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David Portnoy – Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube

David Portnoy is a popular blogger, businessman, entrepreneur and podcast host. He is also known as a founder of the so called Barstool Sports, the satirical and controversial sports and men lifestyle’s blog. David Portnoy comes from Massachussets, United States of America and his net worth is about $3 million.

In this article you will have the opportunity to find out more about David Portnoy and his both professional and personal life. First you will find out something about his early years and education and later we will tell you something more about his career development and personal life. If you want to know more about this sports media figure and blogger, you should continue reading this article.

Early Years

David Portnoy was born on March 22, 1977 in Swampscott, Massachusetts and he grew up in that place. He doesn’t talk too much about his family. David Portnoy attended Swampscott High School and later in 1995 he graduated from University of Michigan. He earned a degree in education and soon after that David Portnoy moved to Boston and it was the beginning of his career. Now you will see how David Portnoy has earned his net worth and how he became a popular blogger and businessman.

Career Development

When David Portnoy moved to Boston he was working at a local technology market company called Yankee Group. He worked there for 4 years and then he quit that job. In 2003 David Portnoy was publishing newspaper which consisted of only four black and white pages about gambling spreads. He was also writing about some other topics, which helped him attract more advertisers.

He started to make contracts with popular local and also national brands, such as Lyons Group, Miller Lite or Bud Light.

David Portnoy decided to focus on his blog about sports and men’s lifestyle, which is called today Barstool Sports. Barstool Sports is one of the most popular sports blogs on the internet today and it gets over million of views every month. David Portnoy is known on his website as El president. There is a big number of followers on his website, so Barstool Sports is becoming more and more popular every day.

The nickname of David Portnoy on this site is El Presidente. The home city of this website is Boston, but in 2016 David Portnoy announced that it will be moved to New York City. Actually, he moved his business online to many other cities in the United States of America, such as Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. However, David Portnoy is still running his website and he has a complete control over it. He sells the concert tickets and high-quality branded merchandise over his site and this way his site is gaining more and more visitors and higher profits.

David Portnoy is also known for his campaign to become the Mayor of Boston. It was after Thomas Femenino retired in 2013. But, the campaign that David Portnoy launched was unsuccessful.

Now you will see something about David Portnoy’s personal life, even though he doesn’t talk too much about it.

Personal Life

David Portnoy is married and his wife’s name is Renee Portnoy. They have been in a long relationship before they got married. Unfortunately, they still don’t have children because David Portnoy is just focusing on his career. There were rumors that David Portnoy has divorced but it was fake. David Portnoy is trying to keep his personal life private, so there is no personal information about his wife Renee Portnoy.

In May 2015 David Portnay was arrested because he and three employees from Barstool Sports put handcuffs to one another on the NFL headquarters floor. It was actually the sign of a protest to “Deflategate“. It is known that David Portnoy is Jewish.


Real name: David Portnoy

Nick name: El Presidente, El Pres, Dave

Date of birth:  March 22, 1977

Birth-sign: Aries

Birth place: Swampscott, Massachusetts, United States

Residence: Boston, U.S.

New York City, U.S.

Age: 40

Occupation: Businessman, entrepreneur, blogger, podcast host, a founder of Barstool Sports

Education: Swampscott High School

University of Michigan

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Religion: Jewish

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Marital status: Married

Spouse: Renee Portnoy

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: David Portnay doesn’t have children. Even though he is married for a longer period of time, he and his wife are not planning to have children.

Hobby: Sports, writing

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 6 ft approximately

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: David Portnoy has lost his hair and he had hair transplant surgery. He received hair transplant from Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.

Eye color: Brown

Face color: White

Shoe size: Unknown

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $3 million (The estimated net worth of David Portnay is $3 million and it is growing more and more. Actually, David Portnay’s net worth has increased by $1 million in the last 3 years. Of course, the main source of David Portnay’s income is his sports and men lifestyle’s blog Barstool Sports. It is known that David Portnay gave a part of his earnings to the charities and also to other non-profit organizations. There is also information that the net worth of David Portnay is $8 million.)

Social networks

David Portnoy is active on many social networks and he is known by his fans as El Presidente or El Pres. David Portnoy has over 410 000 followers on Twitter and 201 000 followers on Instagram. As we have already said, David Portnoy has his own website called Barstool sports.

Instagram: (@stoolpresidente)

Twitter: (@stoolpresidente)

Snapchat: David Portnoy doesn’t have an official or public Snapchat account at the moment.




Quick Summary

You have seen in this article who David Portnoy is and how he has earned his net worth of 8 million dollars. As we have already said, David Portnoy is a popular American blogger, entrepreneur, businessman and a founder of a popular sports and lifestyle blog called Barstool Sports. His nickname on this website is El Presidente and this website is considered the main source of David Portnoy’s earnings.

David Portnoy was born in Swampscott, Massachussets in May 1977. In 1995 he graduated from the University of Michigan and he earned a degree in education. Then he moved to Boston where he worked at a local company Yankee Group for about 4 years. When he quit that job, he focused on his blog Barstool Sports and he started making his career.

It is known that David Portnoy has been working actively on his website and today it is one of the most popular blogs on internet. David Portnoy gives money to charities and some other non-profit organizations.

David Portnoy doesn’t talk too much about his personal life, but it is known that he is married with Renee Portnoy. They still don’t have children and they don’t plan to have it soon.

As we have already mentioned, David Portnoy has estimated net worth of $3 million, so he is one of the most popular bloggers and entrepreneurs nowadays. We hope this article has helped you find out many things you didn’t know about David Portnoy. If you want to know something more about David Portnoy you can find him on social networks.