Danny Worsnop Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Danny Worsnop is a young musician and singer coming from England. He is known for his work with several rock bands where he was the lead vocalist for a while.

The two most important bands he was a part of were Asking Alexandria and We Are Harlot. Danny has also tried himself as an actor.

Early years

He was born as Danny Robert Worsnop on September 4, 1999, in a town named Beverly, settled in Yorkshire, in England, United Kingdom.

He had spent his childhood growing up in a village called Gilberdyke in East Yorkshire, located in the North part of England.

He grew up alongside his sister Kelly who is younger than him and whom he always protected as a big brother.

He grew up raised by caring parents Philip and Sharon. He was interested in music from an early age and he asked his parents to buy him an instrument very early in his life.

He got his first instruments when he was 8 years old. The instrument in question was a violin and he started taking lessons for it. 12 months later he started learning to play the trumpet and even got included in the orchestra in his school.

Two following instruments he started learning were guitar and bass guitar because he got interested in rock music.

He later discovered metal music and focused on learning to play the guitar on his own.

Although he was drawn by the career in the army because fo which he wanted to become an army sniper, he was also focused on music.

Career development

Danny became the lead vocalist of an English rock band called Asking Alexandria. The band was formed by an English singer and bass player Ben Bruce who originally started his career in Dubai but later moved to England where he formed the same rock band.

Ben even started living with Danny at his home. The members of Asking Alexandria were Danny Worsnop, Ben Bruce, Cameron Liddell, Sam Bettley, and James Cassells.

The band named their debut album „Stand Up and Scream“ and they released it in September 2009 through an American independent label called „Sumerian Records“.

The album was completely produced by Joey Sturgis. The album didn’t hit any chart in England but it became very popular in the USA. The success of the first album made the band focus on making the second one.

It was named „Reckless and Relentless“ and came out in April 2011 again through Sumerian Records.

The album went to No.4. on the US Billboard Rock Albums chart. The album became a success also in the UK where it entered the UK Rock Chart.

The third band’s album was titled „From Death to Destiny“ and was released in the summer of 2013, even though the first single from the album was released one year earlier under the name „Run Free“.

It was again released by Sumerian Records and the album went high both on the UK and USA rock charts. It confirmed them on the position of one of the most followed English metal bands that year.

The album was a huge commercial success gaining them a very huge income. But since they all spent money very irrationally they were never financially secure.

In 2015, Danny left the band to join a new band „We Are Harlot“ explaining his move as satiation with heavy music. He got more interested in hard rock than in metal.

Danny was the founder of „Harlot“ in 2011 but it was in 2015 that they released their first album called „We Are Harlot“.

Danny was also interested in releasing his solo album. The album was special in many ways. It was produced by Jim Kaufman and most of the album was recorded live in Kaufman’s house.

Danny completely funded the recording and was involved in all aspects of the album, from artwork to video.

„I Got Bones“ was the first single he released from his new album „The Prozac Sessions“ and it came out in the spring of 2016. The album was heavily influenced by country music and blues.

He also changed the name of the album into „The Long Road Home“. It was released through Earache Records. Danny reunited with his former band „Asking Alexandria“ in 2018 because he got along with the members of this band much more than with We Are Harlot.

Danny has a lot of hobbies. He is a passionate photographer and loves to relax by taking photos. He had collected funds through his charity exhibition.

His first appearance as an actor was in a movie called „What Now“ which was made by Sumerian Records and both written and produced by the label’s owner Ash Avildsen.

He also appeared in a 2015 movie called „Alleluia! The Devil’s Carnival”. It s a musical fantasy horror movie released by Cleopatra Films. He played the role of The Smith.

He has collaborated with many artists throughout his career, like Memphis May Fire, Suicide Silence and more.

In 2013, he covered a famous M. Jackson’s song called „Man in the Mirror“ which was included in the compilation album „A Metal Tribute to MJ“.

Even though he had written his autobiography in 2015, under the name „Am I Insane“ he never actually published it.

In 2019 he released his new album called „Shades of Blue“ again through Sumerian Records. This album rose a huge interest in fans because Danny himself warned his fans that he is changing his music path.

He recorded an album full of soul music, blues and country, not nearly anything like he ever done with his metal bands.

Before releasing this album he made a huge turn in his life. He gave notice to his booking agent and made huge changes in his choice of co-workers.

Personal life

Danny had serious alcoholism and drug problem during the time he was singing in the Asking Alexandria.

It became a very big deal, especially after he appeared drunk on the stage several times. This controversial behavior forced him to enter drug rehabilitation. He was very scared of it but he realized that he had no choice.

Danny was going out with a country singer Sarah Ross in 2016 and 2017 and he even guest appeared on her EP called Nervous Breakdown which was released in 2018.

He was always a big fan of country music although it seems that a person who likes meral music can not like country music.

He was introduced to US Navy marine Victoria Potter in January 2018 and began a relationship with her which eventually finished with their marriage. He proposed to her during his own show in the town of Columbus, Ohio.

The pair lives happily together in the town of Jacksonville, in the state of Florida. They are a huge fan of dogs so they own three golden retrievers named after movie characters. They are named Thor, Loki, and Cowboy.

One of his first public relationships was with Amor Hilton, an American model with whom he was together from the spring to the summer of 2009.

He was in a two-year-long relationship with Myca Gardner, until 2012. They were introduced to each other in 2010 but didn’t click at once. It was a few months later that they started being interested in one another.

In 2013 he was seen with Jamie Doe and they started rumors about their relationship by posting photos on their social media.

Before dating Sarah Ross he was in a relationship with her.

Danny had many endorsements deals with companies like sweetwater sound, Article 15 clothing and Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As for his hobbies, Danny loves to cook and to play with his dogs.

Quick summary

Full name: Danny Robert Worsnop

Date of birth: September 4, 1999

Birthplace: Beverly, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

Age: 20

Profession: singer, songwriter, author

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 88 kg

Net Worth: $2 million