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Dana Perino Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Diana Perino is an eminent political commentator as well as an author. She is known to be the second elected female to be appointed as the Press Secretary of the White House. She has also served as a political commentator in the channel Fox News and successfully hosted the talk show that was titled “The Five.”  Dana by nationality is an American but has an Italian –American ethnicity.

She has gathered fame only after entering the professional arena, and no such records are available about her childhood days and her upbringing at Evanston, USA. She is much popular as political analysts and a commentator and has a net worth estimated around $4 million.

Early life

Dana Perino was born in Evanston, Wyoming, United States of America. She is the daughter of Janice and Leo Perino it is known from her family records that her grandparents were probably immigrants from Italy there are no such records about her family that describes the origination of Dana’s family. She got graduated from the famous Colorado State University, and she received her schooling from the Ponderosa High School situated in Parker.

He is a student of Mass Communication. She has also received minor degrees in Spanish and theories of Political science. On her later days, she moved on to attend the University of Illinois Springfield for completing her master’s degree. Dana was a core member of the forensic team of their college. During her college days, she was a potential student who would know how to handle the issue of Forensic evidence. She also served in the KTSC –TV and even managed to work the night shift of the KCCY-FM channel that got aired from 2 to 6 a.m. in the morning.


Dana served as a staff assistant in the Washington DC. She worked to assist the Congressman Scott Mclnnis. She also got elected as a press secretary for assisting Rep Dan Schaefer, where she served almost for 4 years. Dana reached Great Britain after the retirement of the Press secretary, Den Schaefer. In the year of 2001, she ones again returned to her favorite place Washington DC and served there as a successful spokesman for the almost two consecutive years serving the Department of Justice. She was a potential associate director handing and controlling the quality of communication in the surrounding environment.

She was elected as the communication director of the White House Council and used to deliver experts comment and strategically analyze the advice on the prevailing media relations that would affect the responses of the public. She was also responsible for developing a message that can encourage the responses of the public.

From the year 2005 to 2007 she served with the designation of the Deputy Press Secretary, and she was responsible for communicating all the essential information with the Bush, the President. Her duties were to elucidate on the communication of the directors, the actions of the press secretaries and assume the efforts that would be initiated by the potent directors of the media affairs. She was the most wanted spokesperson who could evaluate and plan out the several environmental problems.

Dana also served as an efficient coordinator, and she was given the responsibility to coordinate upon all the available environmental awareness spreading associations and agencies that handle the natural issues. Dana is currently available on the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and also has an account on Instagram. She maintains a huge number of followers on her networking sites. Fan club surveys report that she has almost 1.67 million followers who are waiting to view her account updates.

In 2009, she got nominated by the American President Barack Obama to serve the Broadcasting Boards of Governors brilliantly. The agency dealt in the areas of international broadcasting that was monitored and regulated by the government departments. The broadcasting got finally confirmed by the Senate in the year 2010, June 30. Soon after she started teaching and took up teaching as her next closeable profession.

She started teaching Political communication at George Washington University. Her department was political management. In the year 2011, a division of Random House , the popular publishing house Crown Publishing Group declared that Dana was glad to join their Imprint Crown Forum as the Editorial Director but soon after serving the organization for few years she again left them for a better option. Perino even cast for the episodes of “Perino and Stirewalt: I’will Tell You What” that got screened in the Fox News Channel

Personal life

Preciso actually met her future husband in the year 1996. She met Peter McMahon who is from Blackpool, England. He is an eminent business tycoon who is into international marketing and proceeds with the production and sale of products that are of medicinal values.

The couple got marries in the year of 1998, and after 14 years of their marriage, Perino got an offer to appear in a show named Jeopardy. Perino even participated in the ongoing week of the “Power Players” series while accompanied by Kareem Abdul Jabbar and David Faber who serves the CNBC Channel.

Dana Perino has not yet experienced the feeling of motherhood, and perhaps she has no planning for being a mother as well. She is much interested in her professional career and discloses very little information about her personal life.

She is very conscious about her image in the eyes of public and never let any personal information get easily disclosed in the social media.

There is no information about her past relationships, and whatever she does to is underdone under complete secrecy.

She gets immense support from her husband that has made her reach the pinnacle of success. She shares a trustworthy relationship with her husband and has made her own ways of leading a happy life.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Dana Marie Perino

Date of Birth: 9th May 1972

Birth Place: Evanston, Wyoming, United States

Age: 45 Years

Profession: Former White House Press Secretary, Political Commentator

Height: 5 Feet 2Inches / 157 cm

Weight: 48 Kg

Net worth: $4 Million