much.

Doug is a big lover of cars and has focused his career in working in that branch. That’s one of the reasons he is so good at what he does: he really loves it and finds it phenomenal to review.

Early years

He was born as Douglas DeMuro on May 22, 1988, in the capital city of one of the United States state Colorado called Denver. Douglas always talked nice things about his hometown and he said that he was very thankful for growing in the United States. He had some really good chances to succeed from an early age and he took all of the changes that were up his way.

He was raised in the same city and showed interest in cars from an early age. His mother said that he would always play with cars, especially in his imagination. When they were out, he was always lurking around them.

When he was just a little boy he could name and distinct all car brands and had his own little collection of toy cars. He was obsessed with them and their speed and always spoke about it to anyone who would listen. At the time, his mother didn’t really think that this will stick with him, but it did and little did she know that he will make a career out of it.

He continued following his passion and as soon as he could get his driver’s license he did. He said that this was one of the best moments in his life since he could finally fully experience what he had been crazy about for the longest time.

He was a student at George Washington high school and was a very good student. Many people have prejudice and think that he is very stupid just because he works with cars, but he was actually a very smart pupil.

After high school graduation, he continued his education by enrolling the Emory University in Atlanta, located in the state of Georgia. He wanted to get full education.

While being in college he worked in the Customer Service Technician of Ferrari company in order to finance himself. He said that it didn’t really feel like work because he enjoyed talking about cars and getting to know the new models.

He finished college and gained his bachelor’s degree in the field of economics. Soon after finishing college he started working because she had to support himself while being away for home so long. He wanted to find a job that was related to his love for cars or his degree, and he was lucky enough to get a pretty good one right away.

During his time in college, he worked as a Resident Advisor for the college and while doing that he met a very good friend who later became his wife. He was very happy when he met her and he said that he knew right away that she was going to be his spouse. She always jokes that that’s what he says for the TV.

His very first job was in a company which traded cars because he had a plan to work in any automotive related company so he could continue enjoying his passion for cars. His mother was surprised to see how lucky he was to land straight into this business.

He was hired on the place of vehicle manager in the headquarters of “Porsche” in Atlanta. Other then his usual work in Porsche he started writing articles for where he sincerely spoke about cars and its pros and cons.

He was really good at writing so he decided to pursue his career as the automotive writer since his articles were very well-read on the website. He soon started to think that he could maybe even write a book about cars, but this sort of stayed in the back.

It was one year after he joined Porsche that he quit his job because he liked writing more than working as a manager in the Porsche company.

Career development

In 2013 he started writing articles for a known website called “The Truth About Cars”. A few months later he began writing for another automotive related website called “Jalopnik”. This site was focused on everything connected to vehicles and was trying to find a way to expand its audience. That is why it gave Douglas a great opportunity to show his knowledge about cars and his good writing skills connected to a great sense of humor.

During his period of writing, he managed to complete the writing of two books which he published just a few months after that. The first book he published was named “Plays With Cars” and in it he spoke about his personal experience with cars.

The book published in July 2013 described his past with cars like, for example, his decision of buying a Land Rover without seeing it or traveling across the country in a Lotus Elise during the time of heat and without air-conditioning in the car.

In this car, he wrote reviews for all the cars he owned and he did in the 3rd person. The viewers liked it very much.

His second book was an e-book called “From My Perspective”. This book is a compilation of short memoirs from Doug, describing problems surrounding us on a daily basis.

He spoke about his college views, talked about the American road infrastructure and shared his opinion about countries overseas and the way Americans are perceived there. The book was called witty and fresh.

The name of his first book is also the name of his blog he started writing in 2013: “PlaysWithCars”.

In the period he was working for the Jalopnik website Douglas was assigned to writing columns and also answering letters from readers who mostly wanted advice.

But he also made YouTube videos and car reviews. He was very liked by the readers and they were very intrigued by his personality. He soon gained a lot of views on his YouTube channel which eventually brought him new collaborations and challenges in his area of expertise.

For example, he bought a fee used cars for himself only because some of his readers recommended it and then he wrote about those cars, made reviews and others.

That way he bought a Ferrari from 2004 and he had to get a loan for it. He drove it for one year before he sold it and shared everything about it with his readers and viewers.

In 2014, Douglas decided to move to Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania and continued working for Jalopnik.

But he started writing for the Truth About Cars again so he’s hand was full.

In 2016 he bought another car recommended by his readers. It was an Aston Martin. His following book was titled “Bumper to Bumper” and it was again a compilation of his car-related stories like about how he crashed the company Porsche into a tree once or how he was once detained on the Canadian border.

The book was released on June 2016 and has over 300 pages. A lot of his articles and reviews were published by other media like the Philadelphia Media Network and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In 2016 he transferred to the position of an editor of “Oversteer”, a nee blog launched by the website named

He continued writing his columns but this tike he took more time to make videos and car reviews which was something his audience demanded.

Some of the cars he reviewed were Ford GT, Ferrari F4, Tesla 3 and even Yugo. His reviews were made in a way that hr shows of the car, drives it and gives it his score from 10 to 100 for the best car.

He named it “Doug Score” and it seems that his viewers like it very much. His Youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers which are a great success for someone working in automotive niche.

A lot of his videos have over 5 million views and some the most viewed are named  “Here’s Why the BMW i8 Is Worth $150k” and “Here’s Why The Tesla Model X Is an Awful Car”.

The success of this channel gave him the idea to launch his second channel on YouTube. He named it “More Doug DeMuro” and has over half a million people subscribed on his channel.

In 2017 he made a TV appearance in a popular web series named “Jay Leno’s Garage”. The series speaks about cars and motorcycles Jay Leno owns.

Doug was blindfolded in that series and had to guess the cars for just touching them.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he met his wife while he was working as a Resident Advisor in Atlanta at the University.

They first became friends but later entered a romance and found out that they are a very good match and they understand each other very good.

They started posting their photos on their social media accounts in 2014. In that period she was a student in Philadelphia where she graduated from in 2015.

They got married on July 2017 and posted the photos of wedding on Instagram. They decided to go on their honeymoon to the north where they drove of course.

In 2018 Doug took his wife to Amsterdam in Europe because the two of them were both traveling enthusiasts.

He also bought her a car the same year. It was a Volvo because he wanted his wife to drive in the most secure car on the planet.

Doug is very close to his parents who supported him on his journey of becoming a star. After he released his first book his mother bought 50 copies of it to give to her friends and family as a present.

Doug has over 190k followers on his Instagram account. His favorite TV series is “The Gilmore Girls”. He currently lives in San Diego in California.

He loves animals a lot like his wife too. She grew up with two collies she adored so he proposed to her wife with a borrowed collie wearing an engagement ring for her.

Their cake for their 1st anniversary was shaped as a bearded collie. After they finally bought their first house in 2019 they decided to get a bearded collie named Noodle.

He and his wife visited a lot of countries, from Vietnam and Thailand to London on their 45 days long tour and the part of it they drove in his Defender.

Since he loves cars he owns several of them and a lot of them are pretty old. The oldest cars he owns is a Mercedes-Benz 500E from 1993, A Range Rover Classic from 1995 and a Dodge Viper from 1997.

He also owns an Audi A4 from 2001, a Lotus Elise, and a 2011 Cadillac.

Quick summary

Full name: Douglas DeMuro

Date of birth: May 22, 1988

Birthplace: Denver, Colorado, United States

Age: 31

Profession: columnist, writer, Youtuber

Height: 192 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $400 k