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Danielle Cohn Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Danielle Cohn is a popular American social media celebrity who got famous through a platform called Tik Tok and through her video blogs.

A lot of her social media following is a result of her controversy and that’s why many people believe that she is actually a fraud.

Early years

She was born as Danielle Haleigh Cohn on March 7, 2004, which made her a very young artist and a celebrity. There is still controversy about her age, though.

She was born in Florida in the United States by her mother Jennifer Cohn who later became her social media manager. She has an older brother and his name is  Chad Cohn.

He appears in the videos she makes all of the time and many believe that he is the only rational person in the family. As for his father, his name was never revealed but Danielle had a lousy relationship with him. The two of them often fought.

Danielle never went to public schools since she was homeschooled. It is not revealed whether she enrolled high-school at this point.

She is very close to her mother which supported her in her career but after a huge argument with her father, she was kicked out of the house by him. This was a very big shock for Danielle but her mother helped her manage to get out of it and continuing her life and work on social media. This was beneficial for her career later.

The biggest issue her father had was the fact that she didn’t want to be like other girls of her age and was only 11 years old when she started dressing like a mature woman. This was a red flag for him and he wanted her to act properly but was too strict with the measures he was proposing.

She liked music since she was a baby and always liked to sing. Her parents motivated her to learn music and live her passion.

She soon started uploading videos on various social media channels, trying to garner attention through them. She has received positive reviews for her work o she was even more motivated to continue making videos and upload it on her channel.

Danielle’s mother knew that her child was very pretty so she suggested Danielle to start going to beauty pageants. Danielle liked it very much and she was involved in pageants both in 2013 and 2014. Danielle joined the Miss Florida Jr. Preteen Competition. She was fourth one year but the second year she was placed even better.

Career development

She managed to become Miss Florida Preteen Queen in 2015 and that brought her a contract with a very respectable model agency. She was very proud when this happened, but a lot of controversies rose from this. Many people believed that she shouldn’t have done that, considering the fact that she is still a minor.

This success was very lucrative for Danielle since she became highly wanted by various companies which liked her to promote their products.

She also became more popular on all social media. Some people hate her and follow her to make fun of her, while others truly love her. Either way, they’re raising her popularity.

Following this win in a beauty pageant, Danielle joined girls at the national modeling competition which took place in California.

There she got connected to a modeling agency which worked with big celebrities and has its headquarters in the city of Miami.

This agency signed a contract with her and worked on her further training to become a successful model. People were suspicious of the whole thing.

She started working with one of the biggest American modeling agency called the BMG. She started getting more serious modeling gigs such as with Juicy Couture Clothing line and Lisa B Jewelry.

Her popularity on social media started rising rapidly. Her first bigger success was making a duet song with Cameron Dallas, a social media celebrity who was extremely popular over the media.

After reaching fame Danielle showed her talent as a young entrepreneur because she was wise enough to take advantage of this. She started to make more videos at this point because she knew that she was going to become a sensation.

She created her line of merchandise and launched a shop online called „Danielle Cohn Store“. Girls her age often looked up to her because they think she is a big success, while many parents think that she is actually a very bad influence.

She offers a lot of products on that site including T-shirts and sweatshirts and mobile phone accessories. She knows who her audience is and shoots to please them all of the time.

In 2017 she has released her debut single and it is titled „Marilyn Monroe“. Although she is very popular over social media she still wasn’t on any TV show yet and hasn’t received any award.

Danielle thinks of her as an adult and this rose a lot of controversies because people thought that she was too exposed considering her very young age.

She likes to be in the center of attention so she often causes drama on social media, posting videos which speak about how she is the most hated teenager ever and how it causes her grief.

There was a lot of debating about her real age. Many adults and teens believed that she is lying about her age and that she was already an elder teenager when she claimed she was only 12 and 13 years old.

Danielle doesn’t smoke and drink but she likes to eat all kinds of food. Although she has been seen smoking, she says she doesn’t.

Her favorite clothing stores are „Forever 21“ and „Rue 21“.

She likes football very much and sometimes she plays it for fun. If she would go to university she would choose Yale but she knew that her education was not so good.

Danielle is a big fan of a TV series „Pretty Little Liars“ and she watches it regularly.

She has many followers on her Tik Tok account, which was called before changing the name.

Her single Marylin Monroe garnered over 5 million views in 30 days which is a huge success. The first video she uploaded on Tik Tok was „I Can’t Stop Dancing“ by Becky G.

She likes to help people in need especially children.

Every year she volunteers at the children’s Miracle Hospital where she brings homemade toys and teddy bears to sick children.

She is constantly fighting cyberbullying through the media since she is often exposed to various kind of it online.

Her brother Chad is her big supporter and he often escorts her to public events and helps her overcome though periods of depression she falls in occasionally.

Personal life

She started dating boys in 2017. Her first known boyfriend was Owen Bodnar. He is a known Vine star and the two of them worked together several times.

They made some lip sync videos together. This was confirmed once they were seen kissing.

She also dated Case Walker, also a big Tik Tok star with whom she collaborated on Shawn Mendes cover song called „Treat You Better“.

It was rumored that she dated a singer Greg Marks the same year. Danielle also had a collab with him on the single called „What is it about You“.

At the end of 2017, she started going out with Sebastian Topete, a young music star and they were together for over 6 months. They stopped dating in May of 2018.

From 2018 until today she is in a relationship with Mikey Tuab where they pranked their fans by speaking about their marriage. Danielle uploads several videos a day, mostly two buses sometimes even four.

Danielle has a huge fanbase and has over one million subscribers on her Youtube channel. This number is small if compared to almost 4 million followers on her Instagram account.

She uploaded a youtube video in April 2019 which rose a huge controversy. Cohn and her boyfriend Tua were involved in a wedding ceremony in that video and claimed that they are in Vegas wanting to get married.

There was even an Elvis impersonator in the video to confirm their intention. This video gained several million views although it was discovered that it was a prank.

The heat rose about her age because the state of Nevada doesn’t issue a marriage license to people under the age of 16.

Before this video, they started pregnancy rumors with a photo of Tua kissing Danielle’s belly.

They even put a date of expecting a baby. Her mother later explained it was a clickbait video, but that their relationship is serious and that this video is their commitment to each other.

Danielle is often called out as inadequate role model for girls.

Danielle’s mother worked two jobs before Danielle became famous. Today she is her manager.

She relocated with her daughter from Orlando to Los Angeles trying to help her launch her career. She calls herself Danielle’s „momager“.

She has been a single parent to Danielle after she got divorced. Her mother quit her job as a cashier and in 2017 the family moved to LA. Danielle started attending online classes at a private Christian school.

Her mum says that she puts away money for Danielle’s college. She gained a lot of haters and has a lot of „hate pages“ aimed at her.

Her video „Marylin Monroe“ was pulled from Youtube because of too many negative comments.

Quick summary

Full name: Danielle Haleigh Cohn

Date of birth: March 7, 2004

Birthplace: Florida  United States

Age: 15

Profession: social media celebrity, singer, Youtuber and model

Height: 147 cm

Weight: 40 kgs

Net Worth: $2 million