DJ Fresh Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

DJ make our parties great and we often don’t realize how much they are actually contributing to the world of music.

In today’s text we are going to talk about such a DJ called DJ Fresh. We will talk about his net worth, his career and early days so you can get a complete picture of who he is.

Early Years

Daniel Edward Stein was born on April 11th 1977 in Worthing in UK. Fresh’s musical journey began at the young age of five when he learned to play the piano alone.

Although, like all beginners, he preferred to compose simple melodies than to play pieces that had been written by others, his innate love for musical composition developed rapidly and it was not long before his raw talent was discovered by those around him.

Music classes were not his preference, even when he was pushed into it, since he was continually obsessed with feeding his own ideas.

Permanently dissatisfied with the still developing relationship between the two passions of his life, music and technology, Fresh spent most of his formative years pushing the limits of technological music at his disposal. Fresh was and is an amazing pioneer of computer generated music.

However, it was not until the moment that Fresh heard the first hardcore rhythms around 1991 that he found the real direction for his somewhat unorthodox musical talent. The hardcore scene helped him fuel his creativity in more ways than one.

Fresh was not only attracted to the high tech musical adventure, but also to the renewed euphoric atmosphere of unity without colors that so clearly contradicted his strict school education.

It was this special contradiction that led Fresh to a crossroads and forced him to adopt one of the most difficult decisions of his life. Even when his music teacher wrote that Fresh was one of the most talented students the school had seen in many years, his parents still tried to persuade him not to follow his impulse. His emotions were in underground dance music, and quickly, after making his decision, Fresh became part of it.

Career Path

His involvement in the music scene began playing on pirate radio stations in London, Scandal and the appropriately called Fresh FM to name a few. It was then that he met MC Moose who quickly realized his potential, and commissioned Fresh to help him with the production of his album that would be published by RCA.

Unfortunately, given the persistent impossibility of underground music to integrate into the most popular stream of music, the publication of the album was abandoned by RCA. Consequently the album was published on the label of the DJ Ron Picasso, which meant for Fresh both a delight and an achievement. Here began his unstoppable musical talent to which he has already accustomed us.

It was during this period that Mc Moose introduced Fresh to Vegas. Both, sharing similar passions, decided to associate and develop some rhythms, of which the most notorious was Otto’s Way.

It was published on the label Matrix’s Label Metro Recording and repeatedly played by people like Goldie and Groove rider. It was at this time that, for the first time, Fresh and Vegas began to meet more often to produce.

At the same time, Fresh still created some rhythms on his own.

Under the guise of Absolute Zero he wrote Colors of Noise for the album Renegade Hardware. During the work at Renegade Hardware, Fresh met Maldini and D-Bridge, and, once again, for the obvious parallel passions they decided to collaborate.

The result was The Code and that’s when things really took off. Almost immediately after finishing the album, it reached number one on the drum & bass list.

The immediate success of The Code was superior to all the previous production of Fresh. This convinced him to form a collective. Musical Onanists Gathered. It was at this point that Fresh, Vega, Maldini and D-Bridge joined forces and started Bad Company.

Soon B-C Recordings was created. The first composition of the collective, The Nine, had to be republished four times to meet the demand. This was followed by the greatest sales success 12 that was published in the Grootype Prototype Seal. The album The Pulse was a truly innovative version that would change the course of drum & bass forever.

The next album from his own record label was a double pack entitled The Fear that became number one on the Radio 1 drum & bass list. It should be mentioned, however, that the nine kept its position at the most High of the lists for three weeks and is still religiously punctured by the main DJs of the moment. As if that were not enough, The Nine was voted by 130,000 people at the D & B Arena as number 1 album of Drum & Bass number 1 of all time.

Fresh also has the number 3 on the same lists for its brilliant Planet Dust published under the Prototype label.

During the following years, Fresh and the guys from Bad Company traveled around the world playing at several festivals and clubs before 40,000 spectators and continued composing a variety of high-quality rhythms that were published on various record labels: all had similar successes.

His most recent album, ‘Shot down Safari’ cemented the well-earned position of Bad Company at the top of the D & B hierarchy. The group’s history can only be described as an unprecedented success. Year after year, its rhythms have been enjoyed and applauded by critics of the national association of deafness as well as by the public. It is also a fact that every beat that Bad Company has published in BC-Recording has become number one on the charts.

Having achieved almost every acolyte and produced most of the Bad Company material himself, at the beginning of 2003 Fresh has finally decided to explore his potential as a soloist. This potential has been confirmed by his participation in the production of Mo Fire, a truly underground band that has finally achieved popular success, establishing itself as number 21 on the National List.

As we say on Fresh’s part, his current compositions, Rock Demon, Dalicks, Temple of Doom and Foreigner to name a few have some of the main DJ’s begging. So much so that Fresh has made the decision to create his own label in 2003 along with his well-respected friend Adam F. The label will be called Breakbeat Kaos, and he claims to be great.

Nelson David Pedroza Colombian DJ who began his career as a B-boy or break-dancer in the eighties (when Hip Hop arrived in Colombia), has been recognized as a passionate turntablist and pioneer musician in the creation of tracks, beats and breaks for groupings such as Double Key and Fondo Blanco.

Personal life

His career has led him to share the stage with groups such as Drops of Rap, La Etnnia, Rap Contact, Gangster Race, Asilo 38 among others.

His knowledge and experience have allowed him to work with artists such as Aterciopelados, Sistema Solar, Bomba Estéreo, Skartel, Pernett and others.

He has been recognized worldwide by the Universal Zulu Nation (foundation and organization created by Afrika Bambaataa) as a representative of the Hip Hop movement in Colombia for its contribution and trajectory from its beginnings to the present.

Dj Fresh, or what is the same, ‘Gold Dust’, ‘Dibby Dibby Sound’, ‘Louder’, ‘Hot Right Now’ … Daniel Stein is today one of the most representative icons of Drum and Bass throughout the Planet, and count to pairs the successes that have sounded strong during a golden age for their productions.

Considered one of the most talented producers of the genre, Fresh has dominated in his sessions a public always delivered to his mashups and his performances loaded with adrenaline and good vibes. We had the pleasure of seeing him in the last edition of AlRumbo, an experience for our senses.

Now, to the sadness of all his followers, Daniel Stein has decided to press the Stop button, turn off the Cdj’s, and say goodbye to the stages, and to his music. At age 39, the British artist has decided to focus on taking care of his health, and above all, send a letter to the music industry, which he has not hesitated to criticize.

This was explained by his official Facebook page. He does not hesitate to say that he hates everything related to the industry, and blames the music labels and promoters of that greed that corrupts the world.

Dj Fresh leaves the stages definitively next January, in 2017, so, if you have the opportunity, go there where the Anglo-Saxon will act from here to next winter, we can assure you that it deserves, and much, worth seeing live.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Edward Stein

Date of birth: April 11th 1977

Birthplace: Worthing, UK

Age: 42

Profession: DJ, Producer

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 82 kg

Net Worth: Unknown