DJ Sbu Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

South African entertainers are becoming more and more popular in Western counties, and proof of that is the South African entertainer and media personality DJ Sbu. This popular entertainer from SA has broken the barriers of fame and managed to become popular even outside his home country.

When we want to know more about our favorite celebrities, we like to dig deeper into their backgrounds and see what lies behind all the glitz and glam of the outside.

This is why we are going to find out all the information that you might be interested in, and share it with you.

We will dig deeper into DJ Sbu’s net worth, personal life and his career path, so that you can have a whole idea about your favorite entertainer. If you would like to find out more, this is the perfect opportunity so let’s begin with his childhood.

Early years

Sbusiso Leope was born in 1979 in South Africa. He is a popular entertainer and author from South Africa that has made his career in pretty versatile branches. When it comes to his early years and childhood, there aren’t any more information about him.

We weren’t able to find out how this popular entertainer grew up. The only information available online is that he was the only child in his family and went to the Central Secondary School that is located in Pretoria.

He finished his high school in 1993 and decided to study engineering at the Media University in Africa. The college was called Technikon Witwatersrand.

As a young child he always loved math’s and wanted to choose career where he will have an opportunity to work with numbers and also have the creativity to express himself. In 1998 he already began his career as a broadcaster on a radio station.

He worked there for 18 months and became a volunteer producer and presenter of the weekend show. Already at that moment he started noticing that love for hosting, radio and TV started to emerge, so he wanted to stick to this career for a while.

Career path

After two years on the radio station, he went on to join a very popular radio show in South Africa called YFM. He had an opportunity to produce and become a presenter of a weekend show under the name Beauty and the Beast.

His co-presenter was Angela Ludekon. The show instantly became a smash hit with the audience and he started gathering a fan base around him.

The show reached a great amount of popularity, which is why it got its own primetime slot under the name Y-Lens.

After a couple of years, in 2007, he decided to leave YFM and host a show on the Ukhozi. The reason why he left such a popular show, is because he wanted to try out his talent on TV.

When people think about DJ Sbu, many say that the reason he is so popular is because he mixes English language with kasi lingo. This makes him more relatable to the South Africans, and also the English speaking audiences.

Another reason why he is so popular is because he works as a PR, and this alone gives him an idea how he can appear more charismatic and interesting to people. Besides being into hosting and presenting, Sbu wanted to try out his luck with record labels. He started a TS Records together with TK Nciza. The label managed to get many popular singers to sign up for them and seems to be working out very well for now.

Another thing his label does is helps people from disadvantaged families to make their own records, by supporting tem and helping them. DJ Sbu tried his luck in other production businesses, so he began hosting a reality show called Friends like these that is being aired on SABC1.

One of the greatest things that DJ Sbu does is giving back to the people of South Africa. He truly tries to support people who are needing support when it comes to recording songs and simply having an opportunity to show their talents.

He often talked about his tough childhood in Tembisa neighborhood, so he truly understand their problems and struggles their face each day. DJ Sbu has a very strong fan base on his social media accounts and he often posts photos often to show his fans what he likes to do every day.

He is currently living in South Africa, and his career is mostly based there. Besides being a successful host, he has managed to create quite an image of himself as an entrepreneur. He has many other investments and businesses beside his regular hosting and presenting career, so he won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

DJ Sbu was also invited to be a speaker at Harvard where he got standing ovations from the people present. Besides Harvard, he was also a guest on University of Westminster in London and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The Forbes magazine named him as one of the most influential Africans now. Sbu is a chairman of the Leadership 2020. This company is focused on inspiring teachers and people who want to become entrepreneurs.

Inspired by his own experiences, Sbu wrote two bestselling books. Both of the books are focused on leadership skills and helping people get motivated. He also organizes conferences, networking events, mentorship programmers and many other public events to give out motivation and inspiration to young people.

DJ Sbu is a co-founder of a company MoFaya Beverage that makes an energy drink. Being a skilled PR he managed to promote his brand and create quite a name for his company in South Africa. His current project is a show on CNBC called Kicking Doors that he hosts alone.

The show focuses on entrepreneurial skills and promotes young people who are willing to share their success stories. All of his efforts are focused on young people, and his goal is to help them become more inspired and ready to take control of their lives.

The radio show he hosts, the DJ Sbu Breakfast is equally successful and he is one of the most listened to radio stations in South Africa. Many people describe him as one of the most generous people and his heart is simply open to all of the people who are feeling down and depressed because of the state their lives are right now.

He offers them opportunities no one else wants, and this alone is enough to make them happy. DJ Sbu net worth is estimated at around 2$ million. Most of the money he has comes from his businesses, radio and TV shows, but the fact is that he gives a lot of the money back to the community.

He is a true jewel and his heart is open to all of the young people who are looking for someone who will give them a chance to show what they can do. Considering the fact that he is still young, we can see a lot more from this talented and charismatic entertainer, so his net worth could even rise up in the future.

Personal life

DJ Sbu grew up in poverty and he became aware of the injustice of life pretty early on. This is why he decided to dedicate his life to the people of Africa and give them back as much as he can. This charismatic media personality has already managed to create a name for himself and form a fan base around himself, far larger than some singers or actors.

During his long career, he has been associated with many famous women, but most of these stories were just rumors. He is now in a happy relationship and should get married to his current partner. So far he doesn’t have any children, but he gives back to the children of Africa in many different ways.

His life has been a dedicated struggle to help those in need and to secure them a happier life. Inspired by his own experiences, Sbu wrote two bestselling books. Both of the books are focused on leadership skills and helping people get motivated.

He also organizes conferences, networking events, mentorship programmers and many other public events to give out motivation and inspiration to young people.

His current goal is to spread his words as far as he can and bring attention to the burning problems in Africa. He says that many of the problems in South Africa could be solved, but people need the support of the rest of the world in order to do that. We can definitely conclude that he is a great patriot and he likes his home country more than anything.

South Africans are happy to have such a great representative of their culture and his dedication and hard work, on resolving burning issues, have already given the first results.

Let us hope that he will be joined by many other people, in this amazing cause.

Quick summary

Full name: Sbusiso Leope

Date of birth: 1979

Birthplace: South Africa

Age: 40

Profession: TV and radio host, presenter, author, entrepreneur

Height: 1.86 m

Weight: 70 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million