Dave England Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In this article we are going to present you Dave England. He is a very popular stunt performer and he comes from the U.S. Not only is he a stuntman, but he was also a professional snowboarder. People usually know him for his appearance in American reality comedy series Jackass.

Before we start talking about Dave England, we have to tell you what exactly Jackass is. As we have said, it is a comedy television series whose creators are Johnny Knoxville, Jeff Tremaine and Spike Jonze.

Even though Jackass has always been very popular, it was cancelled for a certain period of time because it was considered to be very dangerous and not educative to young public.

The actors and stuntmen from Jackass are doing unbelievable, dangerous and disgusting things in their videos.

There are 10 stuntmen in Jackass and one of them is, of course, Dave England. As we have already said, this article will be dedicated to him.

We are going to tell you all important details related to the career of Dave England as well as a couple of things from his private life. If you have ever watched Jackass, then you certainly know what kind of a person Dave England is and you certainly enjoy watching his videos.

We hope that you will also enjoy reading this article, so let’s see first something about the early years of this popular stuntman.

Early Years

The full name of Dave England is David England. He is 50 years old and he was born on December 30, 1969. His birth place is Ventura, California, U.S.

It is known that his family was not very rich and his father was also a stunt performer. The father of Dave England was the biggest inspiration for him and it helped him choose his profession.

His father helped him very much because he was giving him great tips, ideas and motivation. Thanks to his father Dave England managed to overcome most of his fears and he became self-confident. His father motivated him to start snowboarding and to take a risk.

In the following chapter you will see more things about the professional life of Dave England. We are sure that you will enjoy reading about his stunts and performances that are very daring, but you should not even try to do any of them.


As we have already said, Dave England is a professional stunt man and snowboarder. Actually, he was a professional snowboarder in the past.

However, he is best known as a Jackass star, where he was usually involved with fecal matters. That’s why he says for himself that he is actually a professional shitter.

But, we will talk first about the snowboarding career of Dave England. We have told you that he used to be a professional snowboarder, but he had to quit this job because of a snowboarding accident that he had. Dave England founded Skintight magazine which is a popular snowboarding magazine.

Also, Dave England was an editor of other magazines, such as Snowboarder Magazine and magazine Blunt.

However, it is important to mention Dave England’s acting career as well. His most popular film is Jackass: The Movie and it was released in the year 2002. In 2006 Dave England and company made another comedy action film called Jackass Number Two.

It is known that he appeared in a snowboarding comedy under the name Shred that was released in 2008. The appearance of Dave England in this film was very important because he was acting together with a popular MTV star whose name is Tom Green.

Also, he had a role in a snowboarding film Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts that was released in 2009. In the year 2010 Dave England, Johnny Knoxville and other members from Jackass show made their third film called Jackass 3D. Another film in which Dave England appeared is The Bet. This film was released in 2016 and it is a popular American comedy film.

As you can see, Dave England has usually appeared in comedy and snowboarding films. Dave England also featured in a couple of snowboarding videos of the so called Kingpin Productions, such as Back in Black and Bulletproof.

There are a lot of interesting details related to the career of Dave England, but we have told you that he is mostly popular because of the show Jackass. It is important to say that all stunts that he has performed in Jackass are very dangerous and that’s why each episode of this series contains warnings. It is not recommended to try any of the stunts that Dave England and his crew are performing in Jackass. It is even believed that this reality series has caused a couple of deaths among young people all over the world.

In order to make public laugh, Dave England is ready to defecate on the street and to let it be shown on TV. He also urinates, vomits and he is doing all other disgusting things on TV. There is no doubt that he is very brave, but he has also great sense of humour and people like it.

We will mention another interesting thing that Dave England is doing in his videos. There was a stunt in which Dave England was eating some ingredients that were not cooked at all. He eats raw eggs, then he is vomiting and after that he is preparing an omelette from the food that he has vomited.

However, we will mention another interesting and disgusting situation as well. In one of his skits Dave England is taking a baby’s diaper from garbage and he is eating a chocolate pudding from it. Those are only some of the most popular skits of Dave England, but there are also many others.

You are going to see now some things related to the personal life of Dave England.

Personal Life

It is known that Dave England has four children and now we are going to tell you their names. His daughter Ruby is the eldest of all children and she was born in summer 2001.

Dave England has also three sons and they are Roan (born in 2004), Clyde (born in 2012) and Van Alexander England (2015).

It is interesting to say that an American actor and also a star of Jackass show, Johnny Knoxville, said once that his colleague Dave England has only one testicle.

The reason for that was an accident in snowboarding. If we take that fact into account, it is amazing that Dave England has made 4 children with only one testicle.

When it comes to Dave England’s marital status, it is known that he is married and the name of his wife is Joanna England. They live in a big house in Los Angeles, California.


Full name: David England

Nickname: Dave England, Chef Dave

Date of Birth: December 30, 1969

Age: 50

Birth-sign: Capricorn

Birth place: Ventura, California, U.S.

Residence: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Education: Rio Mesa High School, California, U.S.

Occupation: Stunt performer, actor

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Marital status: Married

Spouse: Joanna England

Children: 4 (Ruby England, Roan England, Clyde England, Van Alexander England)

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)

Weight: 75 kg

Hair Color: Dark blond

Eye Color: Blue

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $2.5 million

If you are wondering how much money our “professional shitter” is earning, we have to tell you that it is much more than you can imagine. He is one of celebrities who is earning his money by doing stupid things.

However, the current net worth of Dave England is about 2.5 million dollars. We have already told you that there are different sources of his earnings. He used to be a professional snowboarder and he made great success in it.

Also, he is best known for Jackass show and films, so he became popular not only on television, but also on big screen.

We have also told you that Dave England founded a magazine of snowboarding called Skintight. He is also earning money from that part of his career.

Social Networks

Undoubtedly Dave England is very popular on social networks as well, so you can find him on many of them, such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

Also, you can search in YouTube in order to watch some of the videos of Dave England that are more than interesting. His videos will certainly make you laugh, but you may also feel disgust in certain situations that we have already mentioned.




Quick Summary

If you have read this article carefully, then you have seen who Dave England is and why he has become so popular.

He was born in Ventura, California and the date of his birth is December 30, 1969. Dave England is a popular American snowboarder, stuntman, television star and author.

As we have explained, Dave England was a professional snowboarder, but he had to quit this profession because of an accident that caused him serious injuries.

However, Dave England is also a star of a popular Jackass show, series and movies. Jackass made him extremely popular and most people know him from this show.

He is a stuntman and he likes to call himself a “professional shitter”. You have seen in this article that he is ready to do many unbelievable things in order to attract the attention of public.

Of course, crazy things that he is doing on TV but also on the big screen bring him a lot of money. The estimated net worth of Dave England is 2.5 million dollars.

His most popular films are Jackass: The Movie (2002), Jackass Number Two (2006), Shred (2008), Revenge of the Boarding School Dropouts (2009), Jackass 3D (2010), The Bet (2016) and many others.

But, it is not all that we can say about the career of Dave England. He has also appeared in many snowboarding videos and one of the most popular of them is certainly Back in Black. We have also told you that Dave England is an author and a founder of a popular snowboarding magazine Skintight.

When it comes to his personal life, we have told you that Dave England is married to Joanna England and they have four children. They live happily in their house in Los Angeles.