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Danielle Bernstein Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

The world of celebrities is slowly being taken over by new kinds of famous people.

Besides actors, athletes and singers, more and more YouTubers, bloggers and vloggers are starting to appear on the list of celebrities.

They are becoming more and more influential in all areas of life, and we can definitely say that they are the modern celebrities. In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous blogger and fashion influencer Danielle Bernstein.

We are going to talk more about her net worth, biography, personal life and career path, so that you can have a rounded view about the life of this famous influencer.

Early Years

Danielle Bernstein was born on May 22nd 1992 in Great Neck in New York. This fashion influencer grew up in Great Neck with her family where she did things most kids her age do. She was a vibrant child and always into creative things.

This later proved to be the right path for the young girl, since she is now living and paying her way by talking and writing about fashion. Danielle’s personal life before she became famous, is not something she likes to talk about often.

She went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied retail but she later transferred to the Fashion Institute of Technology that is located in New York. We are going to proceed on to her career path and talk about her successful career path.

Career Path

Danielle Bernstein started her career on her blog. She first started talking and writing about fashion for the people who were following her. Danielle managed to transform her love for fashion into a real business. She started with a very small group of fans and followers, but little by little her base of followers and subscribers grew.

Bernstein has said that for a publication on his Instagram account he receives up to 15,000 dollars (about 42 million pesos), so it was reviewed among the most successful young people under 30 in the United States by the magazine ‘Forbes’.

This publication reveals that after launching her fashion blog, we wore what, famous models like Emily Ratajkowski became fans of the style that Bernstein imposed in her publications.

The young woman said that she studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and when she realized how the women of that institution dressed, she bought a camera and began to photograph the urban style of her classmates.

After becoming a fashion blogger, the young woman started with her Second Skin Overalls and Archive Shoes lines.

After the success of his collections, Bernstein has reached 1.7 million followers on Instagram and shows his style in different parts of the world.

On those trips he ended up in Cartagena, where he apologized for the expression ‘Narco vibes’ that he used in one of his photographs.

“Guys … I’ll be honest here because that’s what I am. The original message I thought for this photo was ‘Narcos vibes’. I’m so sorry. It was a stupid legend and I just wanted to refer to the costume design of the Narcos program, of Netflix, ”said the blogger. The young woman toured the streets of the heroic with her particular style.

The New Yorker added: “I love Colombia, it’s people, culture, and I respect its history. He never intended to offend anyone. I fell in love with Cartagena and will continue promoting how beautiful it is inside and out, “he replied.

In the following publications, after the rejection of Colombians, Bernstein emphasized how much he liked the country and the love he took for Cartagena.

The fashion world moves a lot of money and this is demonstrated every time it comes to light how much some of the girls who are sweeping the fashion world charge with their blogs or their social networks.

If a few years ago the blogger phenomenon came hard to conquer this sector, now the ones that are attracting the attention of the brands are the integrates.

With just one photo they get thousands of likes, and despite the visibility, many are the ones who ensure that that does not end up being reproduced in sales.

Now, one of the most sought-after, Danielle Bernstein discovers what she charges in an interview she has given to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The 22-year-old does not lift a finger for less than $ 5,000 per photo. And you can get to charge $ 15,000 for a click with your camera. His Instagram account, We Wore What already has a million followers and on it hangs his looks and many clothes and accessories that surely brands have no problem giving him to leave on their social networks.

It is difficult for these characters to count what they charge for their collaborations with brands. Depending on each situation, they set lower or higher prices and usually choose not to say anything. Danielle agreed to talk about the matter in exchange for being the only Instagram and / or blogger of the article. As she said herself, it’s not that she doesn’t like people, but there are bloggers she prefers not to mix with.

Bernstein is represented by Next Models. Model agencies have seen a clear business with bloggers and Instagram eras and have not taken long to get into the car of this business that generates many zeros.

According to the report of Harper’s Bazaar, the figures in the sector say that brands can spend a million dollars a year for this type of sponsorships in social media posts, especially in the fashion sector.

As a rule, if you have hundreds of followers you can charge between 500 and 5,000 dollars. If the followers reach six million, the amount goes up to between 20,000 and 100,000 dollars.

When Instagram became the main social platform, Danielle moved from Facebook to Instagram. Most of her posts and shares are focused on clothes and outfits, and she currently has a base of 2.1 million followers.

Danielle’s net worth is currently estimated between 100 thousand and 1 million dollars. Since she is still working hard on her career, this net worth will probably grow higher in the following period.

Most of her net worth comes from her blogging, but some of it also comes from her online shop.

Personal life

The famous fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein often travels and shares photos from her trips around the world.

Most of her trips are alone or with her business team. On her outfits she is always well put together and her outfits are perfect all the time.

In 2016, Danielle was on the Forbes list 30 under 30. Besides having great sense for fashion, she is also a great businesswoman. Danielle is currently in a relationship with Orlear Brown. The couple is enjoying their time together and both of them seem to be in a happy relationship.

It charges $ 20,000 (nearly € 18,000) for Instagram publishing, where it has two million followers, which is why 26-year-old Danielle Bernstein is on the list of under-30s with the most lucrative business in the US in the area of ​​arts and style.

This New York-born American started a street style blog at the age of 17, with the goal, she says, “to inspire something that should be the easiest part of our day: choosing morning clothes. ” “Six months later,” he explains on his page, WeWoreWhat, “I turned the camera over to me and the blog became a kind of personal diary.”

The success was such that it became one of the first digital influencers to make this occupation a full-time job. He gained space and visibility and, meanwhile, ventured into other businesses, launching two brands, one of clothing, Second Skin Overalls (overalls and jumpsuits of which he is a big fan), another of shoes, Archive Shoes. And it has partnered with a jewelry line and a swimsuit collection. “It was a natural growth and true to my line: minimal and clean, and at the same time in tune with trends.”

Danielle is very active on her social media accounts ans she loves communicating and enjoying her time with her followers.

Since she is only 27, she doesn’t seem to be tired of living in the spotlight. Danielle is not yet married but this doesn’t mean she won’t tie the knot very soon.

Quick summary

Full name: Danielle Bernstein

Date of birth: May 28th 1992

Birthplace: New York

Age: 27

Profession: Influencer, Model

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 100$ thousand – 1$ million