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David Jeremiah Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

David Jeremiah is a known American author, pastor, and Radio and TV Ministries founder who made a career in the field of Theology and Broadcasting about the same theme.

He is also known as President Donald Trump’s Chief of Advisory Board and a person who rose to fame through his Turning Point TV and radio program.

David also became recognizable for his thesis about Satan’s evil plan which is already in movement.

Early years

He was born as David Paul Jeremiah on February 13, 1941, in the city of Toledo which is located in the northwest of Ohio, near its border with Michigan in United States.

He was born into a very religious family of his mother Ruby and his father James. His father James T. Jeremiah was a very religious Baptist pastor who also served as a president of Cedarville University. He brought up his children in a religious surrounding.

His family followed the religious norms and it was expected for David to do the same. David often watched his father James have sermons and was mesmerized by his influence on the people and his firm faith which could not be shaken.

He was also very stunned by his father’s words about God and the way he must be involved in people’s lives and he often questioned him about it. That’s the way he got into religion and realized that he is actually going to be involved in it later in his life.

Cedarville University where his father worked is a private Baptist University settled in the same-named city in Ohio in United States and it offers lectures about Bible and theological thesis so it is a place of education for pastors.

After finishing high school he continued his education at his father’s Cedarville University and he was one of the best students there. He already chosen his path in life by entering this college and his family was very pleased by his choice.

He has graduated from his university in 1963 and got his bachelor’s degree there. After that, he continued his education and gained his master’s degree in 1967 from a known Texas evangelical theological seminary in Dallas.

A decade after he received an honorary degree as the Doctor of Divinity in 1981. It was after he grew to success and became recognizable in the world of American religious organizations. He says that this job has been the biggest blessing in his life and that’s he is eternally thankful for what he considers his career.

Career development

After Tim LaHaye retired from his position as the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, David inherited the same position and became the senior pastor of the same community church in 1981. It was the same year he received his Doctor of Divinity diploma.

Under his leadership, this church started its affirmation to a Christian denomination called The Southern Baptist Convention. David decided that the church has to be more aggressive in its expanding, making it possible through various social media and television programs.

That is why, in 1982, Jeremiah became the founder of Turning Point Ministries which is concentrated on various media. He said that this was a must and that he always knew that this would be a big part of the next stage of his career.

The main focus of Turning Point Ministries is giving Bible instructions to its followers and explaining its thesis to potential new members. The basis of the Ministries is in its radio program called “Turning Point” which soon became their main media for closer interaction to their congregate.

This program repeatedly airs the sermons of pastor David Jeremiah. He had won several awards regarding the program and his work on it and was very honored by it since it was his own work that brought him the award and recognition of the community.

One of the biggest rewards and David’s most favorite award was the one from the National Religious Broadcasters in 2006 which he received for Best Radio Teaching Program. He himself a great teacher, who is very patient and kind to his students.

It was a great confirmation for him because he had put a lot of effort into his sermons and the whole program. He was very happy and said that he felt blessed all the way through this journey.

In 2000, his Ministries also launched a national TV program by the same name: “Turning Point”. The program contains a Bible study in a period of half an hour after which comes an hour in which the pastors preach, followed by worship music pieces which bring melody into the preachings.

This program is broadcasted on over two thousand various radio stations and is also broadcasted online. This means that his preachings are sermons are available for half a billion listeners worldwide.

His TV program named Turning Point can be heard by almost three billion households all over the world.

He has also introduced his program to Spanish speaking population since he made a Spanish edition of it, made in Spanish language and named Momento Decisivo. His decision to spread his teachings to Spanish speaking people was welcomed because they are very religious and they want to listen to sermons in their native language.

Other than being a pastor and the head leader of his Turning Point Ministry he is also a respectable author who published several books. He said that his love for writing grew bigger and bigger each time he decided to write just a few sentences.

Most of his books are based on theology and on moral values and its preserves. In 1998 his book named “Prayer- The Great Adventure” has won the Gold Medallion Award in the category of Best Christian Living Book. This book was a bestseller for a short period of time and it had gained him further recognition and has increased his net worth.

In 2003 one of his other books called “My Heart’s Desire” won the same award (Gold Medallion Award) but in the category of Best Inspirational Book.

Dr. David Jeremiah is kind of controversial with his opinions and it seems like that one of his favorite topics to speak about is the coming Armageddon.

One of his most shocking thesis is the one that the lush foliage placed at the Garden of Eden, placed in Mesopotamia by the Bible, is now the oil used for gasoline.

His claims are that Americans fill their tanks with gasoline made out of lush from the Garden of Eden and by that they finance Satan’s diabolic plan to destroy the Garden of Eden and its value. That way the Satan brings people to the End of Times.

He is also a big critic of modern churches and he claims that they have forgotten their real purpose and that they want to blend in too hard instead of focusing on their initial Bible approach.

He thinks those churches are too modern and trendy so they are pushing away believers, especially millennials and Generation Z church followers.

He is a big supporter of Donald Trump and he stated that he feels much safer after he became the President. That is why he is honored to work for him. He did state that he doesn’t agree with Donald on some things but that he doesn’t need to because Donald is his President and that is what counts.

Personal life

As for his personal life Jeremiah was diagnosed with a serious illness in 1994, a lymphoma. It is a serious type of blood cancer which is very hard to cure.

He was treated for it very soon and managed to keep his cancer-free until 1998 when the sickness returned. But David stayed positive for the whole time and later explained that he is sure that his faith and belief in getting cured is the reason why he is still alive.

One year later he had a surgery in which a nodule was removed from David’s neck.

He underwent a therapy procedure called stem cell transplant. David Jeremiah has an important position as the president of Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board.

He has a wife named Donna and they got married in 1963 and are still together. They have a son Daniel together.

Daniel is working as an analyst for the NFL Network since he is a big fan of sports and is a former scout for the NFL. He is married to Meredith Rae who works as a commentator.

David was a quarterback for the Appalachian state after which he became a scout for the team of Philadelphia Eagles.

David married Meredith Rae in 2000, while he was still in college, in his senior year. Meredith’s nickname is Merae.

They have four children which means that David Jeremiah is their grandfather. He loves them dearly and tries to put good moral values in their characters.

Their first child was born only six months after their marriage. They have two daughters and two sons.

Quick summary

Full name: David Paul Jeremiah

Date of birth: February 13, 1941

Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio, United States

Age: 78

Profession: pastor, author, host, advisor

Height: 1, 83 m

Weight: 83 kg

Net Worth: $25 million