Don Jazzy Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Africa is full of great artists, performers and musicians. How talented they actually are, we can conclude by the fact that their songs have managed to reach all parts of the globe, and more and more people have heard of them.

We are going to talk about one of the most famous producers in Nigeria, Don Jazzy.

We are going to talk about his net worth, how he managed to create his career and what his personal life actually looks like.

If you want to find out more about this talented artist, here is a great opportunity to do that.

Early years

Michael Collins Ajereh also known by the nickname Don Jazzy is a producer and businessman born on November 26, 1982 in Nigeria.

Founder of the former Mo’Hits Records label, he is now founder and director of the famous African label Mavin Records. He is the second richest African artist according to FORBES after Akon.

He grew up in Lagos in a family where business and music are part of everyday life. His father is a businessman and a strong hand of the music industry, his mother is also a businesswoman.

It is therefore a bit normal that he has taken this path. Don Jazzy is a sobriquet he acquires when he is still in high school. He learned to play drums at the age of 4 and then tried various other instruments later.

After a degree in commerce, Don Jazzy moved to the United Kingdom in 2000, at the invitation of an uncle who wanted him to play drums in his church. He then goes into several trades to earn a living.

He worked at McDonalds and also as a security guard. There, he meets Solek, Kaz, JJC and The 419 Squad whose singer D’Banj was a part; with which he records, produces several kinds of music.

Michael Collins Ajereh Enebeli aka Don Jazzy, a composer, singer and rapper. A notable producer, he’s the founding father of virtuoso Records and virtuoso Radio.

Since the is no more information about his earl years and his childhood, we are going to continue on writing about his career path and how he became as popular as he is right now.

Career path

Don’s career started in 2004 with his collaboration with D’Banj and under the Mo’ Hits Records. The first song he ever came out with made him a lot of success and he was almost instantly recognized as one of the best new coming artists in Nigeria.

His first recognition as an artist came in 306. Named “Best Newcomer 2006” at the Channel O Music Video Awards, he’s conjointly the creator of the virtuoso Records label. At the request of yank rapper Kanye West, he conjointly works as a producer on G.O.O.D. Music of this last…

Don Jazzy was born to a father, Collins Onwuneme Enebeli, originally from Isoko, Delta State (famous comedian, one in every of the commencement fathers of the Nigerian Nollywood and music producer), and a mother, Patience Enebeli, a former chorister WHO became an affluent businessperson from Umuahia, Delta State.

Bathing from his early years within the world of the humanities, it’s quite naturally that the young Michael Collins Ajereh got into music from early on. From the age of four, he’s proficient for singing and percussion, and at age twelve, he’s obsessed with the guitar, 2 instruments that he can master absolutely.

Later, he pursued management and business management studies at theologies Alli University Ekpoma in Edo State, southwestern African nation. In 2000 he stirred to London (England) to go to his uncle, WHO typically invited him to come back and play drums within the church in his neighborhood. To live, he will odd jobs, turning into a watchman or worker at McDonalds.

Mastering Nigerian ancient percussion absolutely, Don Jazzy enriched his musical information throughout his keep within the English capital by meeting Nigerians from London, open like him to alternative music: JJC Skillz & 419 Squad, D’Banj or Styl G. With these, he records and plays numerous musical designs

In 2011, his talents attract the attention of Kanye West. He offers to work as a producer to his G.O.O.D Music label. Don Jazzy then collaborates with Kanye West, Jay-Z on the song Lift Off featuring Beyoncé from their album Watch The Throne.

He also earns millions of nairas by signing with Samsung, MTN and Loya Milk.

Don Jazzy started his record label in 2012 under the Mavin Records. There are many famous celebrities, singers and stars under his record label name and he often shares news about upcoming projects with artists. He is called as one of the best producers in Nigeria and many people know him just by his name.

His popularity is massive in Nigeria and he continues to surprise his fans with new projects. Some of the most famous songs he produced are Take Banana, Yolo and I am MAvin. Hi cooperation with other artists don’t always go as planned. In 2013, news were full of rumors of his alleged clash with a fellow artist called Wande Coal.

The artist allegedly left the Mavin Records after the fight, but this incident hasn’t hurt the label that much. People still believe in Don Jazzy, and know he can create some smash hits in no time. In 2014, he was in news again but for a good cause.

He produced a song for a very popular artist from Nigeria called Reekado Banks. The song’s name was Arise and it was a social activist song. He decided to give his influence and help and support the social activist causes.

Another fight of his was in the news as well. He allegedly had a disagreement with Olamide and the reason for the fight was a fight about who should win the Next Rated award. In the end, the winner of the award would get a car and both of the artists apologized to each other after the whole thing ended, feeling sorry for the incident in the first place.

With several awards for his talent as a producer to his credit, the talented Don Jazzy is considered the African Timberland. Today, he still wears his label high, chaining tubes and opportunities in gold. Normal that he is considered one of the most influential African artists with a well-stocked bank account.

Don Jazzy has a net worth of staggering 10$ million. This amount is mostly due to his amazing producing skills and from all the collaborations with famous artists from Nigeria. Do Jazzy has many followers on his social media accounts and all of the followers are mostly from the African continent.

He often flaunts his success on his social media accounts, and shows how he managed to create everything he ever wanted for himself. Don Jazzy appeared in a movie called the Last 3 digits in Nollywood. H acted alongside with Moses Inwang and also Nonso Diobi and Dr. Sid.

His social media accounts are full of followers and people who are watching his every step. He is definitely one of the richest people in Nigeria, at the moment, and that has a big impact on people. On his social media accounts, he usually announces new projects but also shares photos from his everyday life.

Since his songs have gained worldwide recognition, his followers are not only from Nigeria, but from all around the world.

Personal life

He additionally collaborated with the Yankee rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West on the assembly of the song “Lift Off” (feat. Beyoncé) of the album Watch the Throne, free on August eight, a pair of011 and sold-out for over 2,600,000 of them within the world.

At the concert of D’Banj and Mo ‘Hits Allstars, on August twenty, 2011 at Koko, in metropolis city, London, ahead of quite one,400 people, Kanye West makes a surprise look on stage; support for the collective of his friend Don Jazzy, and particularly a gesture confirming his new collaboration with the Nigerian producer.

In 2011, his talents attract the attention of Kanye West. He offers to work as a producer to his G.O.O.D Music label. Don Jazzy then collaborates with Kanye West, Jay-Z on the song Lift Off featuring Beyoncé from their album Watch The Throne. He also earns millions of nairas by signing with Samsung, MTN and Loya Milk. All of his net worth is mostly accumulated from his various jobs he does.

After eight years of toil to create Mo ‘Hits Records one in every of the foremost vital labels in continent, it’s the closing of the label, following the separation, in smart term, partners D’Banj and Don Jazzy . They based severally their own structures, decibel Records and star Records.

In June 2013 he appeared in a song called “Some more” that he made for his national and rapper Babatunde Olusegun aka Modenine. This song can seem within the album higher than Ground Level of the latter, which can be free on August twenty six, 2014.

Prolific producer, Don Jazzy has been awarded several times in Nigeria: “Best Producer” at the Nigerian Music Awards (NMA) 2006 and “Producer of the Year” at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards 2007 and Headings (Hip Hop World Awards) 2011 and 2012.

Ranked in 2013 as the 36th most powerful celebrity in Africa by the American magazine Forbes, and among the 10 richest artists on the continent by Channel O Africa (TV based in South Africa), Don Jazzy has never forgotten where he came from, nor his difficult debut in London, and supports many charities by paying them a portion of his earnings.

After a break of a certain time, Don Jazzy made his return by releasing on his label Marvin Records 3 singles of his artist D’Prince, in collaboration with the management agency Super Sean Media of Sean Okeke: “Mofe” and ” So Nice “featuring Wizkid produced by Altims, and” Guys “featuring Don Jazzy himself who is the producer.

His personal life is pretty secluded from the media, if we consider how popular he actually is. He has been linked to many famous and beautiful women, but he likes to keep his love life and family in private from the press. He often says that his goal is to keep people focused on his work and not on his personal life, which is the reason he keeps it under covers.

He hasn’t announced any new projects yet, but judging by the fact that he has many singers under his wing and that he is collaborating with many famous people, we will probably see something new very soon.

Until he comes out with something new, we can sit back and enjoy his older songs, with various artists.

Quick summary

Full name: Michael Collins Ajereh

Date of birth: November 26, 1982

Birthplace: Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria

Age: 37

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: 10$ million