Dan Pena Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Among celebrities who are famous for their movie roles, their songs and performances, there are also those who are famous for other accomplishments. We are going to talk about such a celebrity in today’s text, who is famous as the founder of one of the biggest corporations in the US.

His name is Dan Pena, and he is one of the richest men in America. We will talk about his personal life, his career and his net worth. So, if you wanted to find out more about this interesting man, here is a chance to do exactly that.

Early Years

Daniel Steven Pena Sr. was born on August 10th 1945 in Jacksonville in Florida. His parent’s Amy and Manuel Pena, raised Dan in East L.A. in California. The family spent most of their lives there, raising Dan. His father was a former Lieutenant Commander in the Korean War and in the WWII.

He also worked as the CIA operative and as one of the investigators in the murder of RFK that happened in 1968.

Dan grew up in a very tough neighborhood and it wasn’t easy for him to find good role models, especially on the street. His father was very strict and didn’t allow any nonsense to Dan or his siblings. He would promote good manners and honor among everything, so every time Dan got into trouble, his father would let him take the consequences for it, even though he could have gotten him out of it.

Dan was raised in such a strict household, which is one of the reasons why he is such a hard working individual who known what he wants in life. Dan would get into a lot of troubles when he was younger. He had problems with alcohol, and when he ended up in jail, his father just let him spend the time in jail instead of getting him out.

He believed that this is the right kind of punishment for his son and that this would teach him the lesson. Dan always knew that he wanted more from life. He always went for more. He graduated from the Infantry Officer’s Candidate School and became a second Lieutenant at the Fort Benning. He served there in the Military Police and worked as a security Officer for NATO. He spent the sixties there.

Dan graduated from the COBRAY in the 1981 that was established as the anti-terrorism training center for officers. The COBRAY also accepted students, private individuals and CIA agents, and Dan was among them. After Dan served his time in the military, he decided it was time to go back to school and finish what he started.

Dan finished his 4 year studies in just 2.5 years, wand was one of the best students on his class. Besides serving in military and being successful in military trainings, Dan was also a great sportsman. He received a Bronze Show Award from the L.A. Athletic Club and also the Award of Merit from the popular magazine called Sports Illustrated.

In Joseph Wapner’s book he was mentioned as one of the bravest cases in his 30 year old career. Dan’s early years and youth were filled with accomplishments and he continued down the same road after he finished college. We are going to talk about his career and his personal life in the following part of this text, so keep on reading to find out more interesting information about this successful man.

Career Path

In 1997, Dan founded the Guthrie Group or TGG. The group is an investment consortium that specializes in transactions. Dan worked as a financial advisor in the consortium, together with officers from UK and Asia. He offers advice to companies that are regional and global.

Besides being the founder of the Guthrie Group, he is also a founder and a chairman of the Great Western resources Inc. this resource company is located in Houston and it is present on the London stock Exchange. At the moment when Dan decided it was time to retire, the company was operational in Mexico, Up and South America. The company was making around 450$ million which would be around 1$ billion in today’s currency rates.

The company had interests in coal, gas and oil production and exploration. He was the biggest shareholder in the 1997 and the company kept on growing from that point on.

During the period of 8 years, he managed to make a 450$ million company with only 820$ in the beginning. The price of energy collapsed, and the oil went down from 40 dollars to only 8 for a barrel. Even though all the other companies were slowly declining, the GWRI grew 55 million percent which is an astonishing amount.

Dan was also the founder of the GRWI and the chairman of the JPK Industries. This company was vertically integrated and worked on jobs such as oil and gas drilling operations and marketing. He managed to grew the company to 50, 000, 000$ in only three years.

Before he became a chairman at the JPK Industries, he was involved in the banking company called Bear Stearns and Co. he worked with international and domestic clients there.

Dan was also working as a President and the CEO at the Kennedy Industries. This company was involved in real estate, building and insurance services. Dan had an opportunity to work with many famous actors during this time.

Even though Dan was only in a graduate school, he was named a principal of the real estate company and was leading the company in sales. Dan left the Wall Street and started cooperating with various accounting companies, international financial institutions and many more. He even managed to do business with the Bank of England and the Church.

Even though Dan is now slowing down with his businesses, he still likes to travel around the globe with his wife Sally. The couple is still on the lookout for good business opportunities, especially in the charitable and money industry. He holds performances at the seminars at his home in Scotland.

Dan’s wealth is estimated at staggering 450$ million. His net worth comes from various businesses he owns and presides, which have brought him excessive amounts of money over the course of 30 years. His father’s strict upbringing have given great results, because Dan grew up to become a hard working individual who knows what he wants.

He has managed to make something out of nothing, which is something that everyone is admiring. No matter how small you start, you always have the chance to make something great is you are determined to succeed and male something out of your life.

This is just an estimated amount of net worth, because Dan’s wealth could be worth much more easily. He has a lavish mansion in Scotland and continues to hold seminars there for all the business craving individuals.

Another big accomplishment in Pena’s life is the Quantum Leap Advantage. This is actually a formula that allows individuals to transform their business and make incredible amounts of money. The program combines mentorship and guidance that Pena used himself when he built his empire of 450$ million dollars.

Pena is also a professor at the California State University, where he holds lectures for students on the subject of business and entrepreneurism. His incredible talent is his motivational speaking, his talent for business, but being a great businessman is also an advantage.

Personal life

Dan grew up in middle class home with his mother, father and siblings. He spent most of his childhood like all the other ids, but the neighborhood he grew up in was very tough. His father gave his best to teach his children good morals and honor, so he never let them do whatever they want.

Dan got into trouble quite often while growing up, but he managed to snap out of this bad behavior and start a new chapter in his life. His father was very tough on the children and never allowed them to run around freely and do whatever they want. Being in military, he wanted to teach them discipline and prepare them for the world.

Dan is married to his wife Sally, and the couple keeps close bonds. He even says that he likes travelling the world with his wife, searching for new charitable but also business opportunities in Asia, South America and Europe.

His empire is based in Scotland. He owns a large house in Angus that is more like a castle. The castle is from the 15th century but most of the old building was restored in the 19th century. This is where Dan spends most of his time, together with his wife Sally. The couple has three children, and all of them have their own interests they are pursuing.

He castle and the property has around 156 acres, where there is a horse shoe garden and a gold course. During the 2003, Pena decided to open the state for public gatherings such as weddings, but the estate is now closed for the public and he resides there with his family.

Pena likes to give back to the world and through his charitable work, he does exactly that. He is a lecturer at the CPA program where he teaches others for free at the California state University. He volunteered to Rebuild LA after the riots and he benefited the International Entrepreneurial Challenge at the Texas University.

Since he no longer wants to earn money through his lectures, Pena decided to give something back to people who are willing to succeed and make something out of their lives. Therefore, he hold fee lectures worldwide to help people recognize different opportunities to succeed in various fields of business.

For his amazing achievements, Pena has been awarded many times. He is the roster of Who’s Who in America, chairman and shareholder at the Success Development Inc. and MKB Innovation Prize of 1998. He was invited to the US presidential senatorial commission in 1991 and served on the Alumni board in California. He also won the Inspirational Leadership award in 2008.

These are just some of his biggest accomplishments, in his long and rich career. He has managed to create a true empire based on almost nothing, solely through his hard work and dedication. His father’s motivation meant a lot to him, and he often mentions how strict upbringing can be motivational in many ways.

Dan is now living with his wife Sally who has been his greater supporter and has been with him for many years. The two of them are enjoying their retirement days on their property. We can safely say that Mr. Pena managed to achieve tremendous success in his long career. He is famous for his statements, that he could create billion dollars even when Trump is on the rule. He is often interviewed by many TV hosts and he liked talking about entrepreneurial ship as much as he can.

His decision is to give back to the world, since he gained so much from his faithful followers over the course of many years. Pena’s fortune is estimated at 450$ million, but we believe that this number could be even higher. He is also very active on social media and on his website, where he publishes stories and motivational speeches for all those who are willing to listen.

Pena’s fortune will definitely continue to rise since he is still a chairman and a president of several businesses. He is now in his seventies, so we can’t expect of him to continue founding new companies or pursuing his career even farther. He has probably made the decision to retire and enjoy his days with his family and friends on his large estate.

His estate in Scotland was open for public some time during the 2000’s but he decided to close it for public, and it is now a private estate for his family.

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Steven Peña Sr.

Date of birth: August 10, 1945

Birthplace: Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.

Age: 74

Profession: Founder and Chairman of the Guthrie Group

Height: 1.85m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 450$ million